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  1. JBL LSR range. Low not but beautiful sounding monitors. They came recommended to me by a lecturer when I was doing a audio engineering degree (it's on hold as I"m to busy with two little kids to study). http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/recording-broadcast#.VqlbysfeAcg http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/feb14/articles/jbl-3-series.htm Also there's Equator Audio who have a great reputation http://www.equatoraudio.com http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/dec12/articles/equator-d5.htm I'd have gotten them but they didn't ship or support warranty in my country at the time, now I have the JBL's.
  2. If you'd like to try this free compilation is really nice taste. Really friendly bunch of produces & folks behind the label as well. Good vibes. https://lunaticalienrecords.bandcamp.com/album/not-a-fairytale
  3. Really nice, enjoy that it's not to overloaded like so much can be. would be keen to hear what you can do at a lower say 148-152bpm. Keep working.
  4. I'll bite. Pspiralife. IMO the best on Zenon.
  5. I have heard many things from Mr Thinning over time. It is not just Israel. But I will say no more here, feel free to message me but I am allowed my opinion. He just needs to think a little more before he types things. What goes around comes around.
  6. Just have to say that after humming and ignoring this for nearly 4 years I finally purchased it yesterday & have listened 4 times already. Really great album if you like the BOFTB style. Relentless, deep, dark forest music. My son woke me at 4am, and after resettling him I couldn't sleep so i went for a 12km run in the dark with this playing, it really had me lost in trance in the dark & I didn't feel the pain at all until i finished.
  7. Any news? Super keen. Love this series more than DAT Records itself. Amazon tracklist. Cash ready to be spent
  8. Never got in to this. It really to me sounds like a b-side or unreleased track compilation. The Remix of Le Lotus Bleu is so much better. This should have come out remastered now as a bonus CD on a DAT Records release. PPL would be like oh wow, whereas it is just forgetable.
  9. Sandman for sure. His sounds really took me in to space. Funny how to me Hallucinogen was really great but I wouldn't have said so unique, whereas the early Shpongle & the Twisted Eclipse compilation really took me somewhere special. I remember listening to "Are You Shpongled?" pretty much a few days after it was released & going WTF? I could't understand it at all. It took me almost a year to get my mind around the sound & style. When I trekked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal in '99 this was on constant rotation at the end of the day when I'd sit & stare in to the amazing night sky. Life was so simple for me back then, no kids. No bills. I had worked hard for 2 years after school doing 3 jobs & had loads of cash saved. I spent 3 years travelling the world, every now and then seeing my girlfriend *now wife* if she travelled (she was at uni) but apart from that just 3 years of ultimate freedom. *sigh*
  10. Death is a part of living. It's terribly sad, my wife has lost both her parents in unexpected accidents but in their death we also celebrated the life that was. It's a chance to do this for these amazing g talents. No need to make this thread morose. Make it happy. These people were born, hopefully loved a lot & were given the opportunity many don't get to develop their artistic side. They made hundreds, if not thousands, dance & experience enlightenment of various stages. If they had not existed we would not of heard their magical musical interpretations of existence. Just as if my wife's parents had not lived their short lives I wouldn't have her nor my wonderful children. Life is a gift, to be lived & loved to the fullest. Death is the inevitable next stage but it is to me also the chance for those left behind to celebrate the ones who've left & hope to see them again when we step in to the next realm of existence. May all who have passed away in this thread be happy in their new level of existence & we can look forward to dancing with them when we move on
  11. Yes. Well hopefully they will be faster at getting to the toilet, or my son at least. Only thing I gag about. Wiping crap off the floor coz he thought he could hold on that bit longer
  12. All D-a-r-k Records compilations via bandcamp Lycantrop records entire discogs via bandcamp Quantum digits entire discogs via bandcamp On a bit of a dark Psy mission recently. Lots of fun to try an produce. No limits, lots Of experiments in synthesis.
  13. Always enjoy seeing him live or dj but never enjoy his music outside of the show setting. Got to see him in the UK in the 90's where it was actually live with a bunch of analogue gear & no computer. Super inspiring. Last time was a few years Ago here for a dj set. Great music selection & mixing.
  14. From the nights side I have to say Silent Horror has always stood out for me. He has wonderful leads that just really grab my attention, can always tell his tracks apart. Also really nice composition and hasn't crossed over to the fun yet somewhat annoying "psy core" high bpm style. Actually the label his albums are on, Devils Mind, is one of the best IMO labels for darker styles.
  15. My wife loves Coldplay, Taylor Swift & Spice Girks haha. But she offers me so much more that music taste is irrelevant. We generally agree on progressive psy & drum n bass. After 18 years (exactly 50% of our life) music doesn't matter. Plus I've got my basement studio to listen & I always prefer the experience of high end headphones.
  16. Kudos back. Yes I've got a 4 year old boy & 15 month old girl. And now I've made sure I will have no more
  17. I had actually just asked for a 2 year subscription to sound on sound magazine but hey I'm not complaining...
  18. Yes it's lovely to have a wife who for Christmas bought me the Moog Sub 37, a 9u x 126hp portable case from MasonMack studios & preordered the MS-20 mini for me. But she does benefit at night when the kids are down... Instead of me harassing her for sex I just go down to the basement and make "music" haha.
  19. Newport. Still love it & if I dj it often appears no matter what kind of music is supposed to be played. The early Digital Structures sound was & still is IMO amazing. That said anyone know where to get the digital compilations of their own music? Downbeats 1 & 2 as well compilation tracks? would be hand to have for driving trips.
  20. Well until I started producing in 2014 again & doing live my last party was back in 2002 at the infamous Outback Eclipse Festival where due to the chemicals in test and eating food straight from cans without cooking I ended up being found by medics in a pool of vomit, faces & suffering from evil evil evil hallucinations. No drugs (except alcohol) & no parties for a long time after that haha. Last gig was a small event here in Melbourne of local techno & modular freaks. My friend brought his Acidlabs Miami & DSI Pro-2 whilst I provided my x0xb0x and we jammed lived for 2 hours. First acts of the night from 5-7pm so no many people but it was fun & we actually got $50 each which is more than usual as well as $50 voucher for drinks lol. I was home in bed thought by 9:30pm. Two kids under the age of 5 mean I like to get a good night rest lol.
  21. Duly noted. I'll keep that in mind & try not to be so quick to jump down his throat in the future. Side note: I'm going to purchase the Tascam 32 Channel digital recorder next month. As soon asI've got some acid & acid trance recorded on it I'll post the raw sounds. I'm not proclaiming to make anything great, but have finally started to take some lessons on musical composition & sound design so hopefully thi will help me craft my skills a bit better.
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