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  1. Struggling to keep a straight face at my desk here...
  2. <sarcasm-detector> does not compute, does not compute... </sarcasm-detector>
  3. Great news! On topic... hmmm 100% love for any single artist's whole body of work. For me only Dimension 5, Chi-A.D. and Nervasystem come close. Every artist that I like has tracks that I like and dislike or don't move me.
  4. Just thought I would pop in to leave these here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-v6G9v5Wa8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJd1nHhrLRo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fczmWgIc2p4
  5. Haha, at 1900m above sea level it might be snowing then. I wrote to one of the organisers and he assured me that the location will be kitted out for the cold. There is a large circus tent and another tent for the chillout and both will be heated. He also told me that there is a party at the same location every year at christmas time, when it is even colder. This being Switzerland, I am pretty certain the organisers know what they are doing. All that said, last october I was sitting in my friend's garden in the swiss alps in shorts and tshirt and sipping on a beer as it was well
  6. Hey HappyHorse! I might be along for this. It looks like it's going to be fun!
  7. I second that! I received my package from Japan and did not realize that there would be a gift inside. Well I put on the mix cd and had my mind blown! I also much prefer the mix cd to the compilation, here's hoping that there will be some more interesting releases on the way. Anyway, I wrote to Matsuri straight away to ask if they might be able to provide a track list but no one answered... I managed to find out the name of one of the tracks from the mix from DJ Yuta's Soundcloud page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdP0e5bs0Aw
  8. Well, in fairness South Africa has many problems. One being that good health care is too expensive for many people. I think that South Africa just does not have the luxury (as european countries do) for considering how things could be handled any other way. That being said, that was the only party I was ever at which was raided. It was mostly just a joke. After searching everyone the cops pissed off after a while and some people I know went walking around and found loads of goodies that people had chucked on the ground in a panic. Ha! If only I had thought of that. I really hope to get on
  9. I find your posts extremely passionate, but also a little confusing. However I do find myself agreeing with lots of your views. Anyhoo, I love parties and the almost-spiritual feelings I have experienced through tripping and pushing the boundaries. I also love exercise and practising exercises such as yoga and tai chi to balance the extremes of drugs. I love Bill Hicks and I totally agree that some drugs are just great! In spite of moderate use these days and heavy use earlier in my life I feel that I am as "with it", or even more so, than earlier. I am studying a for a bachelors (in a foreign
  10. Don't be put off by the 1000+ pages, this book is really interesting. Another book well worth the read is DMT The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman. If I remember it correctly Graham Hancock interviews Rick in Supernatural. Great reading if you've had way out altered experiences...
  11. Is there by any chance anyone planning to head on down to this fest? Headline act on Friday is "Pleiadians to Etnica" - allegedly a two hour live set. On Saturday the headliner will be Astral Projection. I don't think I could manage the whole thing but wouldn't mind getting over there for Pleiaidians.
  12. Oh man, am I happy to have stumbled across this!
  13. I ordered a single cd from them a while ago which I could not find anywhere else. I did not receive it for a week which I found strange as the swiss post takes max 3 - 4 days within switzerland. I mailed them the details of my paypal payment and received the cd the next day. But cheaper than psyshop? Do they give discount for ordering over 3 cds? Goastore price I see is 19.50 chf per cd while psyshop is around 15 chf currently.
  14. As you all no doubt are aware I am not a very active member at all, but would like to add my two cents. When I first discovered this forum at the end of 2005 I stumbled on it by searching google for album reviews. The excellent reviews prompted me to spend some time browsing the other sections of the forum and I found quite a lot of interesting and deep discussions of various issues. I forgot about the forum for a little while but joined later on to try and participate a bit. For me there was a great time around then with many interesting members making a lot of amusing and intelligent pos
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