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  1. Nice, i dont have FL but im gonna use the samples if you dont mind, the HH and snare sound great cheers
  2. I like the sound of the drums, what did you use for making them ?
  3. Hi New track, kind of Trip Hop with hebrew lyrics Visit My Head hope you enjoy best wishes for 2009
  4. Ott - 382 Seaside Awsome track ! we need more music like this and less like Octometroplastikspiralplasmaphoton nervous system attack
  5. Thank you Selfish Orange Trees is a very good piece of music, i like your style cheers
  6. here it is http://twistedsessions.com/artists/1106/ hope you enjoy
  7. 2 songs for your pleasure/ or not leave me a comment any comment regards Visit My Grandparents
  8. Thank you Buzzman I used Audiorealism Bassline Pro for the acid seq with a very tight beat repeater. I guess the sound before the guitars you mentioned is the voice saying "Uuu Enuftu Ala enuftu..." hahaha that was a friend of mine trying to sing but technology made it sound decent actually i edited it to construct the words
  9. Thanx Malevol3nt and dsobolik is it me or there is less activity on the forum?
  10. Nice work i like "Trip" and "Prety" the most
  11. Hello fellas Ive been away long time and its time to come back with my new baby.... 0,0,0,0 have a listen to it, feedback is welcome 0,0,0,0
  12. 17 back in 1997 i started to use a sequencer called Impulse Tracker then i moved to Buzz
  13. Derango-The Arm its just wicked !! im at work and its driving me crazy twisting my ideas i just want to jump and run outside
  14. i think i know what they used !!! but i need time to go and search in witch forum i saw this vocal plug ins
  15. WOW thats very generous of you and its a great motivation
  16. very nice work !! whats the size of it ?
  17. i dont know if this link has already been post here but anyway some good combinator and refill patches http://www.peff.com/reason/
  18. i just made a very good bass out of a Sytrus i recorded it and then opened it in the nn-19 sampler in reason 3
  19. i just listen to Talpa for the first time becouse of this thread infact it was time for me to listen to it for the good things people talks about and i found it very nice specially the track Trust no goblin very fantastico i must say
  20. Best.. Kiss..(great show) Dead can dance (awsome performance) -As for psytrance Infectec Mushroom....yes... back in the days they werent rockstars, and before the scene here in mex got shity, it was in a very small party back in 2000 i just remember we all got mad at the same time the party turned into one ggroup of perople in the same fequency..no posing..no worshiping the djs - Techno- Green Velvet i think its considered a dj set but he sings and that makes it a nice show
  21. ok first of all i never said it was only with samplers 1-i can play just one key for each instrument lets say i open a synth (sytrus)(V-station),i just can play the D# and if i open another synth i can play an E 2-i enabled the midi input and the midi remote
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