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  1. Maybe it's more minimalstic, less melodic, but I find it very melancholic & this melody made strong influence to my brain
  2. https://www.discogs.com/artist/265193-Psynina
  3. Wow, congrats!!. Hakan is one of my favourite design artists. I'm in love with "serpenthine apotheosis" print
  4. Compilations I played dozens of times - Goa Vibes 3 - full of classics - Transient 4 - - Tathata - Pulse 1-3 Mixed: - Psychedelic Goa Core 3 - Voyage Into Trance - specialy mix by Danny Rampling
  5. I have now 3rd toyota 1st corolla - stolen after one year of usage. 2nd corolla I had 7 years, then I sold to my friend, he is using it 2 years - no major problems, only some tiny typical deffects 3rd toyota - avensis - 5 years in use in my family, no major issues. So as a Toyota user I can definetly recommend this car. If You think about durable car & for example if You don't like toyota think about honda also.
  6. Great news!!! Ra "9th" is my favourite suntrip release, so I'm expecting another top album.
  7. Me as a hard copy collector I'm in. I also was a little disapointed when some nice releases went digital only Fast example Beat Bizarre, or Zion EPs
  8. It's available on CD also https://zion604records.bandcamp.com/ as a 2CD edition
  9. Always when I'm starting to listen to old school goa comp I'm asking myself how it is possible that there is so much unreleased tracks from this era & even good tracks. Here I can't say the tracks are good, they are top quality with a few gems like Doof, GNOTR, Earglobe or Opale tracks. Absolutely outstanding compilation. And I know it's a matter of taste, but since I'm a huge ANTI-fan of loud mastering I love the work done here. My ears are not tired after listening to this compilation, all tones are perfectly balanced, sound is dimensional & it's a pleasure to listen for me. Congratulations!
  10. https://soundcloud.com/ovnimoon/ovnimoon-the-vision new one
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