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Looking for good quality melodic full-on


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Hi peeps,


What I mean is, something similar as the melodic part of Space Tribe & Electric Universe - Alkaloid Experiment, but with better kicks and full on sound. So no morning stuff, just hard-hitting melodies!

(Cheese prohibited)


Warm greets and TIA,


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I liked


Save the Robot - Battle of the Mind


a few cheesey tracks but enough decent melodic ones to be worth the purchase :)

or are you a downloader? :angry:

I prefer trying before buying :D

Your suggestion is noted, thanks!

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Maybe it's allready too cheesy for you but have you tried Burn In Noise - Broken MP3? Samples a Saikosounds.

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Try Lamat - Fearless if you haven't already.

lamat debut album mastercontrol can count too...


lani: is good to very melodic, more continue of melodies,

others like astrix, delerious are more interesting in the advancment but the climaxes are then again more then euphorical,

all old skool artist who made since 2004 a morning fullon album,


the electric universe release from 2004 was floathed perfect, the 2006 release is quaity fullon too,

space tribe the same and even space tribe vs electric universe released in 2006

new pleiadeians is if you but in morning fullon perspective very refreshing (listen with headphones)

space buddha - full circle, very crystal clear, good breaks and nice drive,

rastaliens 2002 and 2003 release, everything...

first 1200 mic's cd from 2002

brethen - the legend of cane

protoculture - circadicans (2006)

u - recken

vibe tribe

audiotec 2006 album

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the electric universe release from 2004 was floathed perfect

Seriously, start out with Cosmic Experience...

If I understood what you're asking for, I think that one should amaze you. OK, if you're not too fond of guitar usage in trance, you might get a little disappointed in a few places, but give it a try. I'm usually not the greatest fan of full on, but this one gave me some quality fun time, especially while being outdoors!

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Misted Muppet-From the Legend

v/a- Mystery of the 13 Crystal skulls

Tranan- Restarter

Audialize: Starship Earth



and maybe:



Slug- Elemental

Alternative Control- Alt + Ctrl

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Wow, thanks people for those great suggestions!

I'll try to listen to all of those if I find the time, right now I'm kinda busy with my school project :angry:



I found this release quite by accident: http://www.discogs.com/release/567071


It's kinda cool, lot of variation and track 4 just kicks ass!



And this is also strangely nice: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...howDetail=56753

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Audialize - Wanted if you can find a copy.

Storm Reaction as already stated. 8)

definately try Psydrop - Fantasy Seeds

Nomad - Hyperactive and Mad Attack albums ;D

Try anything on Space Tribe Music - good compilatons! and anything from Electric Universe from 04 till now. 8)

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Any compo from Spirit Zone.


Specifically: Beat-Iific. Songs from CPU vs Atomic Pulse, Space Tribe, Tikal... a good one.



also, Mandala records, I only know one release from them, Universe. Tracks from Tetraktys, Skulptor, Spectral Skunk, Psychaos, Polaris...

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I'm just listening to it for the very first time but so far it sounds good. So maybe you should check out Atma - Beyond Good And Evil.

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"good quality melodic full-on"

that will be on the science fiction section :P;)

Shut up, moty!! <_<



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