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Unreleased Goa Records

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Hello everyone, this post is to introduce our little new adventure, a sublabel that was born after many years working within the realms of unreleased music. We have received a lot of promos from artist from all the eras and have also actively searched and investigated a lot of projects that were otherwise forgotten. The idea came naturally as an extension to DAT Records and to create a digital sublabel was a necessity as there is a huge interest for the oldschool goa trance  and psytrance music in all its forms. With this sub-label in fact, we are trying to promote not just the typical sound that we would promote within the main label but to open wide our horizons and include some styles and genres that we normally have not published. Will it be including modernly produced music? Not yet, as we do have a huge catalogue of releases almost ready to go and it is thanks to the work of the whole team of the Unreleased Goa blog that we have achieved this. But this is the adventure mostly of Vas Cosmogenesis, a precious collaborator who was through in his investigations and relentlessly contacted hundreds of artists in the years to prepare for this launch. I came up  with the label name and we started moving early in this year. Now you can listen to the fruit of our hard work and we do hope to get some support and appreciation for all that has been done. We are very happy of the upcoming releases and you'll be surprised, I am sure!

Enjoy :)




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:) Congratulations, and an extra congratulations to Vas Cosmogenesis! He must be very proud ^_^ 


2 hours ago, Celaripo said:

by the way when will you decide to post a photo of pleiaidans alcyone vinyl promo sheet? 

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I'd like to revamp this topic announcing what is one of the most important releases that was published on the UGR label, the release of Splendor.

Splendor - Celestial Ancestors

Unreleased Goa Records is honoured to release the prodigious music of Splendor, a Goa Trance project based in Kalamata, Greece. Nikos Moundreas started DJing at the age of 16, mainly breaks tracks from Prodigy and other famous bands. He soon demonstrated impressive skills in mixing vinyl, in the form of storytelling. He then founded a party team called ‘The Future Sound’, that organized events every Sunday afternoon at the Glam Club of Kalamata. The name of his party organization was also used for a radio show he successfully hosted on Melody FM.

An established DJ, Nikos had access to a lot of classic Goa Trance releases by Transwave, Etnica, Psychaos and others. When Nikos attended a party with Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Sid Shanti in Athens he heard for the first time the track ‘Whipbird’ by Kopfuss Resonator, which made a lasting impression on him. He became increasingly attracted by more heavy techno sounds, Scandinavian and forest music released on Nephilim, Spiral Trax, Atomic Records, and Psy-Harmonics labels, and got in his hands several vinyls from Noise Records in Thessaloniki. This motivated him to produce Goa Trance music under the Splendor moniker.

In 1999, at the age of 20, Nikos composed all ten tracks featured in the present album. Being very passionate about production, he "locked" himself inside his studio and spent unlimited hours on these tracks using Cubase and the Re-Wire plugin of Propellerheads (TB-303, TR-909, TR-808). Initially, he only used a MIDI and later added some synths that he acquired. His first tracks were sent to Greg Staikos, a famous radio DJ from Athens, who got very enthusiastic after listening to them. ‘Celestial Ancestors’ and ‘Third Eye’ were subsequently featured on Greg's mixed compilation ‘Psychedelic Tunes’ for Lemon Magazine in 2000. Nikos mainly performed as Splendor at small local venues, before he transitioned to techno and house music.

Unfortunately, Nikos lost all the tracks he produced at that time after a hard drive crash, except three that were copied on a Demo CD-R. Miraculously, the other seven tracks were retrieved from secondary sources. However, two tracks of the CD-R were found in a very deteriorated state and therefore versions copied on Mini Disc were preferred so as not to compromise the quality of the release.

Unreleased Goa Records would like to thank deeply Hlias Kouroupis and Despina Astralfairy Kanellopoulou without whom this release would have simply never happened.


