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V/A - Nitz-Ho-Goa


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Various Artists - Nitz-ho-goa



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1. Räma - Illumination 8:59

2. Boneva - Andromeda (Agneton's Red Sunset Rmx) 7:18

3. Astreveta - Harvesting Fireflies 8:11

4. Agneton - The Hardest Dream Experience (Feat. Goalien) 6:49

5. Goalien - The Solar System 10:06

6. Persistent Aura - Machine Elve 8:34

7. Räma - Clockwork Knight

8. Persistent Aura - House Of Sun 7:23

9. Räma - Little Indian Girl 7:21



Nitz-ho-goa is a crossover between goa-trance and nitzhonot, all the layers and complexity of goa-trance with the melodies from nitzhonot, but the difference is that 90% the cheese from the nitzo side of things has been cut-off. The melodies are as in your face as they are in nitzhonot, but they aren't something you would grind your teeth at.


Räma - Illumination

We start of with a spacey mysterious mood with an echoing sample, not long and you get your fair share of psychedelic sounds and the nitzo-influenced kick filling up that space, a standard beginning, but what's different is that the nitzo influenced melodies finally get introduced for the first time on this compilation. These melodies are true to to the last bone Indian influenced melodies, and they aren't cheesy in the least bit. Räma is basically Amithaba Buddha + Nitzohonot + more concentration to eastern instruments, and that combination is perfect. This track is fun, interesting and uplifting and has it's share of the amount of layers goa-trance has. Beginning of something new and exciting.


Boneva - Andromeda (Agneton's Red Sunset Rmx)

Our first track which sounds more familiar, something we've heard before on Agneton's debut. It's hard to know who did and what, but to me it seems like Agneton is just pouring out layers as much as he can and doing it with care. In the same spirit as in Eyes Wide Open on V/A - Alternative Colours. That make the texture's so full and crisp along with the rolling nitzo-oriented bassline. And the crazy melody segments at 3:55, oh my god, the same sound I've heard only a few times before, metallic really crisp and clear sound, and the 6:05 climax which is fucking fantastic. A nice collaboration by these two artists.


Astreveta - Harvesting Fireflies

At first I didn't find Harvesting Fireflies very good, up until now the tracks had been fast and pumping. Harvesting Fireflies slows things down and goes to the hypnotic road instead. This is great for what it is, it is not as much for the dancefloor as previous tracks, it's more mysterious and deep; especially at the end as the layers have grown and melody is at it. A different kind of a track that gives some welcomed variation to the tempo of this compilation, but not my favourite.


Agneton - The Hardest Dream Experience (Feat. Goalien)

Agneton and Goalien could be said to be the new fathers of Nitzohonot(Or Nitzogoa in this case) and having them two make a collaboration is extremely promising in itself and you think they could not disappoint, and they don't. From the extremely crazy starting melody to the echoing spacey ending it's a highly layered, crazy melodic and interesting trip in the same sense as Agneton - Eyes Wide Open and Filteria - Wormhole. Just like in Wormhole, how layered it is, it's a bit disappointing to see a track length of 6:50, but that 6:50 is fantastic.


Goalien - The Solar System

Now onto Goaliens solo input. Naming the track as grand as The Solar System and delivers on that. Fat, deep and rolling nitzo-ish bassline kicks in, spacey layers and melodies ensue. You get what you'd expect, some really groovy and evolving big nitzo melodies while the hard kick keeps the pace up even at the slowest parts and by saying slowest, I really don't mean slow, this is Big, blazing fast and hitting nitzogoa. A 10-minute journey through The Solar System for sure. Great stuff!


Persistent Aura - Machine Elve

Starts off with, ah I don't want to say it, but cheesy style, something you'd hear in an uplifting compilation ala Betachronic (Not saying that's bad, but it is a turn-off to many), but hold on as this track shows that it's not cheese, that it's a great addition to the nitzogoa style. 2:15 starts of the same melody than before but on a more pitched level 3:05 evolves the melody, more layers and 4:05 makes the melody sound completely different as it introduces a flutey sound; very eastern, playful and addicting and this is where it starts to grind into your head and you start to appreciate it while it flows through you. Very, very nice, unique and risk taking piece from Persistent Aura. Surprise of the album I'd say.


Räma - Clockwork Knight

Ahh we're back in India again. Again the new style of Räma shows such brilliance. Pumping non-cheesy nitzhogoa with heavy Indian influences, playful melodies and layers. It's so brilliantly fun, psychedelic and fast throughout. 4:09 that instrument he uses to create a simple but brilliant melody and the other melody that comes on top of it at 4:23 is just fantastic work. 4:40 evolves it and the track slowly lowers the tempo from 5:52 to the end, a different take that I haven't head in a while. The melodies in this track are just crazy fun and smile-inducing. We need more of this kind of stuff.


