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  1. wow reger,massive review thank you very much!i did just a quick overall compression and EQ to make the track more listenable,i plan to work on it again ,specially on mixing and mastering once i get my broken monitor back ,i'll let you know about it!glad you enjoyed it and thanks once again.cheers!
  2. thanks for the comment serguei good luck for you too!
  3. great track!!i find it dark and funky also,and with a bit of tribal feeling,love it!production and sequences are very good and those synths with resonant filters fit perfectly. above all,it's different and that's more than enough to get you hooked on it since the first seconds,keep up the great work mate!all the best for your new project cheers
  4. thank you very much mr. ormion ,glad you liked it!
  5. some track i've made a few months back,hope you guys like it. http://rapidshare.com/files/74486723/krypt...x__mp3-320_.mp3
  6. IMO the "dark" label is overused nowdays.i would call most (if not all) of the recommendations here psychedelic trance because they don't sound dark at all to me (like kindzadza and electrypnose).stuff like datakult,ghreg on earth and xenomorph is what i consider pure dark psychedelic trance. show a kindzadza track to someone who listens to other kinds of "dark" music (like industrial,death/black metal) and not psytrance,and they will say it doesn't sound dark at all(done this many times,they even ask why people call it that way).the same won't happen with a xenomorph track. my 0.05$
  7. reger said it's ok to talk about male boobs everywere,except in the off topic section
  8. to listen: M-audio bx8 to produce: Adam p22 i dont agree
  9. ahah some really good ones here :D so true
  10. ahh i bet it is one of those vintage machines i would love to try one day.too bad yours got broken...
  11. you own /ever played one of these?
  12. live acts i've seen (the ones i enjoyed more): Penta Xenomorph Neuromotor Hyper Frequencies Hallucinogen S.U.N. project Zik/horror place Parasense Dark Soho Derango Highko Cosmosis Ghreg on Earth Shift Infected mushroom (back in 2002) Logic bomb played on the same party with : Dejan Electrypnose LAB Simian Kiriyama Kluster Dark psy N3xu5 Suria dj's: Ladic twist3d on3 talos Xama cirkus
  13. Colin's modular pwns. AppA,that's the Alesis Andromeda A6 i've been looking forward to get a ensoniq fizmo,but they're getting rare
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