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  1. For a minute there when seeing who started this thread i thought Cinnie was back...
  2. What inspired you to create your first track? What was the first party/festival you went to?
  3. I used to have a soft rock albumn and listen to it all the time. Soft Rock Rocks!
  4. Me too!! he he he. I dont mind though ABBA arent THAT embarrassing. Good song though..
  5. Totally with u on that one. I cant believe feathers actually said that. Eminem is actually a brilliant artist and clearly has talent. On top tof of that he also now manages quite a few other "acts" including the hugely succesful "50 cent". Now while he may not be to your taste, he is undoubtedly, hugely successful. Eminem has a brain. Chavs dont. Besides, he is clearly a "rapper" not a chav.
  6. I generally, "watch this item" and then go on to it, just before the end and put in a high bid. That whole eveyone waits till the last minute thing is usually how every item sells. All the stuff ive lost, through not being at a computer when they ended, was in the last 1-2 minutes of the bidding. Tis the e-bay way im afraid.
  7. They are amazingly beautiful. I absolutely LOVE the one which looks like it has a circle of fire coming from it, wonderful colours and it would suit my livingroom really well, it would compliment my sofa throw!! Keep up the excellent work.
  8. Oh go on, do tell. Who is Moni trying to get kicked?
  9. I know that i havent and possibly 90% of this forum has never branded everyone on it a Moron. Yes we've all had our bitching sessions before but nothing to that degree. And like OD says and i have to agree with, he often argued a point with no experience whatsoever..and...well fair enough i guess thats not breaking any rules but..well its just really pointless. Pointlessness can also be regarded as spamming and that is against the rules.
  10. I think you'll be waiting approximately a year before u see young cinnie again
  11. actually he was quite disrespectful sometimes. For example if i could be arsed i could find you many posts of his where he called the entire forum(including you and me) Morons among other things. He said people that are in love are stupid idiots and all sorts. He slagged off and put down something he has never felt for another person! I'm in love, it aches when i dont see my bf, but does that make me a fucking idiot? No but thats what he said people that were in love were. I think i got Cinos, i know he didnt mean to really offend anyone, he thought everyone knew what he was like and that we'd counter his arguement everytime and put up with it. he said negative things about stuff but in the end i think people just get tired of someone disrespecting their views and feeling and just dismissing it as being fucking stupid when he has Nil experience.
  12. So, do I. Dont get me wrong. I think it would be nice that our words should be heeded, i just dont think we're going to effect decisions. (Welcome back BTW charlie, hope ur holiday was awesome!! )
  13. NO, we're just not disillusioned. No offence but people have been talking/bitching about this for 9 pages now. And has anything changed? No. I bet u could start a poll even boycott this forum and would anything change? No.IMO. So we're not sheep we just know when the decision is out of our hands
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