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Ghreg on Earth - Sigilweaver (Wirikuta/MoE)


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Artist: Ghreg on Earth




Label: Wirikiuta Records / Mistress of Evil Records


Web: www.wirikuta.at


Year: 2005


Format: CD


Posted Image




1. Table Of Contents

2. WithInfinite [144 BPM]

3. The Invisible College [144]

4. Sigilweaver [142]

5. Thoth Sphere [150]

6. Hex Vex Elixir [150]

7. Book Of Lies [145]

8. Siren Stars [148]

9. Quintessence Unfurls [145]



What's this about


The month is November and a nebulous object is rapidly descending through the gray sky, leaving a jag of thin contrail clouds in an otherwise dim an uneventful afternoon by the coasts of San Francisco , California . The local residents fearing an alien invasion have already notified the authorities, and they all expectantly wait the flying object to tumble down and reveal its passenger. The crowd that has gathered around the landing strip, gasps a sight of relief when a white man with long blond hair, reading glasses, and a grin from ear-to-ear comes out of the ship… just waving the peace sign, looking the part of an interplanetary, traveler-hippie kind of dude...


Ghreg on Earth, otherwise known as Phosphene, or simply ‘Ghreg' as his mates call him, has been previously featured in Soular, Timecode, Mistress of Evil, Innersound records and Spectral Concepts. In his journey for an original sound SigilWeaver, awakens magickal visions of dark gloomy tales, without the overuse of gurgling effects splashing everywhere. A cinematic adventure presenting ominous soundscape designs, power chords and fiery pulsations, coaxing the ear into a state of pure introspection. The 9-track debut forces the journey inwards, while the sharp turns unexpectedly surface in every corner.



Per-song break-down



1. Table Of Contents


Even though we are talking about a minute-long track, the sound is completely spectral surrounding you in its web of resonance, like a motion picture without really needing the video part. “Table of Contents” paves the introduction for the upcoming track, as a communion of the ancient occult with a high doze of glitchy industrial savoir flair.



2. WithInfinite *


Following the quick intro, “WithinInfinite” makes its presence stand out from the ambient prologue very quickly. The synth's rumble in riffs and for once in a long time, the bass seems to have a little movement and diversity complementing the track, instead of twitching on the same notes until the cows come home. The effects drifting in the periphery maintain a gloomy atmosfear. It is best to get used to it by this point, cause it might morph, but it doesn't really go away.



3. The Invisible College *


Where do the young magicians go when they graduate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft? That's right to "The Invisible College". That being said, this is definitely not PG material, unless you happened to grow up in Rosemary's crib. The wings haven't really unfurled all the way yet, but it's caustic enough, well churned and damn heavy. Effects rain with distortion, guitars whimper and voices roar. They school you with growls passing through a combo of filters, not forgetting to mention this is still stomping material.



4. Sigilweaver *


When you find a track with the album's title it is expected to be a highlight, or in the least you hope it will carry the all-encompassing theme. Well it does not disappoint. The use of alternative sound banks to create a mysterious environment, without resorting to the usual suspects seems to work here. Such is the case with the chimes pouring here and there. Once again the voice sampling is very ghostly, confusing the ear even more to the whole picture, instead of drifting attention to the words. It remains very psy at the same time, in tuneful but metal sort of way. Something strange occurs at around the 6th minute, is like an intentional skip… I think…



5. Thoth Sphere *


Using the same shock tactics Skinny Puppy or Front 242 relied on back in the day, the sphere delivers a form of subversive communication, in a way that is never forgotten. What's the message? "Fire, humanity, frequency, preparation, active DNA" Heavy stuff. Once again the order of the day is a series of shrieks that melt with real screams, as if the poor bastard was having his appendix removed. I really like the beat which overall is fast as hell, but warm and funky, mutating all the time.



6. Hex Vex Elixir


Glitchy sampling loaded with an impressive roster of sounds, dragging out a slow intro. I get the feeling of being in slow motion for most of the way, only to leap forward in the “water of life”. An alternative rhythm comes in at around the 4th minute… but even so, it always feels like a really long break. Experimental stuff in deed, without any hints of predictability. A bit too diffused in an IDM'ish kind of way, which works like a double edged sword throughout, helping in a few parts and loosing cohesion in others.



