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Saddest music ever


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Kronos Quartet - Gloomy Sunday


Gloomy sunday "Hungarian suicide song". Various artists have recorded this gloomy gloooomy track. Kronos Quartet instrumental version imo is best.





the video is also good. makes me want to commit suicide. :lol:

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It's funny how music can trigger memories. Personally the saddest songs for me are Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard - Now we are Free, and Clint Mansell - Together we Live Forever. Those are sad for me because of the memories that's associated with them. Right before my girlfriend broke up with me, I made a slideshow of pictures of a trip we went on together, and I used those two songs in it. But she broke up with me before I showed it to her. So whenever I hear those songs, I'm reminded of her, and all the good times we shared, and am saddened because we are no longer sharing those good times... :(

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This is very spontaneous, but I just discovered this track in a mix and it is utterly poetic, lyrical, and absolutely reached deep within me. Its been a long time since a track has made me shed tears. This isn't depressing music, but more the so beautiful its unbearable kind.... you know those bemushroomed feelings, where things are beautifully sad. They're hard to describe.


Apparently this is deep house / detroit techno.

don't let that keep you from listening though, this is DEEP.


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Matutero - Kuklusklan (Remix by Psykovsky)


This track is hard and stubborn' like crazy with it's harsh clapps. Still while the story is being told there is a very sad melodie working on the angry.. donno, its pretty special and it was for me the worst track on Psykovsky - Debut. Now I am loving it's crazyness, coping. Listen to it and you'll maybe see.


On that note: Psykovsky vs. Deja Vu Project - Only Love (We Will Take)


:( :posford: :(

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