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looking for some true tribal up and downbeat?


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hey guys first of all merry xmas to all and hope you all stay safe over this festive season.

secondly am wanting recomendations for some tribal influenced goa/psy/ambient etc.

doesn't have to be full electronica, but this is stuff that i don't have much of and would love more,

stuff like toby marks etc, or even tracks like, the nommos amma etc.

with plenty of tribal drumming/chanting think you know what i mean

any help would be much apreciated.

thanks alot


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I think Amma by The Nommos is my fav tribal track till now, but I haven't heard much tribal. The track has this amazing, shiver inducing female vocal sample in the middle that, to me, sounds like it comes from the bowels of the Earth of something :o


The didgeridoo can sound really good too, try Aphex Twin's Didgeridoo track and the album a.b. didgeridoo oblivion - lucid dreaming


FSOL's Papua New Guinea is a nice tribalish track.

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Hilight Tribe

was going to recommend that besides Etnoscope...


btw, for ambient try Amaruvision - Light Energy Performance

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Padmasana - A Universal Consciousness


Toirés - Oued - Sanäti


Live At Dakini Nights 1999-2004


Tribal Matrix


all on Dakini are quite nice with a tribal (but not too much) feel

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