7. Book Of Lies *


The “Book of Lies” is a hefty and I mean hefty tome, bridging a number of different themes in less than nine minutes. The good part is personally the swelling riff after the break… trashed with a Crungey Crunch, pumping that Boxboro vintage Amp until the tubes explode. The dusky lead appears later on as the listener is completely immersed in the web of sound.



8. Siren Stars


The progression of the “Siren Star” makes most descriptions useless. I love how the delays smear on the walls indefinitely, stretching the fabric of time. After all "I find the unusual spectrum of the siren star quite - pleasing." As well.



9. Quintessence Unfurls *


Ghreg closes the book with my personal stand out. In this last chapter he has saved all the best trills and arpeggios hinting Goa, while the overall premise is in deed… quintessence. Great use of original FX as it has been the norm throughout. The climax alone is worth checking out. It would have been interesting to see this particular sound seep a bit more on to the other tracks, as the outcome is truly magickal.


* Favourites



All and all


Skipping all laureate pretexts, funky graphics, or evil track names, the album delivers straightforward dark trance influenced by the industrial wave of the old days, a lot of riffs and a doze of psygressive here and there. The unique home-baked style sounds like a hybrid of metal trance, with an uncompromising attention to detail, giving a different outlook to the usual psychedelic imagery. If you find yourself thinking of the apple pie with these qualities, then grab a fork and enjoy... in excess.



Where to get


PsyShop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/wir/wir1cd004.html


Saiko Samples: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=4741


Wirikuta: http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...howDetail=77975



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With this album... finally someone put the EVIL back in darkpsy... this is not lame horror sample totally not dark/scary darkpsy/trance but its all for REAL this time, heavy laden dark/evil synth work and industrial elements... great album! not commercial at all.. never!


i wrote a review in dutch:



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beautiful album

got it yesterday,good impression at the first listening...if you like industrial/experimental stuff this is not going to disappoint you...monster synths,noisy percussions,haunted ambiences...like NT said this is an exception on the sea of "dark wanna-be's"...highly recommeded

gonna listen a few more times and then try to make a track-by-track review :)

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beautiful album

got it yesterday,good impression at the first listening...if you like industrial/experimental stuff this is not going to disappoint you...monster synths,noisy percussions,haunted ambiences...like NT said this is an exception on the sea of "dark wanna-be's"...highly recommeded

gonna listen a few more times and then try to make a track-by-track review :)


nice man, go for it, is always good to hear what people, that actually produce this kind of music have to say ;)

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this is very interesting stuff. I would say this is better for home listening than for dancing. An extremely atmospheric and dark (dark without cheese here) Industrial Psy album. It won't beat my '05 Psy Favorite "Tumult" by Derango, but its getting quite close. Will comment more when I had the time to listen more.

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This is IMO the most original and psychedelic music that been released in a long time.


It sure makes me dance like crazy, and I'm sure it drives the crowd nuts nightime in the typical forest/jungle party just like his earlier tracks.

Listening at home to dark is not really my cuppa, and in that sense this album don't fare any better. If I play it loud I just want to dance, and as background when doing things at home industrial dance music just don't work for me.


The depth and grit in the production is one step beyond everything else in this scene, and the basslines has their own style, something that is extremly unusual nowadays, both in "darkpsy" and full-on.

It reminds me very much of my roots, and the roots of dark psychedelic dance music and acts like Skinny Puppy, A Split Second, Frontline Assembly etc.

I know a few producers, including myself, that have been very inspired from those acts, but nothing I heard comes close before to match that very delicate mix of grit, power, depth and beauty.


So hat's of to Ghreg.

This release confirmed the expectations I expressed in the promotional thread.

This is the best release this side of the millenium so far IMO.

I never ever called something the release of the year before.....but with this one I could just keep going on about how extraordinarily good it is.

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Extreme tunes indeed. Absolutely huge sounding. Dark, pounding and industrial strength.


Some trax remind me of The Delta or Spirallianz. But this is unique work.


