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Hey there community,

This is a long shot, last week I was at Babylon fetsival in Australia and heard(From the back of a campers truck) this incredible track. The only real info i can give is a 2-3 minute build up of spanish guitar playing in a way that sort of tricked you into not knowing when the kick was about to come in. I can really only liken it to'Juno reactors Conquistador part 1' track. However it was without the vocals but very much with the spanish vibe.

When the kick came in the song clearly had that proggy sound.

Any recommendations would be great. Or if you are thinking "How the heck does this guy expect us to figure out which gosh dang song he is talking about" then any recommendationsof tracks with that sexy spanish vibe to it would also be appreciated.

Much love, happy hunting.

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cant be this one since it has the vocals

could be the upgrade track


by the way triplets are terrible :/


A track i like with spanish guitars is miranda keep calm 2004 remix

and also shpongle dorset perception

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Na it wasn't the Astrix remix although that is lit.


Pretty close with the upgrade track, i remember the intro being longer but you never know when you're listening to psytrance out the back of a guys truck at a festival.

That Ajja & Cosmosis album = V nice.

Thanks for those quick replies amigo's, keep posting guitar bangers by all means. I'll find this track for sure one day (Maybe I already have with the Upgrade hit).

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Probably not the track you're looking for, but since you asked for some Spanish vibes:




Not this track by chance?

Funny how that was the first track I came to think of too >_>

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