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Best Psytance Ever made


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sesto sento, electro sun, perplex, intersys, neelix?


more like the worst psytrance ever made.



Listen to the Xerox & Illumination - XI album or the Seven Eleven compilation, now we're talking about FullOn.

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First of all, Welcome to Psynews ma2fer.

Don't mind the guys.


I'm sure I'm not the right person to recommend you any good psytrance, so that you get to know yourself the reason for a the above comments. But I'm pretty sure after looking at the playlist that they are right. Best Psytrance, more like the worst (IMO)


After having a bit of fun. These guys will surely recommend you some amazing Psytrance. Stay tuned.


How about this for some good psytrance? A bit more inclined towards Dark though.




or this ?




Good Psytrance sounds like this?


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Psytrance is best made dark, twisted and/or mysterious. Here are a few awesome tracks to get you started. Enjoy!


Electrypnose - Leo Zitrone


Logic Bomb - High Density


Scorb - Stupid Science


Troll Scientists - Trollen Fest



Vibrasphere - Echo Plantation (Now this track is worthy of being called progressive psytrance)


Check out these as well:


Audialize - Interface


Beast - Trouble

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i said I do not totally agree with it


Azax syndrom, Didrapest, Astrix, Spade, ritmo, blizz, montti.

is on the site too.


you guys dont call that psytrance? if so im definitely on the wrong site

astrix and azax made some fine tracks back in the day.

but the "best of" lists you were linking to in your first post are from a small but popular (at least in isreal or brazil, much less so in europe) fringe of all that is labeled psytrance. they are at the very edge of the definition of psytrance and most psy heads who have been in the scene for more than 5 years or so will tell you to get lost with that commercial bullshit. many tracks are really just like commercial pop music + a fullon/progressive beat and that's it. a kickdrum generated by the IM method coupled with a sawtooth bass that plays on every 1/16 isn't enough to make a piece of music psytrance.

i don't agree at all with jason that psytrance should be dark, but imho psytrance should be "psy", which quite frankly excludes most of the tracks from your listing.


my favourite artists? they make goa trance and not fullon or progressive.

but my favourite fullon is stuff like that:

Logic Bomb - Drop Target (Rmx)

Silicon Sound - Nexus 6 (Rmx)

(you see there's a lot of space between dark and cheese)

while my favourite progressive is music such as this:

Human Blue - Dream Creator

E-Clip - Asia Tribe


you know neelix brags about how sloppily he works with using presets/samples and not contributing original ideas, but instead finishing a track in 3 hours or so. and while his production does sound polished, it's evident that mass produced tracks like that cannot be as original and interesting as music made by people who actually care enough about the music they are making that they decide to put some effort and research into what they're doing...

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another impossible question but this is what keeps me coming back here, even after so many fukups.
we just love talking trance and hey, one of the best things ever so.. thanks psynews.

Also some excellent suggestions. Yall got taste. Echo Plantation (Vibrasphere<3), Nexus 6 (Silicon Sound<3) and Dream Creator (Human Blue<3)

So I definately feel at home here..


i can name you my favorite psychedelic track, i think, but not album.. track would be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKrF721e05Q Noosphere - Carpe Noctem, without hesitation.
No single track is so mind expanding (i.e psychedelic) than that one for me. One of those rare gems randomly found on a Goa Head volume..
Just when it started to sound bad.

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