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MFG - The Message

Guest leon-p[at]zahav[dot]net[dot]il

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Guest leon-p[at]zahav[dot]net[dot]il

MFG - The Message


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Artist: MFG

Title: The Message

Label: Phonokol

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'20" Have A Nice Day

02. 09'19" Wonderland

03. 09'03" Brainwaves

04. 07'17" Walking On Ice

05. 09'22" Free Like God (New Version)

06. 08'20" Rise And Fall

07. 08'17" Welcome To The Edge

08. 09'06" Dark Waters

09. 09'26" The Message




i bought this one a couple of days ago and wanted to write a line or two about

it .

i don't want to spoil anyones fun so i'll be short and blunt .

i feel that with this one MFG completed a full circle on both personal and

musical levels (read the sleeve) .

it's all you can expect from MFG , the basslines , the melodies, the

psychedelic feel on every note .

and once it starts pumping you won't stop dancing .

it's not all made of a full on blasts and i found my subtle moments as well .

even if you not an MFG fan you will find something here .

some ppl said that this one is a new style, but i think that this is a

progression of the same style, but it's more mature .

the mixing, mastering and editing is brilliant .

78 minutes of pure joy .

my personal favorites are : t-1, t-2, t-3 , t-5, t-8

well thats all i can say now.

i won't start describing and praising every track just listen to it , it speaks

for itself .

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C-R-A-P !!! This album really sucks, honestly! I had high expectations when I

bought the album and I felt like a kid at christmas-eve on my way home. Then I

put the CD in the stereo, and what a disapointment. I listened through it once

and considered it being to weak. Then I thought I should listen to it once

again, without comparing it to "the prophecy" and the old albums. This time it

sounded horrible. Sorry, MFG didn't make it this time, it's fact. My favourite

tracks are: .... eh.... none! They all suck. Don't buy this one! It's a


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It's not the Project Genesis sound... But I think it's their best so far...

Basicly the very known MFG style and melodies, if you like it, check out this


In my opinion the best track is the last one, slow yet powerful and melodic,

great ending track. other good tracks are 1,3,7. 6.5/10

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Man...what is Fruma talking about

This album has to be one of the best this year

Those Key changes sound crazy... and all those sounds just fitting in... making

sense... and then those familiar sounds from previous tracks... I think this

is really good.. First listen and I couldnt sit down

I was on my feet.. So i think theres something wrong with you...

BUY this... a MUST in your collection if you want some quality subtle melodic

mayhem 9.5/10


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Guest koirraaah

The worst yet from MFG.

Every track is the same: simple beginning, a couple of crap speech samples,

then 4 minutes of boredom. The last few minutes are better. This is like "the

unreleased MFG protracker experiments from 1992" but with better sound. Sorry.

I wanted dark Project Genesis sound, not this soft crap. Not awful but not

great either.

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Guest Goa Spirit

o.k. i like this release... straight from the first track its nice and driving

.. yet not crazy.. typical mfg --- new kind of world etc... that deep dark

bassline in all tracks tends to make it a bit repetitive... but overall this

is a typical nice release from our israeli friends... keep the faith...


bom.. rating 8/10..

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Guest Isra-Alien

They became kinda serious here...: in the thanks list they first thanks

god..... and the inside the booklet there's a big greeting to him also...

whatever... but nevermind. I expected a peak from MFG, and I got this... don't

get me worng, it's good, but I wanted more =) it doesn't sound like their

earlier stuff, but a group needs to grow, of course. It's reminds me Cosmosis'

latest - mature trance. And from where the heck the guitars came..?

Eventually, grab it! =)

PS: the cover says "Published by Phonokol ltd. 2001"... shoot me, but aren't

still in 2000...?

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Guest SuttoXXX

I can't see how anybody could possibly not like this CD. If you like GOA, then

you like this CD. That is that. This is masterful work. I would have to put

it behind The Prophecy and New Kind of World, but WELL ahead of Project

Genesis. Very tight production here, all tracks are well done, alot of

attention to detail. I can't pick out a track that I didn't like. I give it

an 8.5/10. Anyone who doesn't like this album is not a true GOA fan. Enough


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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Hmmm... Have "Welcome To The Edge" on DG10 and it truly sucks actually.. Not

quite what I expected. The track itself sound cheap and boring. My

expectations are not very high but I hope the album satisfies me anyway!

They've never let me down before since they are among my favorites and New

Kind of World is probably one of the best there is.

