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Dream trance...


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I had a friend at my place yesterday, who came here with a selection of "normal" trance vinyls... and some of the tracks I heard there are ABSOLUTELY fantastic... I mean, they are trance in it's purest form, emotional, organic, deep and melodic, floating and challenging! Some of those tracks are very close to let's say Blue Planet Corporation early work (UFK vinyls), or astral projection...


A very good example of the sound I'm looking for:




This can be perfectly mixed in a goa set, and it would make people cry of beauty... Is anybody here aware of more music in this style!? And is there anything like this released these days? Softish, beautiful normal trance... :)

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Hey Joske, have you ever heard the first Planet Rhythm compilation?



Genecom (an early Adam Beyer project) is particularly good...


I am sure you are already quite familiar with the early products of Platipus (Union Jack, Art of Trance, Salamander, etc.)


In the later years, I feel that Noma came close to perfecting the "dream trance" aesthetic with songs like Another Time, Soon, and Avoid The Future. You might want to give those a listen as well, if they were never on your radar. 12 Moons - Solid State also comes to mind.


Another song I would recommend is the obscure Man On Earth track "So." And, lastly, one more obscure rarity: Q-Lab.


That's all I have for you this morning :)

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Joske, do you know only Psychedelic Trance (Goa Trance / Psy Trance)?

here are my recommendations:


Cosmic Baby - 23


Cosmic Baby - Stellar Surpreme


Mystic Force - Frontier


Dance 2 Trance - Moon Spirits


Dance 2 Trance - Revival


Sasha - Airdrawndagger


Sasha - Xpander EP


Earth Nation - Thoughts in Past Future


Earth Nation - Terra Incognita


Cygnus X - Hypermetrical


B-Zet - When I see...


Resistance D - Inexhaustibility


Resistance D - Ztrings of Life


L.S.G. - Rendezvous In Outer Space


L.S.G. - Volume Two


L.S.G. - Into Deep


Art of Trance - Wildlife on One


Art of Trance - Voice of Earth


Terra Ferma - Turtle Crossing


Various - Behind the Eye Vol. 1

http://www.discogs.com/release/53011 / http://www.discogs.com/release/67656

Various - Behind the Eye Vol. 2


Various - Behind the Eye Vol. 3


Various - A Mission into Drums


Various - Trance


Various - Alrave Ultra - Safety Sounds 2


Various - MFS a Different World


Various - Tranceformed From Beyond (Second Edition)


Various - Trancemaster 1


Various - Trancemaster 2


Various - Trancemaster 3


Various - Trancemaster 4


Various - Trancemaster 5


Various - Trancemaster 6


Various - World of Trance


Various - Tour de Trance


Various - Tour de Trance 2


Various - The Age Of Trance


Various - Rave Mission: The Dream Edition


Various - Rave Mission: The Dream Edition 2


Various - Rave Mission: The Dream Edition 3


Various - Sundance


Various - Superstition Volume One and Two


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In the later years, I feel that Noma came close to perfecting the "dream trance" aesthetic with songs like Another Time, Soon, and Avoid The Future.

noma:soon ,one of my fav tracks ever

nice topic btw

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thanks for all the replies! :)


I am fully aware of the Platipus releases, and I have most of them, but I miss the warm background sound that goes on and on in most of the tracks, my favourite there is Quietman and some Art of Trance tracks. Eye Q is more my style then, Cygnus X for example :)


Kaito I have to check, thanks!


Astralasia does not come even close to the style I questioned imo, I sold all their albums when I had them so they didn't impress me much...


The ones Basilisk mentioned... I will check :)


Humate - Love Stimulation... YES, that style I mean, I have this track of course, already in 96, but that's exactly the style I mean...


And yes, I love some Noma tracks as well, they come indeed very close to the described sound, a littlebit more progressive, but great nevertheless!


Then the huge list of Kai Q, thanks alot for the names! I know quiet alot of them, but not all so I will check for sure! :)


ps: another track in the same vain... Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance ... FANTASTIC! :)

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This 4 albums from Sven Väth are very good.

Sven Väth - Accident in Paradise


Sven Väth - The Harlequin - The Robot and the Ballet-Dance


Sven Väth - Touch Themes Of... Harlequin / Robot / Ballet-Dancer


Sven Väth - Fusion



This 3 albums from the label Harthouse (Sublabel from Eye Q) are very good too.

Yokota - The Frankfurt-Tokyo Connection


The Ambush - The Ambush


Alter Ego - Alter Ego



This Compilations on Superstition Records and The Spacefrogs (Sublabel of Superstition Records) has many good Trance tracks.

The Classics Of Superstition Year 1


The Classics Of Superstition Vol. 2 Year 2 & 3


The Sound Of Superstition Vol. 3


The Sound Of Superstition Vol. 4


The Spacefrog Vol. 1


The Spacefrogs Vol. 2



I remember that Robrt Miles released a album called Dreamland


If I remembered has this many Dream Trance tracks.

Or classic Trance tracks from Legend B - Lost in Love and from Cenith X - Feel.

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Sven Vath is indeed great but I would not recommend Fusion. That one is not Trancey like he was asking for.

Maybe try Barbarela - My Name is Barbarella

You can listen to it here.

Make sure you click on the My Name is Barbarella track name because some other track plays automatically when you open that page.

Early Paul Van Dyk work like My World track for example.

Amorph - Sunflow (Oliver Lieb Remix) will blow you away. Pure high energy hard trance. Make sure it's Oliver Lieb remix because it's much better than the original that got outdated really quickly.

