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  1. I saw Daheen once play a party one morning out near STanstead airport in the UK and he absolutely rocked the place with some wacky morning Aussie it was stuff I wouldn't have probally listened to, but watching him move a crowd of people with mile wide smiles really changed my mind to his music.
  2. There's no psy trance here but this will give you an idea of what Alchemy is like.
  3. Some time ago Zero one records said that they were going to release a compilation of Goa classics that had been revamped / remixed to suit 2014 ears I don't know whatever happened to that project.
  4. Here is my set from the mushroom stage at this years Alchemy festival, Alchemy isn't really a psy trance festival it's more in the tradition of late 80's - mid 90's UK festival culture with punky festival bands playing, it was a good event (Shame they are so shady about paying people) the mushroom tent did play various types of dance music but the Fri and sunday were occupied mainly by psy trance, My set was at 3pm on the Sunday afternoon and I played some Alien Funk that I thought suited that time slot. https://soundcloud.com/cosmonaughty/my-alchemy-festival-set-2014 https://www.facebook.com/groups/339744419526600/
  5. Here is another mix this one is from Alchemy festival that was in England back in September 2014 https://soundcloud.com/cosmonaughty/my-alchemy-festival-set-2014
  6. Psibindi is breaking fresh new ground in Psychedelic Trance, using her unique vocal ability to add a powerful human feeling to the music. The classically – trained Indian singer and accomplished psychedelic trance DJ is now making waves as a producer while preparing to embark on a series of international DJ tours. Psy-FX live vocals will accompany her exciting new Live Set, which will be launched soon... Signed to UK-based label, Aphid Records, Psibindi has had the privilege of working closely in the studio with psytrance maestro, Aphid Moon, and talented young producer, Saga. Together they have created two successful EPs (Psychic Traveller and Binary Star), both of which have been critically acclaimed across the psy-scene and played at some of the most vibrant dance floors across the world. The spirit and sounds of Psibindi are gaining momentum on an international scale. Her dedication, skillset and energy has caught the attention of many festivals and events, leading to tours across Eastern Europe (Poland & Lithuania) and the Iberian Peninsula, where she’s headlined in Ibiza, Barcelona and Andalucia. Other festivals include an epic opening set at Transition Festival in 2012, followed by a powerful performance at the main stage of Germany’s Vuuv Festival. Psibindi is the lead vocalist with electronic chill project, DHUNA and has performed alongside great artists such as legendary singer, Sheila Chandra and Ustad Latafat Ali Khan. The artist is also the founder of Psy-Sisters, a new collective launched to inspire, promote and support creative women in the scene. You can now hear Psibindi's latest release with Mechanimal on Mutagen Records. 'Charaka' is available exclusively on Beatport:- http://www.beatport.com/track/charaka-original-mix/5169492
  7. https://soundcloud.com/cosmonaughty/cosmonaughty-18522017-mp3
  8. it's only a small venue but the last one was rockin'
  9. Here's a mix I did the other day, the sound kind of represents the club night KANYINI i promote in Birmingham (in the West Midlands Uk) https://soundcloud.com/cosmonaughty/cosmonaughty-18522017-mp3
  10. heres a short mix of my stuff https://soundcloud.com/cosmonaughty/cosmonaughty-18522017-mp3
  11. FRI 11th April 2014 KANYINI Psychedelic Sunshine this time very special guest PSIBINDI plus live set from SPOROPHORE and dj's AWEN (psyberdelica.com) THALL OM (Cohesion London) CosmoNaughty (Kanyini) @ Suki10c 21 Bordesley street, Digbeth, BIRMINGHAM B5 5PJ 10pm til 6am Admission : £10 on the door advance tickets Early bird £5 onsale now until 7/3/14 regular tickets £7 7/3/14 until day of the event tickets from www.theticketsellers.co.uk​
  12. FRiday 7th February 2014 KANYINI @ Suki10c , 21 bordesley street, Digbeth, Birmingham , B5 5PJ this time live we have psy legends ManMadeMan and on the decks : Dill (planet zogg) CosmoNaughty (kanyini) DJ Iah (technicolour / psy tronic) 10pm through until 6am admission £10 on the door or you can buy advance tickets £5 early bird tickets available until (1/1/14) £7 regular advance tickets (1/1/14 until day of the party) you can get tickets from www.theticketsellers.co.uk on facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/1436191623271058/?fref=ts
  13. Sat 2nd November KANYINI @ Suki10c, 21 Bordesley Street, Digbeth, BIRMINGHAM B5 5PJ Dj's LIquid Ross (Liquid Connective , Elixir Of life) ANDY MASON (KUNDALINI) SHAKTI (Ascension , Nottingham) COSMONAUGHTY (Kanyini) 10pm through until 6am , £10 on the door, advance tickets £7 + booking fee from www.theticketsellers.co.uk
  14. Saturday 28th September 2013 at Suki10c, 21 Bordesley street, Digbeth, BIrmingham B5 5pJ this time live we have DEJAVOO (first time live in Birmingham) and Dj's we got : JIMMY TANGO (psyborg sounds) - Best Known as the promoter of Transmission the Leicester club that ran from the mid nineties until just after the Millenium , he also used to Dj at Birminghams legendary Spacehopper parties. DJ IZZI - a young Dj from the midlands who is making waves, Paul & sonia (the psy act manmademan) are his parents. CosmoNAughty (Kanyini) - Just back from playing Magikana festival, 10 pm through until 6am . friendly venue admission £10 / advance tickets £7 + booking fee from www.theticketsellers.co.uk
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