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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Tobias Regner - I Still Burn


Guy from a casting show but he actually has a great voice and the piano in the song is very nice too.

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Yes, he keeps the goa spirit alive as the most here do not, they listen to some msuic i never heard of instead to classics, you all can now tell me again that they don´t have to listen to classics all the time but they almost never listen to the classic albums, the last hallucinogen, doof or astral projection post is probably a week old, MWNN can´t be seen here since a month expect from me, noone has posted mfg since probably 5 months so who telles me that they don´t have to post oldschool/newschool all the time is talking shit because very few post that they listen classics.


Speaking from thy rectal cavity again?

Why do you never post that your are listening to Technossomy? You obviously hate oldschool if you don't give this a whirl regularly ;)

I posted some MWNN a few days ago in here I'm sure. I often see loads of oldschool classics posted by others too. Just because it's not Hallucinogen, MFG, astral projection or MWNN doesn't mean it aint classic now does it!

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