Another one to look at it Lazonby - Sacred Cycles. The original version is like 15 minutes long and begins with some Indian dude speech (maybe Ghandi)...total timeless classic.

Microwave Prince - Golden Times and Cyclic Evolution. Cyclic evolution has some monser 303 acid work on it.

The Essence of Nature - Blue Orchidee Incredibly danceable, uptempo yet funky Trance monster classic

Laurent Garnier selected it for his famous X-mix 2 on !K7 label. It was originally released on Harthouse.

Resistance D - Throm 3 Fantastic track that's stood the test of time well and the best I heard from them.

Pascal FEOS is today known as a Techno producer around the world but back in a day he used to make great Trance as a member of Resisance D.

Scooter - Unity Without Words....yeah I'm mentioning Scooter :) Before the cheesy happy rave anthems they became popular for they actually made some nice Trance.

Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infinity also comes to mind as well as the firs Psy Harmonics comp from 1994. Psy Harmonics were so well ahead of the time. Here you'll hear a collection of some incredibly clever, hypnotic, emotional and at times psychedelic as hell trance. One of the tracks on it is "Dance ov thee Pink Elephants" and the name really really fits the song. It's a total hypnotic minduck as if you were hallucinating and seeing pink elephants dancing :) Very strange when you hear it first but after a few listens it just sucks you right in. You'll also find some Trancey songs on that CD with that emotional quality you seem to be looking for so the whole comp is a really nice joyrney through different moods and experiences.


I'm sure I'll think of some more stuff later but this should get you going along what's already mentioned above.

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Space Manoeuvres- Stage One http://www.discogs.com/release/144905

Breeder- Rockstone http://www.discogs.com/release/68354

Cass & Slide- Perception http://www.discogs.com/release/39888

Sasha- Xpander http://www.discogs.com/release/58337

Schiller- Ruhe http://www.discogs.com/release/14550

Purple Haze- Genetic http://www.discogs.com/release/147720

Sphere- Gravity http://www.discogs.com/release/15431

LSG-Shecan http://www.discogs.com/release/22811

Chab- Tunneling http://www.discogs.com/release/82491

Interflow 4- Area 51 http://www.discogs.com/release/293407

Corellian- Fathoms http://www.discogs.com/release/4378


ehhh....some of these might be wavering more toward the housier side of dream trance...and mostly all are from 1999....but these are a few that i was really into...now i'm going to have to go dig out my super old mixtapes from....who knows where in my room :rolleyes:

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I know just the kind of styles you need:


The early releases of - http://www.discogs.com/label/Eve+Records


from late 95 - 99 - http://www.discogs.com/label/Hook+Recordings


A bit of a harder edge but still very trancey - http://www.discogs.com/label/Voodoo+Records+(Germany)


Most of these releases - http://www.discogs.com/label/Metropolitan+Music


Hope this helps.

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There is one track you just have to listen to:


Marino Stephano - Eternal Rhapsody the original version and the DJ Tandu mix are awesome. Then you might also want to check:


Visions Of Shiva - How Much Can You Take

Binary Finary - 1999 (orignial and Key Cee Remix)

Kaycee - Escape

Paragliders - Oasis

Paragliders - Paraglide

Hitch-Hiker & Dumondt - A New Dimension


I will have to check my vinyls to name some more but those tracks are some of the reasons why I stil and always will love trance! :)


Here are some comps with remember trance that contain some of the tracks:





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Thanks alot for the massive replies! :)


Just wondering, is there anybody that is more aware of the Belgian old school trance, as it's easier to find for me :P I have all Bonzai Trance Progressive cds, and some of the tracks are impressive, I have 3 favourites till now, everything from Phi Phi (like Inner Tales, Phi Phi & Greg D some tracks), Blue Alphabet and Moon Project, but I'm sure there must be TONS...


@ Tatsu, I know all these from my earlier trance times (before listening to goa)


Binary Finary - 1999 (orignial and Key Cee Remix)

Kaycee - Escape

Paragliders - Oasis

Paragliders - Paraglide

Hitch-Hiker & Dumondt - A New Dimension


And specially Kaycee and Paragliders are great indeed, Dumondt is more rave/hard trance thou, I'm now more into softish music... Like following stuff I rediscovered on my old cds :D


Armin - Blue Fear

Paul Van Dyck - Words



@ patroller, Devious & Lauryn, thanks... I know some Pablo Gargano, and LSG but I will check the rest! :)


@ Visine, I think the ones you mention are exatcly where I am looking for... Because I know some of the tracks and yes, they are fantastic! :)


@ Kai Q: indeed, Superstition stuff is what I like as well! :) and I have the forst Sven Vath album, and I specially like the ambient (in fact, the ambient mix I posted 1 month ago starts with a track from that cd, héhé), but the rest is not really my style... but the others are interesting, I'll check :)


Thanks alot everybody!


And just wondering, isn't there something as an "old school trance" forum? :) I mean, for normal trance?

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Red Herring of Union Jack is another fantastic one, except for the terrible "funky beat" samples... :( Isn't there a version without it?

The Disco Volante Rmx is maybe better because the samples aren't in there like in the original... but the melody is great nevertheless :)

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Humate - Love Stimulation (PvD Lovemix)

Universal State of Mind - All Because of You

BBE - Flash (Club Mix)

CM - Dream Universe (Marino Space mix)

BT & Paul van Dyk - Namistai (extended mix)

LSG - Fragile Part 2 (mix 2)

Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon

Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix)

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