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Slinky Wizard vs The Infinity Project


TIP vs Slinky Wizard  

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  1. 1. Whos do you prefer?

    • The Infinity Project
    • Slinky Wizard

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The topic says it all.


The Infinity Project was a flagship, household name of TIP records with significant contributions elsewhere, while

Sliky Wizard had an incredible impact on the output of Flying Rhino records.


Two titans that can be thought of as artist collectives with only a couple of core members while others were contributing on part-time basis.


For example Raja and Graham Wood seemed to be The Infinity Project's main guys while Doof, MWNN and Simon were joining them here and there.


Similarly here's what Slinky Wizard's profile says on Discogs "Adam Boyd and Dominic Lamb composed Slinky Wizard's first track 'The Rising' in 1992. After this George Barker and Ronnie Biggs joined the group, and with the assistance of Simon Posford they created Flying Rhino Records' first release, the Slinky Wizard EP.

In the summer of 1994, Adam Boyd died in an accident. In late 1995/early 1996 Gus Till joined the group. Starting around this same time, Ronnie Biggs was no longer credited on Slinky Wizard tracks, but it is not clear if he officially left the group. Through the years, Slinky Wizard was variously joined by Simon Posford, James Monro, Dick Trevor, Matt Evans, and Jules Evans."


......but which one of these collectives do you prefer. Whose output are you more fond of?

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Slinky Wizard B)


Slick Witch (which even today sounds futuristic), Sacred Fist, Funkus Munkus, so on and so forth, I'm not really that big a fan of the old days as a lot of people here, but the things i've heard here and there are all top notch. Especially big on Gus Till (unless you talk Zen Lemonade, which is not really my citrus, but that's another story).

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Slinky Wizard


Their old AFR releases are amazing. Rhythmically dense, with ever morphing layers and complex sequences of pure old school melody combined with intricate, sometimes subtle and other times in your face psychedelia.

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Damn, it started as a clear cut win for TIP as they were up 3:0, but now Slinky Wizards are leading 7:6...

Slinky tracks seem to have aged well and sound fresh today, but then again, TIP had a great ambient album on Blue Room too.

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Guest antic

Slinky fanboy here, if only for the James Bond 007 tune - that one was awesome, easily one of the best old-school tracks IMO. Fact is, The Infinity Project has had more tunes out, with two albums released, but many of them were kind of hit and miss for me. Slinky's output on the other hand was consistently high quality.


Hopefully there's a never released to-be-released album somewhere out there and Draeke will find it ;):D

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This was a tough one. If we were talking on trance here then I would have gone for Slinky Wizard straight away but TIP gave us the beautiful Mystical Experiences (I noticed has been re-released on Avatar BTW) which is one of my favourite albums EVER !!!! :D:wub: :wub:

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TIP-world of the acid dealer

One of the most sinister and unique goa trance tunes ever. I absolutely love TIP's style. One of the greatest psy/goa/anything acts. Would definitely make top 20 if not top 10... can't say the same for slinky wizard, although they do have some pretty great tracks.


wow, I'm suprised we're losing!

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Never forgoten project SLINKY WIZARD , it doesn pass one single day without hearing such perfection ..... Infinity rocks also ofcourse but ..... ;)

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