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X-dream, the best of


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This thread inspired me to go listen to We Interface again, and something occurred to me: the first song, "The 1st", reminds me a lot of "Live Fast - Die Young", which was 14 years earlier! Obviously it's not exactly the same, but it seems the later song is a natural evolution from the earlier.

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For me:
1. X-Dream - Our Own Happiness
2. X-Dream - Do You Believe

X-Dream - Electromagnetic (Radio)
X-Dream - The Second room

I love them all very much... X-Dreams work was always super nice imo because it was never overloaded, but still deep and trancy :) Way ahead of its time imo... :)

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I'm happy Anoebis you mention Do you believe, this tracks seems to be underrated. It has everything, melodies, darkish atmosphere, and crystal clear production, really impressed by the quality of the production of this track, given the date it was released.

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i'd roughly rank my top x-dream tracks like this:


1. psychomachine

2. thorazin

3. we created our own happiness

4. out here we are stoned remix

5. panic in paradise

6. psycho activity


they were just much better at the heavy psytek stuff than at goa (which is still quite good), so even for me their best goa track only takes place #3.

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