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Wizack Twizack - The Tesseract

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Manuser    280

Spiral Trax, 2019.

01. Wizack Twizack & Nevarakka - The Tesseract  08:38
02. Wizack Twizack & Nevarakka - Maiden Voyage  07:37
03. Virtual Light & Random - Blasta From The Pasta (Wizack Twizack Remix)  07:11    
04. Logic Bomb - Drop Target (Wizack Twizack Remix)  07:57
05. Wizack Twizack & Nevarakka - Drugstar 137  08:06
06. Wizack Twizack & Nevarakka - The PCP  08:04
07. Sienis - Party Groover (Wizack Twizack Remix)  08:03
08. Wizack Twizack & Nevarakka - Resurection  07:52
09. Wizack Twizack & Nevarakka - Voice Of Reason  09:06
10. Hux Flux - Finite Automata (Wizack Twizack Remix)  07:10


Spiral Trax Records proudly presents the long-awaited return of Swedish psychedelic trance mastermind Wizack Twizack aka Tommy Axelsson with his magnum opus collaboration album complete with amazing superstars Logic Bomb, Hux Flux, Nevarakka, Sienis, Virtual Light and Random!
Born in Stockholm Sweden 1981, Wizack Twizack has been active in the psy-trance scene for over a decade now. He has released 5 artist albums, 2 compilations, many EP's + tons of single tracks on various compilations. He has played all around the world in great parties and festivals. He has two other projects – Fullon project Art of Existence (AOEX) with Nevarakka, and progressive project Circle.

Wizack Twizack from Sweden used to be quite prolific in the psy-trance scene and this time he releases an album of 10 tracks, most of them are collaborations with an other Swedish composer, Nevarakka. 
Preamble: do not get turned off by the first three tracks. They are decent tracks, well made and all but they do sound generic to me, even though the opening track is indeed good in absolute terms with a nice softer progressive touch. 

In my opinion this release gets really interesting from track #4. This remix of a Logic Bomb track is more technoish and I find the overall rhythm delicious and funky, even trippy. There is a balance here between a fresh and sharper approach as opposed to the first tracks. 
Track #5 comes up as a nice surprise. Very different atmosphere to the previous track, there is a trance melody in the first half coupled with a very groovy and phat bassline, the melody in the second half sounds more uninspiring for me but the whole composition is stellar. 

The fourth and fifth tracks really unleashed the album for me, from that point it was never dull anymore. We have a variety of ingredients that make this style really interesting and a great experience on the dancefloor. Tracks #6 to #9 all have an awesome groove and are superb dancefloor material.
The remix of the Hux Flux track is an odd one, it has a strange kickline with a big echo but once you get used to it you realize it's a fine effort to end the album.  

The Tesseract is a success in my book, it offers a wide range of varied basslines, it is gritty full-on psy-trance that make you move, at times reminiscent of the old school genre. It is also playful, sometimes progressive or funky and most of the time trancy. It always keeps focus and clarity. It's a solid album that I recommend to all lovers of this genre.

Rating: 7.5/10.

Listen / Buy: https://beatspace-spiraltrax.bandcamp.com/album/the-tesseract

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Tsotsi    125

Wow Thanks for bringing this to my attention. So many Adjectives can be used to describe this album. It’s part wicked, part playful, part hard, and most of all very psychedelic. It really does deserve to be called psytrance.

The track with Sienna was probably my favourite for the vocal play.

The rest of the tracks are similar enough that I would need a few more careful listens to pick favourites from each other. But that’s not a bad thing as each track is exactly what I want from Psytrance. I can push shuffle and know I’m going to get something good.

The only track that I need to grow on me is the Hux Flux track which can quite frankly suck my toes. I might like it in the future, I might never try who knows, who cares, I am but 1 man in a crowd of billions.

Very nice release and reignited a little spark inside of me for this type of well produced hard and heavy psytrance.

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