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  1. PRS - Rain is Only Noise If you like(d) Ultimae and want to brach out a bit, this is for you. Starting with dub techno, into IDM and ambient. Enjoy, and thanks for listening! 01. H.U.V.A. Network - Distances 02. Voices From the Lake - S.T. (Vftl Rework) 03. Nicolas Jaar / Soul Keita - Goin' Bad 04. WhoMadeWho - Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River dub mix) 05. Minilogue - Seconds (Colour & Sound) 06. Lulu Rouge - Melankoli 07. Arovane - Amine 08. Ishq - Energeia 09. Four Tet - Unspoken 10. Lana Del Rey - Video Games 11. Ellen Allien & Apparat - Retina 12. Distant System - Cloud Nebula 13. Distant System - Astromech Starport Download/Stream: http://soundcloud.com/pieters
  2. For those who want some more chill-out from me, I give you: PRS - Recorded Dream Don't expect anything groundbreaking or new (this is from 2009), just a solid tracklist mixed well as per usual Artists include Ishq, CBL, Schnauss, Ott, Distant System, Snakestyle Enjoy, and let me know if you liked it!
  3. Sometimes I worry focusing on music all the time (which I cant help doing if its on) gives me stress/tention. Especially when someone else is also listening and I want them to like it
  4. Evolution vs Creationism was at least comical. Was this really necessary?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwc4s7gA7s4
  6. Wighnomy Brothers - Metawuffmischfelge is the best mix ever, you'll love it.
  7. List only tracks that you listened to countless times, quality over quantity! They don't have to be released this year. Also possibly avoid artists everyone here already knows For me, I hardly got anything new this year but this is a nice one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3VJ13JvWkk
  8. yes, full on is a definite subgenre of psytrance. also i wish fullon and darkpsy would blend more...
  9. philosophy sucks... or does it? hey, i'm just asking questions... but it's a fine line it seems to me =_= and don't get me wrong here, i love me some thinking. maybe it's just amateur philosophers that get to me.
  10. public void Close() { if (!closed) { foreach (Vertex dp in DP) { dp.Close(); } foreach (Vertex dp in DP) { foreach (Vertex p in dp.P) { this.P.Add(p); p.S.Add(this); } } closed = true; } }
  11. PRS

    Allaby - Reform

    I was really waiting for a full album by him in 2008, but not that much anymore. will give it a listen though.
  12. PRS

    PRS - Snow Mark

    Updated the link. If it dies again just ask here.
  13. yeah, what do you people think?
  14. playing MTG till i die. i got wydwyn, savra, wort, sharuum, momir vig, intet and michiko konda.
  15. yeah. this is an excellent example of good energy and flow!
  16. i agree, this "night" full on gets boring fast, it's all energy no flow. in that sense it's the polar opposite of the modern prog psy, which is also not good for a dance floor.
  17. videos are pretty cool actually. hate the music though. +1 to they've always been making lame music with some cool elements. or, cool music with too many lame elements.
  18. hate this. sounds used are awful and the stops are awful. edit: also samples, swirls, swooshes, modulations, and even more stops for everyone!
  19. i like this. dont know for how long, but hey anyone an example of the other genre in OT? i probably wont like it, but im curious.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_Qa7aViQ2w dont look at the cover eek
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