Great to hear something that is truly menacing, truly dark music.


Mastered by Mr Petrick also, imagine those two cooking up the madness together. fark.


Brilliant stuff and a massive thanks to ghreg on earth for his stunning tunes.




nice rev RAH.

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this is very interesting stuff. I would say this is better for home listening than for dancing.


i had a great time at a party with ghreg performing. i danced quite a lot.



liked it even better than derango performing 3 weeks later... dunno why.

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This album blowed up my mind!

Really incredible music, it has everything we need, thats what i call an Album, because those things are important did you know that? :ph34r:


Congrats to the Gregh


He made an beatiful and conceptual album so depth and inteligent

exactily what we were looking for

Hell.... it made me forget about Derango for a while.. it has toped Derango :blink:

I dindt see it coming....

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Some trax remind me of The Delta or Spirallianz. But this is unique work.





Some synth works sounds so much like the old Spirallianz indeed


also, all that really- deep-with some real good bass-atmospherics- like- hell thing... sounds like The Delta ;)

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  • 1 month later...

Based on the G.O.E. samples, I like it. Finally some meat to go along with the potatoes. Almost all other dark psytrance albums I've sampled this year don't sound right, like teases, appetizers, as if "trying" to be dark, which comes off as not scary or cool, just lame or weak an disappointing.


Track 3, The Invisible College sounds very catchy. I like the little tunes and melodies existent in Sigilweaver and Thoth Sphere. Although several tracks seem to stand out more than the rest in terms of what I consider "better" the album seems to avoid fillers, which is nice if it's true. Where is any artists passion in creating fillers? *Pshhh.*


While a bit heavy at times, it retains this brooding tone and change-up in sounds and song direction that I find interesting, rather than mixing just a bunch of noise or demented, twisted sounds around a kickdrum. The tone sounds strong and condident. The album has character and arresting moments, but unfortunately those moments are more subtle; some elements or rare "surprise" moments that jump out and "whoa" the listener would have been nice. Nevertheless, this is VERY dark psytrance. The overall tone seems industrial, (maybe even gothic) through-out. Absolutely perfect for church. :D


I can't think of one 2005 dark psytrance album I considered great or even good. The only other dark psytrance 2005 album I got in that year was Megalopsy: The Abstract Machine, which I found decent, had some pretty good parts, and overall I didn't find it THAT dark or very good either.


Ghreg on Earth may be one of the big surprises of 2005 yet. It seems to have snuck up on everyone.

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Ok, here goes! I'm actually writing a review to this!

This is my very first full review in Psynews I believe... I hope it's helpful.


Before deciding to listen the album I knew two things about it:

1) It's dark

2) It's hyped


Actually before I listened to this album I had already heard a few compilation tracks by Ghreg on Earth and they were quite nice. So my expectations were high. Not too high, since darkpsy is not my nr1 genre, but still high.


The album pic is already given, so I'll add a pic about Ghreg himself:

Posted Image


Ok. To the tracks:


1) Table of Contents

Intro track, nothing much to say. It's dark ambient I guess, thus totally fitting and let's the listener know what mood to expect...


2) Withinfinite

A bit more interestingly structured basslines than the usual darkpsy bass that has been adaoted from the notorious full-on bassline. Don't get me wrong, the kbbb kbbb is still present, but there are other bass layers that make it more interesting. Otherwise it's quite noisy track and there are no melodies until the very end part. It's a decent track, but not a highlight for me. The end is quite powerful however, so it's definately no filler.


3) The Invisible College

From what I have noticed from numerous psynews posts this tends to be a favourite for several people. The atmosphere is more subtle than in the previous track, which is nice, but in this subtlety (misspell? :rolleyes: ) lies something quite powerful. In the end of the second minute we are introduced a weird melody which is quite minimal, variating only a few keys, but it's effective in given atmosphere. Many gloomy layers are added, both pads/strings/whatever and effects. There is also some electric-guitarish sound, but it sounds really twisted and good. (no Skazi for sure... sorry, had to add that :lol: ). The power and atmosphere somewhat diminishes in the middle part for me, which is somewhat a shame, but every element Ghreg uses is still effective. In the 6th minute we can hear a guitarish noise sound, which might sound too chaotic, but it quite adds to the power of the track, so I think it's overall a good element. The bassline also varies a bit in the end of the 7th minute/start of the 8th minute. Overall this could be a highlight track for many people, but it's not my total favourite. One final note: awesome snares.


