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Cybernetika - Solar Nexus


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Artist: Cybernetika

Title: Solar Nexus

Label: Ektoplazm

Date: June, 2014


01 - Artificial Bloodline (80 BPM)
02 - Neuronal Interface (178 BPM)
03 - Distress Beacon (177 BPM)
04 - Monolithic (179 BPM)
05 - Bio-Magnetic Tunnel Transport (179 BPM)
06 - Stinger (178 BPM)
07 - Sol Nexus (160 BPM)
08 - Constellations (179 BPM)
09 - The Outcast Of Deadspace (150 BPM)








Ladies and gentlemen please raise your glass to one of the greatest unsigned artists of all time. Though I'm sure it's done solely by his own choosing. Lars Goosens has returned with his 9th album that tells the story of genetically modified humans who after an absence of a millennium suddenly return with technology that surpasses the wildest dreams of all who came before them.


This is a dark and symphonic journey through the farthest reaches of the galaxy. There is a palpable sense of foreboding as if we normal humans have bitten off more than we can chew. These mutants...friend or foe.


I used to think that drum and bass was a very limited medium where there were only so many places you could go. After an interminably long absence Cybernetika proves me wrong. Again.


Is it possible to miss someone you've never met?


His compositions are so lush and multi-layered that they beg to be explored. Melodies don't float they scream over the oftentimes cacophonous background. Someone mentioned that the rapid percussion is a distraction from the treasure that lay underneath. Maybe. Until you listen to the complexity of that percussion and realize it's all part of a rich tapestry. This blazes a trail across the cosmos combining sci-fi atmosphere with the heavy hitting industrial sound.


How can something so punishing be so beautiful? And just when the speed becomes too much and almost rends the sinewy flesh from your physical form he delivers emotionally charged and melancholic breaks that lead you where he wants you to go. Growly distortion and futuristic android cybernetics permeate the landscape. It's unrelenting hyperspace travel that show how far advanced these mutants are over the human race.


Which is a pretty good metaphor for his crystal clear production and imagination. I know I don't have to say this, but...












Free at Ektoplazm



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Ugh. I listened to this all day. This is really bad.

There is literally no kickdrum in most of the tracks. The 25-80hz range is completely empty in most tracks.

The Drum&Bass part is ok, but its almost always an 4 bar loop over and over without any variation.

The mastering is bad, it sounds too low, and muffled.

Bad release.

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I love this album. It's a bit more aggressive than "Colossus", especially in the drums. I kind of wish the bass was more distinct though; it's more of a general wash of bass, because the bass is highly distorted. Not clear basslines. Still good, though!

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This album got _a lot_ of playtime on my mp3player the last several days. The tracks have very good flow and structure, oozing with energy and some very good melodies/twists. Favourites are "05 - Bio-Magnetic Tunnel Transport" (!!) and "08 - Constellations" (!) but everything else is very good, too. I like it slightly better than Colossus, which is very good, too (,too :D).

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Finally got around to this album. Best tracks for me were 3-8. The music is energetic and aggressive, but I also found it frequently monotonous with a harsh, "muddy" sound. The BPM is so high that the music can't breathe. This album would probably be more interesting if Cybernetika dialed back the warp drive.

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Also that album art is so fucking sick!!



Also, must say I agree with you about his greatness. My favourites are nanospheric and scythe

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