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Ghreg on Earth - Sigilweaver (Wirikuta/MoE)


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I love this album! Of the "darker" artist's releases in 2005, this is my favorit together with Derango - Tumult... And I really dig that Industrial influence that effects the whole album, really nice and not so often heard!!! Frikking nice!

One thing is... that "crunchy" breakdown he uses might be a bit overused, almost every track has it a few times... Its really is one of the defining aspects of Ghreg On Earth's sound, but just used very much during the whole extend of the album.... :unsure: just a small thing really!

Its brilliant stuff! ;)


The almost hidden melodies around in the tracks just gives me goosebumps! Mind-teaser! :D


Together with Quasar - One day the best release to leave the Mistress Of Evil den (even though its released by Wirikuta) ;)

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I'm a Johnny come lately to this album, as I am nervous about jumping into darkpsy with the cliche bassline and random weirdness along with lack of melodies. SA psytrance is usually about as dark as I go. For me the intros were the best part. Very deep and eerie, providing a very dark and scary vibe. It would be awesome if he did a Dark Ambient album. Like all have said before, it falls into the trap that a lot of darkpsy does: lack of variation. Nonetheless, because he furnishes breaks in his tracks I believe it is more accessible than the relentless pound you in the skull scary music.


So for me, it is not bad for a DarkPsy album. Good work.



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This is such an album that I can easily see being perceived as the very fabric of space-time if played under the influence of a psychedelic.


The mastering sucks completely though. Either that or this guy doesn't have a clue about mixing. The bass is just too quiet and the intros are very loud. Makes no sense.

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Finally got to this album almost two decades later...

Wow, The Invisible College and Quintessence Unfurls are mindblowing to my ear. These tracks are so subtle, with just enough melodic payoff to make them enjoyable for a more goa loving person. What strikes me about these tracks is that they are like puzzles that my brain can just about piece together as a coherent progression. Especially The Invisible College. The whole tracks builds up tension which is paid off from 6:30 then a brief return to the beautiful pads of the intro. The track is enigmatic, uncompromising, and not easy to pin down.

The other tracks may grow on me but the similar basslines wear me down pretty quickly, and as Jon Cocco pointed out a long time ago (I love going through his reviews even though I don't always agree with them), there aren't enough sweet payoffs or standout sections to really cling onto for me. But, I've always struggled with darkpsy for some reason, I find a small number of tracks utterly amazing and can't really bear a lot of the rest.

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Well, guys. I own the original CD and feel much like acid-brain, that some few tracks (at least moments) are aces, and some where spades / shit - and I found myself seldom listening to it just being overall dissapointed of it's hype thinking I was not hearing smth amazing (no never tripped to it, barelly smoked to it). But, and this is a small but meaningful but.. His Rework of this Album made me Much Better realize and respect his vision (Wrom, badass, on a powerful motorcycle / chopper): 


I would if you want this Sigilweaver album, skip the original release and go for the revisited one. My 2 cent without a better indepth description.


*I guess this is one of Ghost Rider's fav. O.S.T.

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