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MFG - The Message

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Welcome to fuckin Wonderland untill you reach the Dark Waters.... need one say more ?

Well over the half of these tracks are classics imho. It is also the best from this artist. The 1st one is now to "classic goa" for me and sounds thin, 2nd one way better, 3rd one also a classic but suffers from bad production, 4th one (=this) has one of the best productions - especially when it comes to the low end. And the kick is not thin like in our modern psy days (but why can not newer producers not at least try their best to come close to this work here?). This is a BASSline album too ! The 5th one I needed to re-listen but remember it did not grab me much

Dark Waters has samples from "A Thin Red Line" which also shows these guys have a good taste in movies :) This track just does not age at all it seems ... AND when an artist can afford to end an album with "The Message" where others would put their weaker tracks I guess. But yes, the critics may be right, that some songs are a bit too long before the main part(s) arrive

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I always thought this album was a drop in quality compared to the first 3 classics by MFG.

But I've been listening to it more recently and think it has some really great tracks. For me Dark Waters is the standout with a beautiful and emotional progression. There's melancholy in this track which isn't really felt elsewhere in MFG's work.

When I think of all goa artists, MFG probably are my favourite. Every album is different and their production is so atmospheric and unique. And rather than seeing The Message as the end, I now see it as being the final step of MFG's development, perhaps not as stunning as earlier work but still strong and still experimental in its own way.

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