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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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V/A - Serve Em 2wice Cd (PsyBooty Records) 2006




Track #3 - Behind Blue Eyes: Rumble In The Jungle (Vacuum Stalkers Remix)


Posted Image..... :wub:


Thanks to ProSect for advising me on this purchase!!


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:o I hope u will get soon!!! Its damn good! ^_^


It just got my replacement (for the broken one I recieved first) today!



No, I tried. My CC card didn't go through then. I later re-ordered using Paypal, but it was after release.

Hope you get it soon! It's very good IMO

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i liked the news CBL album.

Just ordered hydroponic gardfen as I loved it much :wub:

:rolleyes: Good choise, I am very happy with that one, difficult to say which one I like best.... but thats only a good thing :P


stupiod cds with the hidden tracks makes silencde for some time :(

I know.... sometimes I really wonder why it has to be silence for so long.... 1 min max imo! otherwise its waste of data space ;)

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