4) Sigilweaver

Awesome melodic intro with nice subtle, but spooky bells. ...but the intro is not for long, soon the track gains it's full speed and starts pounding. The track doesn't get me in the start (well, after the intro, which is great), although some nice percussion and effects are being used, but in the 4th minute where all power is unleashed I find it very enjoyable. But again, the power doesn't last for long and in the middle there is a more subtle (I like the word) part so that some power would be reserved for the end part. Another decent track, but not my favourtie and not as good as The Invisible College. However, it most probably has the best intro.


5) Thoth Sphere[Dajek's pick]

Very quiet intro... until a screeching noise cuts it off. I like the way how the beat starts - it's not straight 4/4 beats, but something more breakish. It seems like the track is winding itself up :) The distorted vocal samples are very nice too. Soon the atmosphere is enrichened by different elements that change constantly. Most notable element that I really like is a solo guitar (i guess) vibrating in a very high tone. Again, not a cheesy guitar, but a really good element. In the 4th minure we get again something that could be called a melody, but the line between a melody and non-melody is not very clear on this album :D In the 4th minute the track slows down (looks like the winding-up has tired out) and we get some vocal samples and very industrial breaks mixed with gloomy effects. A great breakdown. After that the track starst again subtley only with kick/bass and layers. A melodyish element can be heard again in a while and then the track starts gathering more layers of elements again. In the middle of the 8th minute a climax is starting to build. I really dig the vocal sample which goes something like "Fire, humanity, frequency, vibration. Fire, humanity, frequency, activate DNA!" Weird and seemingly pointless, but it sounds cool B) In the background there are now many layers of pads/effects, also a guitar. The bassline does some groovy changes too. The track ends subtley ( :)) with padlayers again. All in all I think this is my favourite track from the album.


6) Hex Vex Elixir

Quite long and noisy intro, it lasts over a minute. And then the track starts very quietly, again the beats seem to wind itselves up and the usual straight 4/4 is not introduced until the 3rd minute. From there on the track is filled with stuff quite familiar from previous tracks. In the end of the 4th minute there is a breakdown where the beats slow down again and even stop for a while. Some very quiet bells can be heard in the background. When the beats start again they are very slow and very good effects are used to enrichen (?) them. The beats stop again before returning to the normal speed in the middle of the 6th minute. In the 7th minute we are given a melodyish element again, which is welcomed by me. I'd call it a climax, and a really good one. Because of the funky (:P) use of slow beats and the climax I'd say this is one of the best tracks in the album, although the previous track is slightly cooler B) and more powerful. The end part features very nice (even beautiful, although very quiet) pads on top of a beatless festival of noises and effects. Which is nice.


7) Book of Lies

Again a nice intro, although this time it doesn't last for long. The track starts and goes on using similar elements to the previous tracks. At this point it is quite clear that there are no suprises in this album (which I dislike :( ) and the lack of variation is also already present and cal be felt. The breakdown in the beginning of the 6th minute is nice, but otherwise the track doesn't offer nothing special. It surely carries the atmosphere of the album and in the end it features some nice pads too, but overall I'd say it's the most-less-good (:P) track so far.


8) Siren Starts

A somewhat lighter intro with heavy use of hihats. But again, it doesn't last for long. This one features some nicely-cut layers of pads/choir samples. But at this time the album has become somewhat tiresome. Nothing strinkingly new, the same feeling as in every track... Definately not a highlight for me. It does feature a cool vocal sample though ("..no, I'm a live!") and some nice industrial breaks in a breakdown in the 5th minute.


