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  1. Yeap we doO all kind of psyke sound is broadcoast, depending on our mood (prog, dark, old school...) but i'm a goa lover so you may listen to old psyke sound many times in the next ones ! (look, this friday : Man with no name, Green nuns of the revolution ) 3°~
  2. Psychedelic Up2Date 05/05 on www.electrone.net Yo freaks, ElectrOne is a web radio dedicated to electronic music. We've convinced some people in there and the result is a regular live program 100% psychedelic trance. For the 4th, our guests were Miss Tick (Fat Form Rec) and 6ryl from XSI (MindControl Rec). The 5th will occur this friday (8 to 11h30~noon) we welcome Lady 1000 Volts and DJ Sekoya (Eco6tem, 1000V crew)for 1hour set mix each. Before this, some good vibes to get prepared to our guest's mix : Tripswitch - Shamanic tea Etnoscope - Sunrise Huxflux - Numbers Infected mushroom - psycho live mix GNOTR – Octofunk MWNN – Lights out Penta – Neurotic call Pigs in space - Visitors part one Elixir - Spiral 3 remix BPC - Cyclothimic All this on www.electrone.net from 8pm And for more psychedelic sound on ElectrOne.net, connect every sunday 11pm - 1 am
  3. Thanks people hope you'll listen to us and have a good psykedeliktime !!
  4. Hi psypeople !!! www.electrone.net is an electronic wab radio. Next friday evening (02/25) from 8 to 10 a special event will occure : the psykedelik before !! th egoal of this new program is to make people discover psytrance & trance-goa... here's the tracklisiting : Part 1 Welcome to the PsykedeliK Apero 1) ANDROCELL - Hash Bazaar ou Plant Life 2) ELECTRIC UNIVERSE - one line information ou one love* 3) MWNN - jack in the box 4) ASIA 2001 - Vertige 5) MFG - Sunshine Part 2 The experimental fury 6) JUNO REACTOR - Conga Fury 7) PSYSEX - Experimental Procedure ou Altered States (coco loco rmx) 8 ) ESKIMO - Take a Look Out There Part 3 Psychedelic progressive attack 9) ATMOS - the only process 10) SBK - mitlid express 11) ELEMENT - coldcut INTERLUDE 12) LOGIC BOMB - shadow of the beast Part 4 feeling the infection functionning 13) JUNO REACTOR - feel the universe ( kox box rmx) 14) INFECTED MUSHROOM - Bombat 15) COSMOSIS - Kinda Weirda Part 5 End trip 16) ASTRIX - Massive Activity 17) SHAKTA - Silicon Trip 18 ) ETNICA - trip tonite
  5. nobody will read this because there too much opinions here...Strange album, nice but not magical as were the Gathering and Classical. Where are the Infected melodies ?
  6. Taken in a funkus munkus, people and androids can fly...nothing is more powerful than the sound of this comp.
  7. karcarman

    Juno Reactor - Shango

    Shango has his own style...It's original, peaceful, all that you want but for me THIS IS NOT TRANCEGOA AT ALL !!!
  8. karcarman

    MFG - The Message

    Disappointed by the message, but Wonderland is really powerful...
  9. Excellent compilation with Magical Tracks : Rotorblade, Jack in the Box, the Rezwalker, microdrive, trip tonite, enlighted evolution, ring of fire and ONE LOVE !!! One love can be a reason in itself to get Tantrance 2 ! Respect to electric universe, AP, MWNN, Hallucinogen, Transwave and Etnica. They Are GOA music !
  10. karcarman

    Pleiadians - IFO

    Nice album but that's all. Good melodies, powerful and efficient rythms but I don't like their sounds. Pretty cool album but not the best for me.
  11. Good album !! Best tracks for me are Land of freedom and Malaka Dance, but all the others are really good - maybe a little bit too similar -. Anyway, I really like Transwave's style.
  12. MWNN and Infected Mushroom rule the Universe. A group called Mushroom With No Name or Infected Man would be the best group ever... I'm so glad Martin made Teleportation with all these tracks I was expecting on a album which are magic, wonderful, the greatest in Goa. Now, I really hope he's going to make us some new tracks with no name.
  13. iiiiiI finally bought it...and I must say that there is nothing in this oscillation : I was wrong. No melody, no innovation...I hate this album, and also the compil' 'analogique', same kind of...stuff. Sorry for Dado but his tracks can't be compared to Transwave. 0.5/10
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