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  1. yes tell him RAH said hi
  2. you know... they aren't the confiest in for long-time you use... and i have been reading the mid's are not as detailed as they could be, but if they are good enough for Ticon to use alongside AKG K-240 my guess is the box might be right when they call them 'pro monitoring'...
  3. yeah i tried email the passwd to my email but it didn't work
  4. this is so unfair.. i spammed three ways til sunday with my old account, and now... is gone... muhaaaaa... MUHAAAA!! hey mods, is there anyway you can rest the passwd from my RAH account, so that perhaps i can access it again as apparently i lost the passwd
  5. hmm to some degree you are right he is a weak/diffused in between child. I still think it's really low though. In practical terms think at what time of the night you would play this stuff... compare them (not to IFO - which i don't have cause i can't be bothered to pay 100 Euros for a cd i'm not interested about, but more like 'normal' dark psy of that time of the night... ) anyway... it's not bad as it was at 2 am last night -we all little cuckoo at that time
  6. [rant] man i have just been noticing either the levels or the mastering is really low on some tracks... take Demon’s Mother (7)... is that a kick!? where's the kick!!?? i know 'down tempo' that pounds a little harder you know?? i'm just really vexed cause it's a great tune, but there's no stabbing kicks... and it's freaking rolling you don't feel it... maybe is should go to bed [/rant]
  7. i have a strand of his hair kept away in a little box... i take it out everyday and just look it. from time, to time... i put under my pillow and i sleep better...
  8. let us know how it worked out for you... this would give me yet another reason not to buy from them again
  9. that is sooo messed up... contact the label, send them pictures and tell them psyshop send it to you like that... claiming it was the original... i've heard of shady stuff before but this takes the cake
  10. i'm sorry, but whhhaaaa?? super-agressive IM... i dunno.. there is harsher stuff from those days, Intact Instinct being one of them...
  11. Hey psycho, look in SAE, they got great courses. i hear they are bit expensive but i have a mate studying there (about to finish now) and he swears by them, the amount of stuff he learned is quite sizeable... and apprently they got real cool teachers.
  12. he didn't he was born with the gift... some say his first word was actually synth... which was more like finfth... cause at that age he couln't pronounce "sy" very well... time passed and by the age of 12 we was already compossing sonatas in an old casio and even by then he had already found a way to tweak the innerworkings of the machine to stretch the sound further than measely presets. It was also at that point he suffered an accident. Whilst tweaking his Casio, he forgot to unplugg it and a tremendous current passed through his body and that's how he ended up with that hair. The incident almost killed him, he was in shock for quite a while... when he finally came to it the first word he uttered was "shpongle" and like the say the rest is history
  13. Freaking - Nochnoy dozor (nowhereland) Mubali - Skilled Awakenings (invisible incursion) Electrynopse - GRRR v/a - Lyserg Lesson (pretty much the whole thing) Silent Horror - Nocturnal Wizard (hate) Phobium - 8 bit Future (hate) Megalopsy 'pachamama or juggling spheres Syntrax ' Reanimator (crazy goblins and wicked pixies) Dejavu project - Who will kill fucking bill" Kemic-al - xifajk (little devil) Mushy mistery terminator - kfsbk on submarine (hammering the gates of soul) Cactus - psych reaction (Mind games) Metalogic - Photon Flux KURO - Ion Park (Electroscopic) Platform - Back front (Electroscopic) i was bored
  14. if you enjoyed it, i recommend v/A - Hate.. very strong collaboration on their track there...
  15. well either that or some old skinny puppy.. even easier to find these days Ghreg on Earth - SIGILWEAVER
  16. ok it was quake... either the first or the second: http://nothing.nin.net/s4.html getting the cd now seems rather impossible i would email ID soft, they included his score of the music even the trial version (which is the one i had), so i wouln't think it's such a big deal to try to hook ya up with it... it's pretty bleak, dark, industriual stuff... might serve you well
  17. hey you, know ... back in the day NIN did the score for some game in ID, i think it was an old doom, i don't remember which game was it to be honest... i had the CD... i used to listen to it when writting. It wasn't music as such, more like... industrial accompaniment to the game... i'm sorry i can't provide more details, but if you had the cd of the game you could play it as a normal music... ill try to remember.