9) Quintessence Unfurls

Well... actually the intro of this one is something slightly different. It features a subtle melody and has a somewhat lighter mood. However when the beat starts, it's again standard gloomy(a bit gothic?) atmosphere of the album. But the percussion and effects/layers used are slightly different or at least have a bit different feel than in the other tracks. Which is really good, because as I said, the previous few tracks were starting to get tiresome. The bassline is more funky than the standard darkpsy one (the one on one note that Ghreg usually uses too) and I think could work in an avarage Israeli-neo-full-on-shite-track as well, but on this album it sounds like a nice variation :D We get some melody-like elements again and some weird squeeky effects. In the beginning of the 7th minute there is some good melodylike thingy too, followed closely by a break filled with squeeky effects again. After the break the track goes quite deranged (in a good way). All in all a really good track, maybe the second best of the album.


So finally it is over. Let's make a conclusion:


Good sides of this album:

1) It's dark in a subtle way. It's not trying to kick your ass to prove how dark it is. It's just is dark. And gloomy. And a bit gothic if you wish.

2) It holds it's theme. No exceptions. It has a special feel and it carries throughout every single track.

3) It features melodies. Well, at least melodyish elements. Darkpsy needs melodies here and there and it's a fact! It's good Ghreg understands it.


Bad sides of this album:

1) It holds it's theme. No expections and no surprises.

2) ...because of that the album _can_ and probably will grow tiresome if listened for too much. Plus you might start cutting yourself again if you are emo/goth/both and really get into this stuff. :P

3) and ...because of that it's only decent in smaller doeses. As is all darkpsy. But if you are to get your regular dose of darkpsy, get this one! This _is_ a quality release after all.


Final words:

It's as dark as promised, it's as good as hyped (for me) and it doesn't dissapoint if you have heard Ghreg's previous work. However, it offers you only one mood and no surprises. The tracks that for me stand out at being a bit different (and thus better) are: Thoth Sphere (teh verry bestest), The Invisible College and Quintessence Unfurls.


So. What's the final mark? It's hard to choose between 7, 7.5 and 8, but since I am trying to be as objective (read: critical) as possible for me (I used to be one of those guys to tends to label everything decent 10/10) I'll give it 7/10.

(After all I gave Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini 8 in a discogs comment recently and this is one of my favourite trance albums.)


(PS. Sorry for the typos that I know are there and the funky use of English. I hope this review helped.)



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Edit: Update - I'm incorporating this (well what was this) short review into the full review on page two.

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  • 2 months later...

ah and to think I was about to miss out on this one completley... Personally I wasn't much impressed with GOE's former releases so I wasn't very keen on listening to a whole album by him. But then some people on this forum (including Ghreg himself lol) persuaded me to give it a try and I'm glad I did! Like Nightmare Trancer said, this finally puts back the dark atmospheres into dark psy. And track no. 8 oh man, it just hits you like a bullet train: you just have this VERY fast bassline (faster than the "usual" fast dark psy bassline) and layers and layers thrown in your face all throughout the track. It's simply incredible!!! also big thumbs up for the last track: uplifting melodies (yet not commercial...) on a dark trance bassline is clearly the way to go for monring trance IMO :)


Bottom line: if you are to buy but one dark psy album released in 05 then this is it. The best. Period. [EDIT: actually since I've written this review I've come across Psykovsky's debut album and that one sounded even better than this so I hand over the dark trance crown to Psykovsky ... but second-best of 2005 isn't that bad either :) ]

8,5/10 (I'm giving it "only" a 8,5/10 because all tracks sound almost the same, except for track 9. Sure this is dark psy but a little variation never hurt anyone, no? ;) )

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  • 1 month later...
Guest The Journey Man Project

Love it!! This is brilliant... it has enough of a goaish feel, the mastering is done brilliant by Mark Petrick and it has a very nice Xenomorph feel to it... love the industrial influences, this tickles me pink!! More Ghreg, More I say!!

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this ones gonna be playing for a long long time on my discman


enthrwalling enchanting mindsplitting music


almost hellishly sublime



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  • 5 months later...






Track list


1. Table Of Contents ... C+

2. WithInfinite ... B-

3. The Invisible College ... B+

4. Sigilweaver [142] ... B

5. Thoth Sphere [150] ... B

6. Hex Vex Elixir [150] ... B

7. Book Of Lies [145] ... B

8. Siren Stars [148] ... B

9. Quintessence Unfurls [145] ... B+



Finally. We finally have a solid dark Psytrance album that's good.


