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  1. The information came from here .. and yes, I do realise it might be wrong. But ... I'm quite active on that site - It takes 4 votes from moderators who are suppose to authenticate the data before allowing it into the database. So I find it hard to see that it doesn't exist ... unless ofcourse there is multiple human error involved here. Anyway ... Could you please tell me which CD's it (and any of the other psy remixes mentioned above) were released on ? Thanks again.
  2. Greetings. I'm looking for the Eskimo Remix of Prodigy's 'Voodoo People'. I believe there is a 12" white label of this (with a Smack My Bitch Up [Guitars On Acid Remix] on the A side). Can anyone tell me when in '04 this was released and where can I buy it ? Then out of interest I'd like to know about the other remixes. On which labels are those released, or are they not available on vinyl ? Eskimo Remix / Parasense Remix / Paranormal Attack Remix / Dado vs Shanti Remix / Skazi Remix (??) Thanks for your time.
  3. DVF

    MFG - The Message

    Bought it the other day - been listening to it non-stop (not saying I like it ... yet) - I most definately prefer New kind of World to this one ... I don't think this CD is crap, but I do think New Kind Of World is much more musically apealing - at least to ME. Some nice tracks, and some on the boring monotone (maybe to relaxed) side ... 7.5/10
  4. DVF

    Koxbox - The Great Unknown

    funky, but not psy enough for me ... good producing though ... hence the 6/10
  5. DVF

    V/A - Assassi-Nations

    interesting, though I must say that Cowboy track is a pile of shit ! Anoyed the living crap outa me ... but the rest is rather wicked ! Liked it. 7/10
  6. Yeah - echoe echoe echoe echoe echoe echoe ... It's awesome !! I like the production, layout and samples ! Some wicked wicked tracks and some not so wicked - but overall I reckon it's a must buy !! 8/10 !!
  7. DVF

    MFG - New Kind Of World

    How awesome can producing, outlay and engineering get ???!!! How f@cking wicked is this album - blew me apart !!!!!! A most definate 9/10
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