  18. Compilation: Hate Label: Golden Dawn Records Year: 2005 Format: CD URL: www.sonic-energy.net/2006/1/compilation-hate.html 01. M.W.S - Hexenhammer [148 BPM's] 02. Candy Power - Terminator [150] 03. Oliphant - Quasar [148] 04. Alien Mental - Nukem [150] 05. Phobium - 8 bit future [148] 06. Alienation vs. M.I.T - Robo Terrorist [150] 07. Silent Horror - Nocturnal Wizard [150] 08. Peacespect vs. Dejan vs. Hishiryo - Fort Europa [150] 09. Savage Scream - Acid Clown [146] “The danger comes from people who refuse to recognize that there are dark sides of human nature that cannot be wished away by attributing them to the modern ills of culture, poverty, pathology or exposure to media violence. The danger comes from failing to gaze into the mirror and come to grips with the capacity for evil in all of us.” – David Buss. Glowing Flame is not feeling very lovey-dovey this time around and their primal instinct is appealing other emotions at hand. Much darker and moodier, encompassing the general feeling of the tracks presented. They don't call the label ‘apocalyptic psychedelic trance' for nothing. This is not about Shiva, world peace, nor about talking peyote in Mount Fuji . I'm not going to blame them for trying something slightly more original in the over-population of clichéd themes. The material is obviously for people who can stomach strong and harsh night-time tunes with a smile in their face. Would you raise an eyebrow if it was called “Love” instead? I didn't think so… 01. M.W.S - Hexenhammer * “My heart is filled with sorrow, but I can find no reason to contest the just sentence of the holy inquisition…” the excerpt comes from the flick “Name Der Rose” with Sean Connery, originally written as a book by Umberto Eco. In short, the book/movie talks about a small Benedictine Abbey in 1327 that believes the Apocalypse is coming, as monks keep mysteriously dying. As result they turn to salvation by fueling the inquisition, unjustly slaughtering even more pagans –mostly witches. The track is aptly named ‘Hexenhammer” by two Austrian DJ's: Natan & Shodan. A spooky number with industrial samples clanging with dust, wind howls and voices whimpering in the background. The track pulls a very hypnotic job with a truly eerie atmosphere added the demonic chanting crumbs, giving the ‘dark ages' a whole different meaning. Up front a warm kick relentlessly pounds alongside the synth, squelching those heathens right to hell… Burn! BURN! 02. Candy Power – Terminator Candy Power is a match made in heaven (or else), by Dominator and his girlfriend Katya Equilibrium. The rolling bass resembles a stampede of elephants rumbling from every other side in hectic disarray, trailing behind a tin-sounding can. In the middle everything grinds, gashing every texture of the "Terminator" with strange tonal experiments to the point of hearing cockatoos… but that might be me. They included samples from the governor with his do or die moniker “Hasta la vista, baby” and I couldn't agree more. 03. Oliphant – Quasar * Quasar is one half of the Fractal Cowboys as part of the influx of Californians. So far I have only heard the collaboration on Multiple Personalities and the Oliphant sounds just as strange. The leads undulate like a butterfly soaring aimlessly with mind-squashing filters on never end; continually pushing forward in their evolution. Complicating the sound even more we find the polyformic beats guarded closely by samples, which by now have formed their own little party in the corner. Overall this is just as crazy as it sounds… if you thought freeform jazz was complicated, a second brain is highly recommended for this one. 04. Alien Mental – Nukem * Lalith Rao another MoE resident coming from India, has internalized the whole Goa experienced only to spit it back in his new home, San Francisco. Bringing forth chaotic madness like it's becoming the norm in the sunny Cali Coasts. The pungent taste of Nukem, invites the listener to a post-apocalyptic future much like in the video game of Duke and the samples confirm the rumors. Full of sonic weavings in the likes of screams, sirens, blips, blops and “uhh… that's gotta hurt”. It's downright disturbing and somehow murky, without a lead to really define the madness. Impressive levels of detail and workmanship around the edges standout from this homage. Personally, a co-opt with Penta or at least a remix would be really interesting to hear… 05. Phobium - 8 bit future “The future has not been written, there is not fate but what we make of ourselves. – I wish I could believe that.” Says Neo in his world-famous Matrix sample. The steepest kicks in the lot fly high with uplifting grooves and a doze of good old fashioned distortion. The 8 Bit future is pretty much pounding all the way through with a few melodic highlights. The first sounds like an ancient videogame before it's corrupted to death by static. The second is a lounge-kind