I really like this artist’s ability at mixing atmospheric sound-scapes (atmosphere combined with building up sounds) with good melodies and ambience. The industrial/metal influence really compliments the album.


I find Sigilweaver more enjoyable than Derango's Tumult album, which had some good parts; I overall found it lacking in melodies and just too noisy. It seemed like the artists were packing in as many psy-sounds as they could on Derango's debut. In doing so, the effect was more psychedelic, but occasionally messy sounding. It lacked melodies. Ghreg on Earths debut sounds more simple, yes, but more focused, clear, and coherent in comparison.


I didn't realize before that all tracks are continuous, meaning no two-second delay in-between songs. When I thought to still be on the opening track, after it finally changed it sound several times, I realized it was track 3. There are no shocks, crazy parts, surprises, (for me at least), or a sign that made me aware that the song changed. Sigilweaver's sound is more subtle in a sense; less powerful and aggressive sounding than most "good" dark psytrance I'm familiar with, and yet it works surprisingly well because it's a groovy dance up a continuous, catchy climb.


This album flows very well, but it also lacks moments of surprise and powerful climaxes, or moments of shock or awe. No track seem inconsistent with the style or tone. I found the voice samples enjoyable and well placed. The industrial feel (with minimal guitars if those are guitars in track 7) is generally haunting atmosphere coupled with effective ambient notes and catchy melodies.


Sigilweaver doesn't sound repetitive and boring like so much darkpsy today. Ghreg has a style and he's consistent about it. However, I feel there are few tracks that really stand out. I'm not saying any of them are bad... it's just that ... some songs seem to have much less character development than others. For example, when I listened to The Invisible College samples, it right away stood out to my ears.


Gripes / Weaknesses - More variaty in sounds and song structure, direction, (and design) may be a good thing to further explore for the follow-up. Few individual songs seem excellent by themselves. They're always a more or less catchy part connected to the area before and after it. Basically it would be awesome to hear some monster works, less focused on their individual terrain of sound like a cog in the wheel. It would be cool if the songs felt like they had more of a beginning, a middle, and an end. More surprises, twists and turns, UNEXPECTED parts would be awesome. The songs are generally good, dark and groovy but predictable for the most part. Nothing really exciting or different ever seems to take place within the same track once I've heard the first several minutes.



In Conclusion, while no specific song stands out to me as superb here, none are below average IMO. Many dark psytrance albums are rough and hard. Few are this strong, dark, and intriguing while creating this much atmosphere and melodies. Sigilweaver has grown nicely over time. It seems to be best listened to as a whole, but that can get tiresome as each track flows into the next without pause. Several songs may be great but most are good, few I find fairly good. I agree with those who have complained about variety. Some songs sound kind of similar, not enough variation in sounds, style, and texture (how both sound and style is delivered). Often times it's a distinct melody and/or middle transition which indentifies the song for me. Tracks 3 and 9 I find most distinct in sound and style. It helps that they're as catchy as they are. The songs blend into one another with such ease, smooth transition that the album may sound like one long track with lots of good (occasionally great) parts. I'm not complaining about the continuous mixing from track-to-track. I realize it's more club-friendly this way. Fortunately, even the more similar sounding songs change direction or develop past the middle duration to some degree. It's as if the artist knew he needed to change direction or the song would become repetitive. The voice samples work. The stressful female "No.. I'm Alive! reply during a voice sample in track 8 is eerie stuff...well done. I love the machine-like churning sounds in track 7 creating a type of melody per say. I also like when he skips the melody and ambience as if chopping it up. He does this in the middle of track 5 and else where in track 8. I don't know what this effect's called but it's very cool sounding. I look forward to a follow-up more powerful and flavorful that takes this up to the next level. I'd love to see more songs that stand out as whole, super songs. This is the best dark Psytrance album of 2005 in my opinion, (Yes, over Psykovsky) and one of my favorite albums of 2005.



Favorite tracks: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.




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I've never heard of Parkovsky. dont you mean Psykovsky?


Yes. Of course. :)
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