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Zion 604 | V/A - Acid disco Compiled by THE SQUARE

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V/A - Acid disco Compiled by THE SQUARE | digipack CD / Digital download


Tracklist :

1. The square - We dream of wires
2. Skizologic - Chase your mind
3. ON3 - Basic
4. Space cat - Kreak remake (Zion mix)
5.ON3 VS Skizologic - The cure
6. Libra - Reality
7. 2Minds - Peak and roll
8. Union jack - Papillion (LOUD&Domestic remix)
9. The square - No limitations

Zion 604 records proudly presents our 12th physical release - "Acid disco // Compiled by the square". In this compilation, we present the fines of the Israeli trance scene of our days. All tracks shares the same concept of phat square baseline, together with some acid resonances...

The idea behind that project relies on the same sources of the British Old school Of the 90's. Sound simple yet sophisticated, comfortable and fat synthesis in an impressive manner.

Square wave motion of the particles is a quadratic power, combined with a constant pulse. Combined pulse wave movement creates a super fat bass dimension, identified with trance music specifically and electronic music in general speaking

incarnation of the machine TB 303 on its variants, has created a very strong correlation with trance music. The unique resonances sound of the instrument was nicknamed acid, which later became an integral part of the language in the trance scene . For us, this square wave is pure acid. Disco acid .

We hope you'll enjoy the story and will get pleasant musical experience. Release date will come soon .

We preserve 604 music ! With big respect, Zion 604 family .

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Very good graphic and great tracklist, full support!

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The video compilation of samples (on facebook) is yum yum yum!! :)


These guys are propelling themselves into being one of the most kick ass labels out there for sure.


The Square - No limitations. I am very excited about this track. :D

and of course Skizologic - Chase your mind.

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Edition of 500 and 35 remaining! :o really?

Don't worry, Zion604 was always doing it like that - don't know why. Also, recently they hired Arabesque to distribute their CDs, so it will be available in Psyshop.com, etc. (http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/zio/zio1cd012.html)


Still, I love Bandcamp and imagine labels are getting bigger profit share (compard to Psyshop, etc), so I purchased my copy there :-)

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