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  1. solar fields - movements celtic cross - hicksville remastered p. laoss - landscapes & machines emanuele errante - humus as you can see a fat load of chill out dropped through my letterbox this morning guess im not doing anything too hectic today
  2. http://www.psyshop.com/cgi-bin/zoom.cgi?in...nr1cd035.html:; solar fields - movement particularly das bungalow, what a tune
  3. gaudi - sufani (or many other songs of bass, sweat and tears) kaya project both pretty downtempo but dancable psybient
  4. well if you want something a bit dark and with sad and melancholic sounds, i would suggest nystagmus - the immaculate perception or if you want something truly dark how about xenomorph - qlipoth
  5. is it sirius by cyclesphere vs sirius isness love the build up :
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