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X-dream, the best of


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anoebis did you do alot of bad acid in the 2000s? cus ive read alot of your reviews from that time and its like, what the hell

Haha, no, I never touched any drugs at that time... not even alcohol, a cigarette or a joint (still not) :P


But well, I noticed some flaws :P I was young, unexperienced and specially, looking for instant satisfaction I think, good climaxes and melodies, I prefer more subtle stuff now :P Don't forget most of those reviews are 12-14 years old... ;)

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Panik in Paradise and The 2nd Room are my favourite tracks from them. They have always been one of my favourite artists. My favourite album is IRRITANT, yes.


That said I never got into their album WE INTERFACE. I find some tracks there more suitable for the Eurovision contest, and other tracks similar in style to IRRITANT (which means are ok though nowhere of the same quality)

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