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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Analog Pussy - Psychobitch From Hell


never-ending 11 minutes clocking monster...


I'm sad this wasn't included in any "popular" compilation back then :/

edit: I dislike hypnotic comps...


I always thought the whole CD was awesome...




me, mom & morgentaler - oh well


(looking through my off psy CD's... and came across this AWESOME gem of a ska CD... haven't listened to it in ages!!! sucks they broke up... they all dress up as clowns for their shows... crazy quebecers :) )

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Psykovsky - Erlkoenig


best song of the album, though alot of 'previosly heard in Osom tracks' stuff can be heard, but that can be heard in almost every song.

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Buzzmonx - Radiation


Good choice!!


I'm sitting here in total silence (for once)... WTF??

Me tinx me gonna play some POTS..Yummy!!



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wizzysense - (wizzy noise vs parsense)

(would tell you the track name if my mouse was working :P)

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