01. Ethereal Entity
02. Genetic Benefit
03. Third Eye
04. Away From Everything
05. Genetic
06. Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
07. Celestial Ancestors
08. End Of Everything
09. Untitled
10. In 10 Cities (B.R.R.) 


released February 28, 2022

Credits :

All tracks written and produced by: Nikos Moundreas
Mastered by: Kobi Harosh
Audio restoration (all tracks) by: Federico Draeke
Artwork by: Papier rouge
Executive producers: Hlias Kouroupis, Despina Astralfairy Kanellopoulou, Federico Draeke, Vas Cosmogenesis
Catalogue number: UGR 029

For anyone who just noticed this post, UGR has been releasing as digital outcomes some very important albums that were not possible to release otherwise and we have been really happy with our releases and the feedback we have had, especially on special releases such as Tranquence, Psychogen, Todra, Quadra, Insearch, Cybercraft, O.V.N.I., Captain Unplugged, Skarma, Opale, Moses, Peyote People, Liquid Sun, Nemo (yes our beloved Nemo from Psynews)... and more.

So please do yourself a favour and check the label out, we have some true gems there!

Splendor - Celestial Ancestors.jpg

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Really love what you guys do at UGR. I think Peyote People is one of the all time most powerful releases I've heard in general and don't know how it wasn't in the scenes consciousness until the release. Released the same time around Cronomi's Globox and Suntrips BOTFB I couldn't help but keep going back to the Peyote Peeps.


Never stop the mission!

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Ts. Most ppl me incl. know PROCS Very well. His old Peyote People project not so much, so for sure this release in q was/is a super nice release to the scene. I bought it as well. My friend Aztro made this Mix with a missing P.Ppl track (!) that he (Mikael aka. Peyote People aka. Procs) forgot to add / deliver (maybe UGR can get it Master it and add it to the already released release?). Read the comments: 


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@psytones thanks for the heads up, will write a message to Mickael and ask about it, and to check if he forgot some more :)

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Fast forwarding a few releases ahead:

Eskeemo Knights was a project by the late Nemo DX Zimmer, a talented producer who was born in 1974 near Frankfurt. He was a world traveller and he has lived in Spain, England, Holland, Belgium, and Sweden. He was heavily influenced by his parent's music taste, which included Electro and Reggae. Later on, in 1990 he discovered a whole new range of Techno and thereafter Trance. Nemo has been DJing since 1992 all over Europe and has been producing music since 1993/4.

With this celebratory release, we want to honour the memory of a great friend and musician and unleash the music he assembled as an album back in November 2006.

Originally shared among a group of friends on a forum, the music contained in this album was ready to be released to the public, as Nemo was happy with the final state of the tracks. The album was only available in mp3 format at the time, however, Nemo had sent it as a promo CD-R to a few friends and it's a great privilege for us to publish it today in true lossless quality for the first time.

The album title is a mockery of the famous rock 'n' roll anthem "Sex, drugs and Rock 'n' Roll", according to Nemo himself, as explained to the label manager during a chat. Nemo was very happy with the feedback he received on this album. The tracks were produced from 1996 to 2002, however, most of the music was made after the year 2000.

All tracks were written and produced by Nemo DX Zimmer, with the exception of 'Liquid Morning' which was co-produced with his friend Jakob Nyström.

Unreleased Goa Records is happy to celebrate the memory of Nemo with this album and, as a bonus, we include the Live at Tribe of Frog in Bristol recorded live on 22 December 2001, downloadable for those who support the label and purchase the album, shared for the first time in lossless quality.


01 - Travelling
02 - Tijuana Sunrise (Jordstomp Edit)
03 - The Holy Church (If Not Remix)
04 - Liquid Morning (Nemo Mix)
05 - Acidtstr
06 - Yello
07 - Deep Grounds
08 - Tribe Of Frog (Lost In Bristol Mix)

Bonus Track:

09 - Live In Bristol @ Tribe Of Frog 22 Dec 2001

Released December 24, 2023

All tracks Written and Produced by: Nemo DX Zimmer
Mastered by: Federico Draeke
Artwork: Federico Draeke
Executive Producer: Federico Draeke
Catalogue Number: UGR 054


As NEMO was a dear friend, we are honoured to have published his album again, for the first time in full quality, in case you missed it, it's here:



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