Persistent Aura - House Of Sun

Again as one might say, a little bit of cheese included, but it does not hurt! This is what Nitzogoa is about, combining goa-trance and nitzo, you can't leave everything out always. There's not much to say, it's a really good fast track, rolling laser kick bassline ala nitzo and big eastern melodies. Awesome on the dancefloor I'd imagine.


Räma - Little Indian Girl

We finally get into to the track that I love the most. Little Indian Girl starts with magical sounds, 30 seconds in and we get our first melody and it's bliss, pure bliss. If you've never been to india, this is your ticket there. I haven't heard such influence ever before, it's like it was made there! At 3:19 the melody disappears and drumming sounds fill the room, 3:33 there's a girl laughing which leads to the beginning of the melody again, this time it's a little different though as we get a new layer on top of it indicating there's something good coming, 4:18 chills things down to pick it up again at 4:33 and the monstrously fantastic melody ensues. I haven't gotten this many chills down my spine in a good while. It's so pure, it's so clear, it's so uplifting, influenced and not cheesy. Makes me want to go crazy and just dance like ever before. The bassline is more goaish and the whole speed of things is a lot chiller in here than in previous tracks and not as much in your face. Brilliant track and a fitting ending for this compilation and with that I must say I'm anxious to see what more can Filipe do with this new and amazing project of his.


In conclusion, get this compilation if you're a fan of nitzhonot or goa-trance, or just simply awesome melodies. It's a gem and, hopefully, marks the beginning of something new. A hallmark in my opinion. Fantastic compilation for a fantastic year.




Where to get it

Kunaki/Credit card: http://kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00WF5KKD

Kunaki/Paypal: http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00WF5KKD&PP=1

Neptunwave: http://www.neptunwave.de/product_info.php?products_id=992&osCsid=3a004f01c107043fb5ce0526310d430d


Disclaimer: My english is not perfect and my knowledge of how these tracks are made is very limited aswell, I go by what I know.

This review is best read with the "blue darkness" forum skin option.

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First causal listen put surprising smile on my face.


I'm very itchy about new school (but also for old Goa) and this the way the build-ups shall be created. Very well put melodies focusing around the epic development of the stories backed up by great and precise mastering.


Very good start for the label :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Awesome review Penzo!

Not a single track I don't like on this compilation. Something which doesn't happen very often

Productionwise mine are even the worst ones :D

Very happy we get so much great feedback, I sure hope there will be much more Sita stuff in the future

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  • 1 month later...

Hey there! Yeah I guess from a promotional point this release didn't score too well. Plus it's only CDr which might turn some people off...


In each case, now that Boris (Goalien) and I are commanders-in-chief, we'll make sure the next release will be real CD, available on all big psy-internetshops like Saiko 'n Psyshop. We're gathering money and compiling at this very moment...and we hope to deliver some high-quality material again :)!

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  • 8 months later...

Hey, I noticed the links in the review post don't work anymore. Anybody that still needs a copy can order it directly through Kunaki here -> http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00WF5KKD (maybe Penzo can update his post? :)).


Also, if you liked this, there's a good chance you will like the newest Sita compilation, Protozoa, it's out! :)

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Hey, I noticed the links in the review post don't work anymore. Anybody that still needs a copy can order it directly through Kunaki here -> http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00WF5KKD (maybe Penzo can update his post? :)).


Also, if you liked this, there's a good chance you will like the newest Sita compilation, Protozoa, it's out! :)


Would be nice to see a Protozoa review aswel. Hopefully someone will do one soon :) .
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  • 4 years later...

Gotcha: still here and only here http://kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00WF5KKD&PP=


Thanks Elias for the distributor info :)


Very recommended & always great to add a well succeeded label's cd01 to a collection, even though it is CDr. I don't care. Waiting it to get shipped so I can hear how mastering is done: according yt upload some setback on that might be expected but I don't care of it either. Or maybe it is just youtube.

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For this release Filipe wanted the artwork to be as 'bom-shiva' as possible tongue.gif ...imo he achieved well, hehe!

:lol::lol::lol: yea we did didnt we its top stuff :lol::lol:


about being on cdr welll if some ppl got turned off or not its their loss its a diamond in desguise but thats up to them to figure it out :lol::lol:


thanks to all guys involved in this we sure had a hell of a ride :lol:


boom shiva :lol::lol::lol::lol:


its like alladin all ya gotta do is rub the lamp AladdinDisney.jpg and genie comes straight out at ya :lol:disney-villain-analysis-aladdin-jpeg-240


look at jaffars face xD :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: real pissed xD

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