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  1. It sounded like a typical full-on album to me
  2. so... sup starlancer 8)?

  3. Mental Mountain (and most of the chill tracks ofcourse )
  4. Hey. i really dig this. :posford: Is there any tracklist?
  5. I didn't like it. It's true that the cosmosis style is there, and the man knows what he is doing. Technically it is a great album. But there is no creativity here (and i am not talking about innovation). I found the tracks boring and uninspiring. Nothing special about the melodies. Just plain and simple full-on. And btw, the leads in some tracks like Dance of the Cosmic Serpent remind me of greek nizonot (or however it is spelled) trance
  6. Just click on the "Discog" section, and if you click on an album you will see its description and a download link at the end (all albums are not downloadable, but most of them are).
  7. My personal favorite for sleeping Tom Heasley - Desert Triptych also, a favourite track is Star Sounds Orchestra - New Lyra (Mercury) (Kosmophonon), but it's not so much for sleeping, it's better before sleeping
  8. Maybe the wosth thing is people who bring negative vibes with saying that these discussions bring negative vibes. What? Can't we have an opinion? I don't have to make music in order to critisize it. I can critisize it as much as i want :posford:
  9. Check this thread http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?sh...p;hl=wonderland
  10. My thoughts exactly. Too simple, empty and monotonous
  11. Amazing album. I have been listening to it a lot lately
  12. After the disappointing Zodiac i don't expect much from him, to be honest. But i'll keep my ears open
  13. RESPECT to Khetzal :clapping: Corolle was great and the track Djaningar is one of my all-time classics.
  14. yea, they were rather cool about it. All we had to do was to ask
  15. Probably gonna be there but i don't know, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe on both days . Tha deijei. rest assured
  16. well, i'm not a firm supporter of capitalism anyway. The fact that i live in a capitalistic country doesn't mean that i agree with all it's rules. In fact i disagree with most of them. Will i follow them? Depends. It's not possible to not follow the system. But when there's a chance not to, i take it. Ofcourse downloading is stealing. I never argued with that. And downloaders don't care much about it.
  17. Ok, let's say i respect the artists, i want to support them etc The thing is, times have changed. It's not as if there are 10 albums every month. As i said, theres sooooooooo much music out there, if i wanted to support each and everyone of the artists i like, i would be broke instantly Music has become massive. And since it's so easy to obtain, you can hear new music everyday. Yes, there are albums you will hear many times and not throw them away, but still there are too many. Yea, i woke up today let's hear a happy morning tune, then i am tired let's put some chilling stuff. Afterwards i am n the car with friends, let's play something uplifting shit. Relaxing at night? Some melodic idm tracks will work nice. Or should i have beatless ambient playing will i'm sleeping? (and i could go on foreva...) You will say "support a few ones you choose". But then how will i hear all the other stuff? How about the few tracks i liked from that album though the rest of it was crap? I'll have to download. So i'm still a pirate, and piracy continious. Times have changed and so did the way we see music. EDIT: Oh, and something i forgot to say You do realize ofcourse that a great percentage (and an important one i'd say) are young people, student's who don't have an income except from their allowance. I don't expect them to buy cd's
  18. Man, you didn't get me. It doesn't matter if it is ridiculous or healthy or anything. It's a fact, a fact that doesn't give downloaders a reason to buy. That's what i'm trying to say.
  19. I will be sincere. I only download. I don't buy. But don’t judge the following from this. The thing is I have read this thread and there's nothing mentioned here, to make me want to buy (regardless if i do so or not). I don't care if i have it on cd or on mp3. I don't care about music quality so much (mp3 192kbps is more than enough for me, and most mp3's are of better quality). I don't care about having the booklet nor about the cover, i can have the cover in a jpeg file in the albums folder. It's the same as having my photos in files and not printed. About the artists that can't make music if they don't have money. Piracy exists for years now, i don't see any decrease in the music that is released. Quite the contrary i'd say. There's so much music out there, that my whole lifetime is not enough to hear everything. And yes, there are many quality releases among them (speaking for music as a whole, not only for psytrance) With that said, even if X artists stops making music, there are a lot more waiting in line. Again, piracy exists for years now, artists knew the situation and they knew what to expect. They kept making music.
  20. Has some good moments. As it happens with most releases of that genre, i like a few tracks but not the album as a whole. An interesting release by enduser is this http://www.discogs.com/release/398435 it has some remixes of relatively well-known tracks
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