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Guest nafchan[at]luukku[dot]com

I think this is the best MFG release so far, although The Prophecy kicks ass

too. This album hasn't got the typical machine sounding basslines as clearly

as in The Prophecy (I god damn love em!), but there's something new: Some soft

strings, better structure in the songs, more mature melodies, but also

something from Project Genesis, those whole note scale transpositions. (uh? I

don't know the term correctly, but I guess you know what I mean?) But they

don't sound so cheesy as in Project Genesis. And if someone still comes and

claims that MFG is morning trance, he can find himself in a trashcan, deep in

some dark slimy alley of a forgotten city! ;) This CD has some dark and maybe

a bit sad songs! I liked everyone of them, but tracks 1, 3, 7 and 9 are the

best ones I guess.

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Finally, I've received this album...I've already listened to "Wonderland" and

"Dark Waters" (Trance Memory 2).

The cd begins with "Have A Nice Day", a perfect track with typical MFG power.

Then you have to dance like a mad with "Wonderland", perhaps a little to

repetitive but I love this track, we can heard "Have You Ever Had A Dream?".

My answer is "Yes" with this track and all the tracks of the album!

"Brainwaves : not my favourite here, however the sounds have gone to my brain

and I feel even better than before! This kind of music allows me to forget my

worries! "Walking On Ice": MFG = Message For God, so you may have understand

the meaning of this title..., marvellous track. "Feel Like God", I don't know

this sensation (not yet!!), just listen to and fly.

"Rise & Fall": beautiful , a fantastic atmosphere is given off. "Welcome To The

Edge": the final would have been more worked! "Dark Waters": the reference,

certainly the best track from this album. I remember when they played it last

year near Paris, it was absolutely fabulous. "The Message": ambiant track, the

title that you have to listen to!

I give it 8/10! Bye it!


Bom Shankar !

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typical mfg style, but new and improved. people are saying mfg are old, or

whatever. well, dark soho is being praised on this board as the new kings of

trance, but to me they sound soo silly with their 3-note melodies, trying to

scare people. sorry, it doesn't work. when i listen to mfg, i can hear the

difference in quality. maybe you don't like their style, whatever, but you

have to admit their music is much more professional: the melodies are mature,

great harmonies, nothing is out of place. to me this album is a winner, and

actually the first i liked from mfg

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Guest smokeBuddha

This album leaves a lot desired. It just doesn't have enough there to keep me

listening for longer than 5-10 minutes. There are a couple songs on it that I

like though, so I give it 4/10.

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Guest jperzzon[at]telia[dot]com

this is the proof of that the class MFG had on their two first albums is gone

and its gone forever! Listen to THe prophecy and new kind of world instead and

you know what I mean. From the third record "project genesis" and to this they

have lost their brilliant skill making hard and psychedelic tracks! MFG is

like AP, the first years they keep the inspiration, then they lost it but

can't accept it and stop making music! SO please, start making excellent

tracks or stop making this kind of shit....//Qwato (x-member of this crew)

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Guest Thunder.k[at]wanadoo[dot]fr

It's good album with the true goa sound.

If you like the beginning of Astral projection, you like this.

For me, I love the track 9, it's very melodic.

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Guest Goa Spirit

When i first reviewed this album i had only given it a quick couple of

hearings... now that i have given a deep listen to it, i have actually

understood the brilliance of this one.. mfg give us an amazing album in the

spirit of true 'goa' trance. Great from the start to the end. thoughtfully

constructed tracks following a definite pattern, the amazing goa rythm in this

album.. in the style of the early ap releases... music mor the mind and body..

a real gem.. the above mixed reviews are understandable because to appreciate

this album one has to enjoy goa trance. And just like goa heads react strongly

to minimal releases the opposite also probably works. So if you like the

israeli goa style you must give this a listen...

IMO - after a long time i have heard an album which has moved me in a way this

one has, this one has heart,, (the sample in track 5 is just so perfectly

put). Great job guys...

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Guest Vir2alExp

Not as good as i were hopping for, the matrix track is great(2) but the rest is

crap (Sorry Guy z) This just isen't my style i can't compare this album to the

atohers cus' i dont have the others, this album is too morning style(Dont like

morning music only mysticas Fast tracks) for my taste. 5/10

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Guest Slidingtrancer

This is the odd one out of the series. If you are stuck on project genesis and

new kind of world, you might feel ripped off. But the important thing is the

music, no matter what the style is. The music is brilliant, nice layers, nice

textures, pounding kick. It really picks you up and never lets go until the cd

stops. I think this is an underestimated album, partly because it is not the

old MFG here. MFG bring something fresh tho', something more structured than i

felt New Kind Of World was, nicely produced and written and suitable for

dancing as well as listening. This is an album to explore, there are many

things going on in the tracks....... I'd give it an 9/10

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Guest isralien

this one is great... israel power .. especially track 5... would love to hear

that one at a party.. its got an amazing groove only israel influenced

trancers will understand... the craziness and bliss in the mornings at goa is

captured amazingly.... and if you find this cheesy, well then i respect that,

but you have a lot to learn then,,, tizlam..

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