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GoaTree- Akasha Connection


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Artist: GoaTree

Title: Akasha Connection

Label: Neogoa

Date: September, 2015


1 - Aura

2 - Neural Oscillation
3 - Akasha Connection
4 - Don't You
5 - Oblivion Planet (vs Somnesia)
6 - Invisible People
7 - Weekly Drive (GoaTree Remix)
8 - Order To My Chaos
9 - Artificial Intelligence



"You know I love you don't you?"




"What the f*ck are they doing up there?"


"Promoter said showers are mandatory for party entrance. So they all jumped up there and won't come down."


"Damn shame what the fat one is doing to that tree. Just a damn shame."



And this is how GoaTrees were born. Probably. I guess...I wasn't really that attentive in botany class. And how could I be when there were so many hot chicks looking for that easy A? GoaTree is Lukas Bartosek from Slovakia which is somewhere near India I think (geography class had even more honeys in it). This is his debut album presented for free on the Neogoa netlabel (although not only net anymore, eh?) with artwork by the one and only Richpa.


And it begins with a thumping good goa track (Aura) that I was rockin' whilst mowing the lawn. Good lawn mowing music for sure.




Dats my whip! Straight gangsta! Husqvarna fo' life! Yeah, I'm 44 years old. I don't speak that way. Forgive my momentary lapse.



The next couple of tracks bounce along nicely with some catchy melodies and I liked the breakbeat in Akasha Connection. Don't You has a repetitive chant (African I believe, but as I told you I was looking at the ladies so I could be wrong) that doesn't thrill me. So...do I? No I don't. Oblivion Planet wasn't anything special and Invisible People comes off as simple filler, limping along. Weekly Drive had a grand beat during the break which changed things up a little before it rocketed back into a hyper 4/4. Not bad. Order to My Chaos ups the BPM's to 160 for a high intensity workout and he closes with the downtempo/midtempo Artificial Intelligence. Is that a f*cking shanai? Again like a lot if the tracks on this album I'm filled with a large load of meh.


What the hell happened? I've found his compilation tracks much more detailed and enjoyable than a good portion of this album. It's not bad at all, but he himself has set the bar high so expectations of course rise with it. Perhaps this could've been another EP release instead of an album where he branches out and flirts with different styles. The sound is great and listening to Aura tells me that he has the ability to deliver the goods. He just didn't seem to do it here.


Free at Ektoplazm!

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I liked the album so much that it brings this man to play in Finland in my party ;) To me what matters is that it sounds different from other goa I listen; this full-onish vibe. I don't like normal full-on but I like the way the elements of it are presented here.

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Overall agree with T2MU. It is a mixed bag.


Nevertheless, a gem: track 2, VERY good track.

Track 1 is a good opener, track 3 is nice as well.

Track 4 is too cheesy, that sample in the middle ruins the track IMO, but the second part is better.

I dig the collaboration with Somnesia, I find the track that follows quite boring.

The fast track (track 8 ) well everything is good for me in that track except the speed, so I can't enjoy it. The slow track in the end is pretty cool!


On the whole a pretty enjoyable album if you skip some parts of it.

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GoaTree needs more attention as an awesome music producer because that's what he truly is. One thing is to make a release to listen and the other thing is how that release will perform on a dance floor from big PA. The last part is his talent if something is missing considering e.g. the opinion of the reviewer here. You ppl should have seen how Finnish crowd welcomed him in Neogoa 5 Year Anniversary Party in Helsinki 20.11.2015. It was as wild as in Israel in best nitzho parties (not been in israel but seen lots of vids from there..) I asked many ppl afterwards whom they appreciated the best in the line-up. They said it is unfair to tell because all the line-up was performing suberb (Profetia, Nebula Meltdown, Proxeeus, Lunar Dawn and GoaTree) but when I kept on asking and pressing a bit GoaTree stood up! Congrats GoaTree from the "Bodom" of my heart :)

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I often agree with what MDK has to say. Not on this one. This album mostly made GoaTree's coming to play in my party and now that I am gonna have a psynews break this incredible album salutes my way outta here. Awesome album, GoaTree..I love you!

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This album has many memorable moments and melodies. This album is very unique and really grew on me as time passed by. I mean just listen to "Don't you" and tell me if this isn't a completely unique sound in the goatrance space. I can say the same about Invisible People & Order To My Chaos. What great tracks.

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