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Merch goodies and items that comes alongside the music / CD's

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Richpa    920

I hope there isn't similar topic here already, but just in case I would like to see what fellow forum members think about all the extra stuff that some labels tend to include alongside the music.

To give you an example, usually in psytrance scene we notice t-shirts and stickers coming with the music, but is there anything else casual fans are willing to buy besides that?

Personally, as a kid I was crazy about collecting various posters from different bands and athletes, but it seems to me it's long forgotten trend that nowdays we don't see that much. Also, patches are a neat thing too if you like to collect them, it's not really something that comes in electronic music, but I'm sure some people here would love to have patches with their fav projects/albums being represented (or not?).

Is there anything else you guys would love to get with the music? Let me know your thoughts/ideas about this subject :)


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Penzoline    352

I liked the global sect small statue or the big UV wallhangers, but things like that just cost too much for the average customer.

T-shirts and hoodies are always a great idea, but for me what prevents buying them is usually the design isn't appealing enough. Like the logos/subjects are usually way too large or placed in odd locations.

Cheap but good quality posters are great and I wish there were more of them. I was thinking of making one of my next project.

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psytones    119

Anything extra is welcomed in my book. 

Free ekstra stuff w̶i̶t̶h̶  m y order..

I got a small printed poster when I ordered the new Goch with Friends album from India made/drawn by Whrikk

I like the incense stick that Ultimae Rec. allways include in each order.

Stickers of any kind are allways fun, patches can be cool ..

.. and there is more special free "merch" provided with orders out there. This label https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/love-magic-the-dust-album i know (first hand) also deliver with each physical order a hand made -on order- crochet pouch that has an incented treated woodstick on it for closing the hand made pouch.... I'll add some of the sent-out orders as images below.

Really anything unique and special incl. for free in a order is kewl beans in my book.

Some like to incl. glossy flyers, or postcards .. Danger of them becoming thrown away as garbage really depends. So the moral question of creating more garbage arrises. 

With my Unknown Cause purches I also got a freebee like a keychain-wooden-square. I use it to this day on my key-set (got it in 2012) and am happy for it.. It could have ended as garbage. But it didn't.

I like to get free music as free merch with my order. I have experienced getting another artists CD for free when Ive ordereed a album from label. Be it a physical release they need to rid.. or a flyer with free DL-code. 

Outside the free merch here & there It's nice for those who can afford it to offer label/artist merch like hoodies or tees or something else unique and/or funny. Its best when the product is somehow cool and usable, of course. 

What Penz above is writing about clothes is very true for me as well. Plus it tends to be very costly to buy (yes of course im willing to pay little extra for good long lasting quality).


Some items are just for fun ....

*save the enviroment*









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Tsotsi    145

Labels with cool logo's aka NeoGoa should send out labelled USB sticks with either a high quality copy of the album or just empty for users to use. You could get transparent ones with an album name inside or just have your own badass range. 


I like those bags Psytones, hand made goodness. 


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psytones    119

^ The movie it's inspired by is also very cool holmes! :)) 


A memory stick like this is nice and is a no brainer with tip (value). 

I dont really understand yet why one would have to havr both sound quality versions, care to enlighten me anyone? Like with the new Entheogenic albums, I actually didn't buy his Full Discography on Bandcamp as a gift to someone because it includes doubleups.. Like with all the Ultimae Records Bandcamp releases, 24bit and normal < Normal costs less to buy. Why have both?


Anyway, I like The Cure's memorystick (not recieved yet, ordered 2) because first of all the The Cure label is a good one, especially since I know the owner and where his heart and head is at. The stick includes All the labels releases to date (in both sound qualities..), profits goes to good cause. Music is of quality. It also includes the newest VA to Download and stream. :)

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Aspartic    106

Same as Penzoline. I adore T-shirts. Even when they're not free. But usually the prints/drawings are too large.
E.g. I love Global Sects artwork and their t-shirts fluorescence like * fucking major *.
But the prints are too large. More subtlety would have benefit the outcome.
Other labels have good kick ass prints, like 303 Syndroms by Mammomam. But the shirt doesn't fluorescence as it should.
It's always something. :D


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