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  1. I have expected worse than that btw just curious if you are going to parties or only listening music at home/car?
  2. Thanks Sergio, nice to hear such a feedback from a fellow producer
  3. Thanks for the review, its always interesting to read how certain track is perceived by a different people. Im glad the good sound is mentioned since I put a lot of effort into it (sometimes I got the impression I spent more time on education that on production), constantly trying to improve the mix and constantly staying unsatisfied with it I see you are from Serbia, that "rhythmic" Vader speech came to my mind while I was with Stefana, Kiril and Imba at psychedelic party one day after my gig just random thoughts after I have read through the comments: -nobody noticed or hated down that Vader is basically an extension of "the force" -I consider "hide and clap" one of my best track but it seems people dont share this opinion -Pauli you are right Akasha could be better but still there are some tested party bombs that works every time -Im still not sure why this album (which wasnt a planned album, I just realised I have enough material while preparing new stuff for gigs) turned out to be darker, since I dont listen to goa or psychedelic or dark stuff in general last years (mostly I listen to chillout, blues, reggae, dubtechno etc). Maybe Im getting older and darker next album if there will be any should be then hispeed goa stuff like "order to my chaos" Last but not least thanks to everyone that supported Neogoa
  4. Thanks Anu, appreciate your feedback and support
  5. with a cool t-shirt like that supporting ektoplazm? never
  6. hey there man, nothing happened, you just didnt find the vibe you were expecting
  7. hey guys, thanks for reviews and feedback it is great to read how you percieved certain parts/elements of the tracks, especially I am more than happy that you have found out that "something" in the prayer I will focuse in the future to get rid of the static parts
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