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MFG - The Message

Guest leon-p[at]zahav[dot]net[dot]il

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Guest Renyones

Like an other albums from MFG this album also received the maximun score 10/10.

But you will be more cautious because the sound of this album don't be the

same of the first albums. Anterior albums was been more melodic and had been

more psy effects. This album it's insert in the PROGRESSIVE TRANCE (this is a

new stile from Psychedelic Trance, baptize in this form by TRANSIENT RECORDS

U.K.). I think which this new stile, more dark and deep, could be named

HYPNOTIC TRANCE or HYPNOTIC GOA. Definitely this album is more "lineal" but

have a lot of energy.

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Guest MFG 4 evah

MFG seemed to lost their style and their great music-abilities after project

genesis who really sounded weird. with this album it sounds like their trying

to get back on track, and i surely hope they will, cuz im a big MFG-fan,, 7/10

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  • 1 month later...

i bought listened to it and found it nice nothing more. Listened to a couple of

more times and found it standard so i let it rest for a while. Then i listened

to it and the sheer briliance of it struck me. It might not be too original

but it sounds so damn great. All the sounds are just right in time, which

makes it sound hypnotic indeed(Renyones) give it a try let it come to you and

love it. 8/10

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Guest faroutwohman

It's great... for DJs.... but i think listening at home it sux because it takes

the trax WAY to long to progress to their essential melodies. So i think it's

too progressive...however once the track actually gets started, with all the

melodies going, it is a masterpeice (about 4 or 5 mintues into wonderland)

.....thats pretty much consistant for each track. His sounds are unique

though, this album has very good effect on you while your running in the rain

listening to the songs (once they finnaly start). Check out the MEGAMIX he

made of this album on www.isratrance.com it shows how valuble this peice of

work is for all DJs.

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Guest ms[at]xg[dot]dk

What the h... is people talking about? The Message is clearly one of the best

releases from MFG. Great basslines, melodies - though the Matrix samples might

be a bit 'too much' in the end. But in overall, a great MFG album. 9/10

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Look, if you like MFG, you'll like this cd. However, they didn't seem to use

many new idea's, like in Project Genisis and New Kind Of World. I realize

every track is a new idea, thats not what I'm saying. How each track evolves

is what I'm talking about. Some tracks, such as Have A Nice Day and

Brainwaves, seem too simple. Sure, it's fine on the dance floor, but MFG has

always made stuff thats great for 'listening' to as well. It feels like much

more effort was put into the middle tracks. I wouldn't say this is their best

cd. It leans toward darker sounds, which makes it feel somewhat repetitive at

times. Still, it sounds different in dark style. Don't think this album has no

new idea's, because it has some tracks that must have blown up the dance

floor. As opposed to the negative I mentioned, there is much positive as well.

Track 5, Feel Like God, is one bangin track. Listen to how it takes off after

6:30. Delicious! Rise And Fall is also really energetic and cool. I think the

Matrix samples in Wonderland are pretty cool to. It's just that I've heard

stuff like this before and I know MFG can do better.

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Guest mossadexz[at]hotmail[dot]com

M.F.G. made my days for the next year. This is simply brilliant. It's not their

usual style, so I can understand the guy who's day was ruined :), but I think

it's a really great CD. My favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3.

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Guest warnoggin[at]hotmail[dot]com

brilliantly produced album but very different from their other stuff.this album

is enjoyable to listen to but a warning for fans of hard pumping basslines and

fast melodies:this album is softer than their earlier stuff and the hard goa

fans will probably hate it

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Guest Manuastral

Well executed. I don't feel like comparing with Project genesis , New kind of

world...i think [The message] is good .No bad tracks; the last track (ambiant)

is brilliant!


doesn't suck "Furma".__ I give this 7.5/10

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Guest fantasynation

Great album. MFG style has gone to another level. Well some don't like it, but

that doesn't making it bad. I for sure love it. One of the best i've got. A

lot of work has been made by MFG. I'll give it 9/10.

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Guest DefyReal

I've not listened to any other MFG releases but before even knowing what MFG

stands for I felt like I'd received a Message from God. Try meditating on

this, it'll make you escape your body... (esp. track 9)

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is very good album but has nothing to do with old MFG. They do seem more

mature but that's not beneficial in their case cause they were free and too

positive boys in the past and now, after they matured they started taking

themselves more seriously which spoiled their spiritual side. The album is

extremely quality, the use of sounds and mixing them is brilliant but they

lost their true spiritual strenght that they changed with stomping beats and

rhythms strengths. All in all , this is good album for younger in fact, no

matter how it is more mature. their first 3 albums are for much older

crowd...Best tracks on album are HAVE A NICE DAY, WONDERLAND, BRAINWAVES, DARK



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  • 4 weeks later...

