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Things that ruined Psy Trance for you

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S.U.N. Project - Out Of My Brain (find it on their album Paranormal, 2000, or on VA - Goa-Head Vol. 12, 2001)


i used to like this one, a pretty crazy tune. strong quitar parts combined with psytrance kicks. i should go home and listen to it again, and see if i still like it. i hope i still have the cd.


I don't have that tune.


Edit: I have the album now.

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Personally, I don't think most of the mentioned stuff in this thread ruined the Goa/Psy Trance or scene.

For example, Psy 'Full-On' basslines can also be used to put together energetic tracks with good delicious vibes.

I see people complaining about 'hippies' while stating that PsyTrance should be mainly for and by open minded people. Right...

And although famous artists like AP, IM and GMS are maybe overhyped and mainstream, they still tend to produce stuff including alternative influences/inspiration.

Skazi is a case apart, which I will discuss later.


For now,

Warm greetings, and PLUR!

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- Commerzialisation in a way


- Too much music that sounds the same


-Rock star attitudes (read: Skaz,i IM)


-People behaving bad (fights etc)


- People like Radi


- Criminals getting involved in the scene... (And using their methods to mess with people)

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*edit by Anoebis: Radi, no need to use such a big font, IF you have a point... Explain it like a normal guy, thanks*

There happens to be very good full on out there. You generalise too much. Its what makes you an idiot really.

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11 pages of fullon bashing and olschool praising!!! yeeeeeah!!! :D:D:D


I wish I was born 10 years before I did. :)

How old are you?

I'm lucky, I'm not that old but I got into psy around 13 years old :)

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nop..... :( thats why I said I wanted to be born 10 years before I did...I missed the train....its loooong gone now... :ph34r::(

Yeah! You might be able to go to oldschool revival parties but you'll not be able to hear that moment of magic for the first time on the dancefloor (probably)
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