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V/A - Nitz-Ho-Goa


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Some parts make me wanna dance like a snake out of a basket...that's a good thing!


Me likey!

:lol: _b cool



Awesome review Penzo!

Not a single track I don't like on this compilation. Something which doesn't happen very often

Productionwise mine are even the worst ones biggrin.gif

Very happy we get so much great feedback, I sure hope there will be much more Sita stuff in the future

yea dude ur stuff is top notch i always said that to you . thanks for all the music and hope you are doing well! :)

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I finally got this mega rich athmospheric, groovy and lovely CD after it was wandering 6 months God knows where! One of the best V/A's out there and my fav of Sita Records, too :)

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Hey...we all get older and what we lose in appearance and physical capability we hopefully balance out with wisdom.  This compilation for me hasn't aged that well.  What I once thought of as Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan unfortunately has become...not that.   It's decent enough, but tracks like The Solar System are so fast that they go off the rails, sometimes feeling like it's off-beat.  Mahine Elve sounds like someone took Persistent Aura's ritalin cause it's all over the place.  The best tracks are by Rama, one of Filipe's alter egos.   His style is instantly recognizable as he's been making the same thing for a decade now. 

It's a lot more nitzhonoty than I recall.

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