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  1. One thing i didn't ever understand, when you [just an assumption] are making music that you are not going to sell [if your selling it, then ignore this post] why do you release albums every 6 months or so, when you could release a track every month or so and be more in the spotlight? I was talking to Lars [cybernetika] about that, his view is that its better to release an album than a bunch of individual tracks, I on the other hand, only release music on a track by track basis. So why make an album anyways? It makes sense that you would get more publicity when you are constantly releasing tracks. Who is the guy in your avatar?
  2. Not to drop shit on what everyone has said, but you could just do something other than the extremely typical hi hat run up sound. Unless for some reason you strictly want 42flor once once, i would suggest come up with break buildups something like this: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/rgbb/examplebreakbuildup just an example of how you could use a break as a buildup to something, in this example the break is obviously every 4th bar...
  3. Z3ta - Pretty much hands down key to EDM music... Synth1 - great for making a ripping lead Buzz Adapter + modules - great for leads and other effects TS404 - TB303 FLStudio - best automation system in any studio program, ever. Also has some of the best FX and EQ/Slicers/FPC/Soundgoodizer Garritan Personal Orchestra - its a fucking orchestra.... That's all you need... If you are into FM, then get FM8 or Sytrus Good thing about everything i mentioned is all of it uses very little cpu. edit: oh, glitch, mgtriggergate, and crystal are nice too, but most of their stuff can be done with the aforementioned synths.
  4. Less pitiful one note, no melody bass that is degraded to nothing but a percussion section. More melody. Lead, pads, bass, everything needs more melody. Kickdrum + your basic 303 clone 1 note bass hit for 30 minutes is not very inspiring. If i wanted dance music, I would listen to techno. I think alot of modern stuff is basically soft techno with cliche'd eastern elements. "hai, i am going to use an eastern instrument, but play a western scale, and call it eastern!!" Thats what i think modern psy is, so much that i make a distinction between psy and goa, goa has melody. psy generally doesn't gataka is mostly psy, filteria is mostly goa [although a bit cheezy ]...thats my definition.
  5. Most of my music. Yes I am serious. http://www.myspace.com/cronodevir you could try http://www.tindeck.com/files.php?su=cronodevir also.. i have some short melodic stuff with piano on tindeck most of my music is written in a melocholly or sad melody
  6. Classic Music is to Goa what Celeron C 533mhz is to an Athlon 3.5ghz Quad Core Sorry, I don't feel classic music even stands a chance today, most of it is insanely simple, and the only reason people think its some great incomparable thing is because the people that made it didn't hear psy or goa or trance or anything modern. The only thing classical music has going for it is a somewhat superior use of melody and harmony than most electronic artists. Classical Music is to Modern Music like .mp3 is to .wav If Mozart would have heard Astral Projection, he would have fucking committed suicide for his incompetence. Yes, i have heard plenty orf classical, mozart, bach, trkovsky [sp?] bethooven [sp?] and a few others whos name i can't remember [russian stuff]
  7. Who gives a fuck, listen to the climax of Mahdeva from Astral Projection...and THEN come back to this thread and start talking. But yes, new school psy/goa has been drastically stupefied, reduced to nothing but a new rythmy thing for people who started listening to music 2 years ago can enjoy. Most of it has to do with the emergence of software like FLStudio or Cubase which made it extremely easy to make music, and everyone and their brother got their hands on it and started throwing a 303 sound on the bass, and an fm sound on the lead with a 4/4 beat and called it psy... Also, the people everyone has mentioned for the most part, get paid to make music, so they will make what everyone likes, if you want to listen to some unique stuff , that is for the most part, original, you need to listen to some of the unknowns [generally speaking] out there, listen to the Cosmic Flower compilation, most of the artist on it have slews of other songs, i have a few songs on CF, but i have tons more in other places. Most of the time those unknowns don't get paid to make music, then genuinely enjoy it and enjoying making it, so they are more inclined to experiment and do stuff that a paid artist wouldn't day do... As for IM, sorry, guitars and psy do not ever ever need to be in the same piece of music. Never. IM has one good song...one. Neverever Land
  8. So go sign it then Btw, its not a totally serious petition, i just want to see how many people would like to see V3
  9. I just like the music clips really..lol Anyone who gets upset at his site, even though he says its mostly bullshit..is kinda retarded.
  10. http://www.petitiononline.com/Sixofour/ Go Sign Folks
  11. Nice! I should really post what i am working on, but it isn't psy This is a nice track, you should submit it to Cosmic Flower!
  12. Can't change the title myself..a mod has to do it. Also, come on guys..i know there are goa tracks out there with 6-8-10-12 step arps! Ive only been in the goa scene for about 2 yrs..so i don't know!
  13. I can't seem to find anything with an 6 or 8 step arp. [or more if yew want] Any hints?
  14. Yes..it is infact...the shizzle. What other tracks are like this? [mainly the arp structure of the climax is what i like. [8 step arps FTW] ]
  15. Where can i get them? Id prefer the 'not-have-to-pay' kind. Eastern/Indian would be nice
  16. http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/dppe/goaindia2_6 Still trying to define the bass more...but yeah, another clip. Also, anyone know where i can get some good ethnic percussion one shots?
  17. http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/bdsk/superpsy_9 Just a short clip i am working on. But man, fucking A...i tripped off this clip for hours after i rendered it. I'm obviously not done, as this is just a clip, but tell me what you guys think!
  18. vocoders make my CPU esplode esp when i have 15 of them with diffrent settings on my pad....
  19. http://www.tiesto.com/ http://stage.arminvanbuuren.com/ http://www.paulvandyk.de/ www.trance/nu www.traneaddicts.com and my personal favorite.. http://www.isratrance.com/
  20. and now for something completely diffrent http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/hcld/Ambient5_2
  21. You can make rythm without a kick drum, you would simply replace the constant of a drum with something else.... Get a track youve made or something..and replace the kick sample with a short vocal..replace the hats and snares with vocals or other sounds..maby the sound of a frog?...you got rythm.....though its kinda unorthadox Here is an example from a track i am working on right now..it does have a kick, but the vocal sample can still give rythm: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/fzxb/mrkler_8 [a vocal sample i made from scratch on a mic..by myself ..hows that for creativity? Wo0o0o0o0o0o]
  22. People-Who-Make-Those-Sounds-You-Hear-In-Your-Head-While-On-LSD-Come-To-Life-icians
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