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  1. Hello guys! I've received yesterday the Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy CD.This is Blue Moon Productions version!! Collectors know,this version is very rare,hard to find. The CD is in NM or strong VG+ condition,the cover is VG+. Now only 2 CDs missing from my Blue Moon collection.
  2. Hello draeke, I just like to know,when do you send the CD?i've ordered through your online shop almost a week ago,and the order is still in processing status.Order nr.: 1966 Thanks!! Edit I've received the CD today. Thank you!!
  3. My coolest memory was in my life,when I won the European Pinball Championship in Rimini,Italy 2014!There were more than 200 competitors!!
  4. Yes Paul Eye,I've got this error too! I sent this PayPal error message to Amakusa,and they sent me an invoice.With this invoice I paid the amount without any problem. So I advice to you contact to Amakusa via email,write this error to them,and they will help to you.They are very friendly by the way!
  5. In email no,but they wrote this on FB: " Thank you for a lot of warm message..!We will return message to the order until the release date, please wait love and respect to you "
  6. Somebody recognize this track? Thanks in advance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1outMK1mDpU
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