Finally, it's the weakest of MFG. OK it's good but not really great.

Wonderland, Rise and fall, Brainwaves, The message are my fav tracks, but shit

they can do better. ...Yet, MFG have potential , 'When we dream' was a

fantastic track compared with this album

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Bought it the other day - been listening to it non-stop (not saying I like it

... yet) - I most definately prefer New kind of World to this one ... I don't

think this CD is crap, but I do think New Kind Of World is much more musically

apealing - at least to ME. Some nice tracks, and some on the boring monotone

(maybe to relaxed) side ... 7.5/10

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MFG returns in full force! Oh, am I ever glad. Project Genesis was hit and miss

for me and I was thinking we had lost a great act, but no! The Message seems

to me like a blend of their early style + the newer muddier darker sound they

introduced with Project Genesis. I love it. It's some beautiful goa music for

sure, with a touch of sadness (like one person said above). Listen to it a few

times people, give it a chance. I've been listening to it for a while and last

night it really hit me. Start to finish it's excellent. Favorite tracks: 1, 2,

5, 6, 8, but I can listen to them all.

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Guest spy3[at]freemail[dot]hu

I can say that GOA is one of the best things on our Earth, and MFG is one of

the best - or it is the Best - GOA Live Act!I like or i would i love it

very-very much.I say that the Prophecy is the best album but the message is

the second.I like its style, and the harmonies which they use. The best tracks

on the Message are: Dark Waters, Brainwaves, The Message.

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

This album is great. If you like the Prophecy and New Kind .... style and can't

live without the pure melodic, morning style of trance, you probably won't

like this one. The Message is a really good mix of all the elements that I

like to hear in trance. If the bass kicked a bit harder, I would say this Cd

is up there, with the best. However, it's not too bad, just not as hard as a

lot of the Israeli stuff coming out now, so I have to count it as a downside.

All in all, the CD is awesome. 8/10.

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Guest Quesar[at]rochester.rr[dot]com

Eh, I thought the drum work & the bass were good, but the synth work was


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  • 4 years later...

Like the majority here, I prefer 90's goa to today's full on and psy. With that being said, I hated this album at first. Seemed ordinary, commericial and nothing special. The music did grow on me though... Brainwaves really stands out a lot.. as well as The Message, which has a pretty memorable beat and rhythm in it. I haven't heard their newest album yet (2006) but if they perfected what they started here, then I can say that it must be good. MFG are a top trance act that only a handful of others artists for genre can compete with in my opinion.

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Track list:

01. 08'20" Have A Nice Day
02. 09'19" Wonderland
03. 09'03" Brainwaves
04. 07'17" Walking On Ice
05. 09'22" Free Like God (New Version)
06. 08'20" Rise And Fall
07. 08'17" Welcome To The Edge
08. 09'06" Dark Waters
09. 09'26" The Message

MFG's first departure from PURE GOA-TRANCE is a very, VERY melodic (with cinematic-esque overtures at times), thoughtful, and unexpectedly solid and beautiful PSYTRANCE album. A part of me does miss the Goa heavy influence. At least something feels missing. Maybe it's that spiritual element that Seraph mentioned. The magic of youth? I don't know. But I love that this is NO ordinary Psytrance album either! It's engagingly emotive at times (Tracks 1, 2, 3, 9), complex (3, 5, 8), and contemplative (2, 9). There are some stand out, powerful moments. But the trip this time around lacks the playfulness, eager energy, and complexity of their previous albums. They've matured in some ways. Their sound is smoother than ever. Production values are excellent. It's just not PURE GOA anymore.This is a melodic Psytrance album with touches of Goa/Goa influence. The emotive (warmer, more euphoric at times) factor beginning with Have A Nice Day is excellent. I just have to be in the mood to appreciate MFG's psytrance over Goa approach with this album. In enjoying it for what it is, I think many will enjoy it, and if I were to rate the song's, it would look something like this--

01. Have A Nice Day - B+
02. Wonderland - A-
03. Brainwaves - B+
04. Walking On Ice - B+ / A-
05. Free Like God (New Version) - A-
06. 08'20" Rise And Fall - B+
07. 08'17" Welcome To The Edge - B+
08. 09'06" Dark Waters - A-
09. 09'26" The Message - A


