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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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fitalic-into the night (tribal vision)



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now its perfect stranger-dr feelgood (iboga)


Another :D

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Really love the "drum n bass" part  :wub:


One of the best shpongletracks IMO, it is pretty psychedelic not as the many worldmusic tracks.




very melanchonic, gives me very heavy feelings

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My favourite thing in the universe......is a beer.


Beer requires lots of money to spend on, so to me, money is as important as beer.


I have literally spent thousands of £ on beer in my lifetime.

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Where you get it? I was looking for it, and the usual Psyshop, Saiko, Amazon, eBay...no luck.


I bought it in Tower Records


PCG? I think it's PCG IMO.


Almost on 1st listen. 2nd time I might not be able to control myself! :o






CD2 Cass

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