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  1. yes tell him RAH said hi
  2. you know... they aren't the confiest in for long-time you use... and i have been reading the mid's are not as detailed as they could be, but if they are good enough for Ticon to use alongside AKG K-240 my guess is the box might be right when they call them 'pro monitoring'...
  3. yeah i tried email the passwd to my email but it didn't work
  4. this is so unfair.. i spammed three ways til sunday with my old account, and now... is gone... muhaaaaa... MUHAAAA!! hey mods, is there anyway you can rest the passwd from my RAH account, so that perhaps i can access it again as apparently i lost the passwd
  5. hmm to some degree you are right he is a weak/diffused in between child. I still think it's really low though. In practical terms think at what time of the night you would play this stuff... compare them (not to IFO - which i don't have cause i can't be bothered to pay 100 Euros for a cd i'm not interested about, but more like 'normal' dark psy of that time of the night... ) anyway... it's not bad as it was at 2 am last night -we all little cuckoo at that time
  6. [rant] man i have just been noticing either the levels or the mastering is really low on some tracks... take Demon’s Mother (7)... is that a kick!? where's the kick!!?? i know 'down tempo' that pounds a little harder you know?? i'm just really vexed cause it's a great tune, but there's no stabbing kicks... and it's freaking rolling you don't feel it... maybe is should go to bed [/rant]
  7. i have a strand of his hair kept away in a little box... i take it out everyday and just look it. from time, to time... i put under my pillow and i sleep better...
  8. let us know how it worked out for you... this would give me yet another reason not to buy from them again
  9. that is sooo messed up... contact the label, send them pictures and tell them psyshop send it to you like that... claiming it was the original... i've heard of shady stuff before but this takes the cake
  10. i'm sorry, but whhhaaaa?? super-agressive IM... i dunno.. there is harsher stuff from those days, Intact Instinct being one of them...
  11. Hey psycho, look in SAE, they got great courses. i hear they are bit expensive but i have a mate studying there (about to finish now) and he swears by them, the amount of stuff he learned is quite sizeable... and apprently they got real cool teachers.
  12. he didn't he was born with the gift... some say his first word was actually synth... which was more like finfth... cause at that age he couln't pronounce "sy" very well... time passed and by the age of 12 we was already compossing sonatas in an old casio and even by then he had already found a way to tweak the innerworkings of the machine to stretch the sound further than measely presets. It was also at that point he suffered an accident. Whilst tweaking his Casio, he forgot to unplugg it and a tremendous current passed through his body and that's how he ended up with that hair. The incident almost killed him, he was in shock for quite a while... when he finally came to it the first word he uttered was "shpongle" and like the say the rest is history
  13. Freaking - Nochnoy dozor (nowhereland) Mubali - Skilled Awakenings (invisible incursion) Electrynopse - GRRR v/a - Lyserg Lesson (pretty much the whole thing) Silent Horror - Nocturnal Wizard (hate) Phobium - 8 bit Future (hate) Megalopsy 'pachamama or juggling spheres Syntrax ' Reanimator (crazy goblins and wicked pixies) Dejavu project - Who will kill fucking bill" Kemic-al - xifajk (little devil) Mushy mistery terminator - kfsbk on submarine (hammering the gates of soul) Cactus - psych reaction (Mind games) Metalogic - Photon Flux KURO - Ion Park (Electroscopic) Platform - Back front (Electroscopic) i was bored
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