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  1. Last weekend I got VA - Accidental Occidentalism VA - First Flight VA - Thrid Flight - Slipstream VA - Project II Trance
  2. have enjoying time to this album a lot recently. very nice
  3. This is so bad. I like the before 3 albums very much, very fun but this is CRAP!
  4. I thought that a album by simon posfrod will be new & creative but only a few originally tracks here. most seem to be something i did hear before
  5. I liking this one very much yes
  6. LOL at the thread you sound like a child darkerbiter! my english is not best but even i can understand better than you i loved a lot the 1200 mics albums the 1st & 3th ones but this was very bad and lazy. I bought it with hope and wanted the ipod but felt cheated by the lazy of it. abaso asked you few timewhy you liked it but you never answered. your arguments just got weaker and weaker until you shoot a poor insult & end it after he ended it
  7. I would love new jaia album like the 1st one
  8. Other people writing reviews I like jon Cocco reviews. scoring system is easy to read
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