This is a great PSYTRANCE album. MFG started out in the shadow of Astral Projection, but they broke out with their second and most definitely their radical third album. This is a mature, emotive, and passionately produced release. It's unique and has aged well since 2000. I do agree that it lacks a certain magnetic, playful energy. The album feels a little more digital at times, and that may be their shift from Goa to Psy. I simply hope others can enjoy this for what it is, not expecting a Goa follow up to the style of Project Genesis, let alone any of their past three classics. MFG didn't lower their standards to produce a conventional full on trance album. In stead they created a Psytrance hybrid of sorts and the result is a melodic, unique, trance-y, and engaging album with some exciting surprises, great usage of samples and musical TUNES, buildups, and climaxes. Oh, and there IS Goa influence regarding some of the mixing and synths incorporated into the Psytrance. And the last track is excellent!

Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9


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When is album was released in hte year 2000 it was a very big change for what was going on and released at that time.


i agree that it might not be thier best album, but there are some tracks that i enjoy to listen anytime like:feel like god, wonderland, dark water, brainwaves, the message...


i think there is no place to compare that album to thier next one released in 2006, "Message from god", its kind of a diffrent trance style, but it can be honestly said that Message from god has some realy goa touches but the rest of the album is almost blend full on.


it will be a great surprise if Guy and Aharon will surprise us with another album... it will make me very happy!


im sure it will make all of us very happy :)

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  • 2 years later...

What is this!? I hated this album with every inch of me when I started realizing the perfection of the MFG Trilogy! Somehow, somewhere, I found myself liking this. It's a far cry from the true MFG genius, but this album feels more like a crossover of MFG, the 2000 techno/minimal sound and Oforia. There's not that much substance but it oddly enough is still very good. Everything is pumping and the atmospheres are quite vivid. Melodies aren't deep or complex but they are MFG melodies. I must take some deeper listens I guess. With that note I also think the full-on album is quite good by full-on standards - it's not a massive fail like the Total Eclipse and Pleiadians full-on tries.

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  • 3 weeks later...

True, it stands up well as an MFG album , however their latest one , Message From God, is unfortunately a failure , and that's sad for me to admit since they are my favourite goa project ... The Prophecy, New Kind Of World, Project Genesis, The Message are classics/must-listen IMO.

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Artist: MFG

Title: The Message

Label: Phonokol

Date: February, 2001


1. Have A Nice Day

2. Wonderland

3. Brainwaves

4. Walking On Ice

5. Feels Like God (New Version)

6. Rise & Fall

7. Welcome To The Edge

8. Dark Waters

9. The Message


"Hi. A sinister flying pod has just entered the Earth's atmosphere. Seconds remain before certain death rains from the heavens."


Said every Pakistani villager. Yeah we call those drones. I'm piloting one from my basement right now. "Learn your geography Michael, you'll need it some day!" they said. Whatever.


Joystick - $10

Monitor - $100

Ensuring that generations of Muslims despise America for all eternity - Priceless.


Aharon Segal (no relation to Steven) and Guy Zurkel (no relation to...your mom. Maybe) have played second fiddle to the eternal procrastinators known as Astral Projection for as long as I can remember. Justified or no, these guys are masters in their own right. Their previous 3 albums were as goa as it gets, but with this one as this thread has illustrated is a bit of a departure from that direction. Sure there is still a goa flavor, but they morphed their style due to the direction that psytrance had taken at the time. Melodic? Of course, but don't break out the camel to make it across the Sahara as this isn't that kind of goa.


First off these guys know how to use a sample. Ben Stein's deadpan delivery on Have a Nice Day to THE Matrix sample in Wonderland that even my na-na used in a home movie is well placed and adds to the tracks. The beats hit with power in a more full-on style and give an insight as to what they will do on 2006's Message From God. While not as cosmic in scope as Astral was, I appreciate their ability to set a tone. The whole album is dark and brooding with plenty of acidic leads and moody synths. My favorite? Dark Waters and Welcome To The Edge. While it may not be a true goa album it is certainly a fantastic psytrance classic IMO. MFG should stand for Mutha F*cking Gangstas. Bombs away!




Oh. Uhhh...*drops joystick, crawls out Mom's basement window and hauls ass down the street*


"Not my fault! New Jersey was already like that!"



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