of atmosphere in the sixth minute that makes you wonder… why didn't he throw those bits a more often? In the meantime most the track is carried through by a hiss that increases intensity. I can appreciate the subtle changes in the track being a fan of minimal bit it feels a bit bare… 06. Alienation vs. M.I.T - Robo Terrorist * Alienation and M.I.T are three lurkers from the Mediterranean coasts: Gilis, Hilaris and Faitas (those crazy Greeks and their names). The Robo Terrorist claws as another disjointed piece of mayhem emanating strange, and I mean strange shit from all over the place. I can hear six hands on this – much like Shiva- but it's just too out there. Envelope pushing ‘trance' showing us the other side of the coin, whichever that might be. It picks up by the last part with mysterious viola samples taken from some Alfred Hitchcock movie, pulling itself together after a debauchery of senseless robotic dashes. I have split opinions about it. 07. Silent Horror - Nocturnal Wizard * Another bomb the size of Hiroshima drops on these hateful lands with the new Indian virtuoso. Opening with samples from the film The Omega Code which I missed and honestly don't regret doing so. As for the music Jigar Shah has already announced a debut album coming on Devil's Mind Records this year, promising pandemonium. “The Nocturnal Wizard” makes the hairs stand at the sheer amount of energy it's conveying. The engines are definitely hot and things have picked up in a climatic, apocalyptic, speed-infused mayhem that remains cohesive. “Is this the man who made the nations tremble?!” Yup, that's him… great stuff. 08. Peacespect vs. Dejan vs. Hishiryo - Fort Europa * An impressive collaboration of four demented heads together trashing on the last pick up of the ride. Interestingly enough, they pulled it off with a tidy number I can identify as passing through Hishiryo first with his Japanese voices and hypnotic effects, continuing with Peacespect and their maddening guitars included the political samples. Dejan is in there somewhere -not exactly sure where- and that's a good thing they can mix so indelibly. It all comes together very well, included the classy stringed bass break, but I'm not sure if the politically infused voices here aid a whole to the overall product. The monk chants on the higher ranges (which is turning real trendy, and I love it) sound an awful lot like opening titles of Halo. 09. Savage Scream - Acid Clown To close the book Mizuki Nishihata spawns his “Acid Clown” with a strange carnival-esque notes in the form of bells, melting away to the dissolving synth. From the top of my head I can only recall hearing Primal Scream in Crazy Goblins and Wicked Pixies and I wasn't terribly impressed with his work there either. It sounds a bit stagnant or slow in the progression. Step on the pedal chief, we got places to go and people to see! Trance is about repetition though and the aural web he constructed is carefully orchestrated. Take the bass line by the end throwing that that evil fit… juicy in deed. * Favorites All and all : Hate is a strong ride with a number of ups and downs fueled with a lot of hectic production. A number of clear standouts, while some others are just too damn crazy for me, I got to admit. If you bothered reading this far, chances you like what you read and can appreciate the underground vibe it excludes. Some will love to hate it this compilation, others will simply love it (oh the irony). If you made your mind before even checking out the track list please go back to your Spliff Music compilations*, there is nothing for you here. One day you might understand… * Notice the author has no qualms with actual spliffs. Where to Get: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=2423%20 http://www.wirikuta.at/web66/product_detai...wDetail=9975%20
  19. don't need to hear the samples to know it's going to pwn shpongle and his feeble attempts at world music already...
  20. i would ask NHJOHYENNRO homeboy is hooked up
  21. silly! it was great!!! tell me you didn't want the krull fresbie/knife throwing thing when you were ten, and i'll say you are lying
  22. loko! respect other people's opinions... we dont diss you when you come out saying scooter is the bomb... oh wait... yes we doo...
  23. Golikem - Atmadelica Wierdest freaking prog fusion i have come across in a while... it's tribal, it's prog, its trippy, it can be akward, but it's original Magnetrixx - Phase Shift This is one of the finest minimal /full on/prog albums ever... period... Planet BEN - test apparently people were not very fond of his 'test'... i was before he decided to go 'full on'. It's a loungey mixture of techno like beats seems rather minimal but on the dancefloor, tweaked well must do wonders... don't hear it often, don't even have it with me, but very interesting double album nevertheless. i liked it
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