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  1. Do you think dance parties in the cities are as good as dance parties out in the bush/country side? l have been the city dance parties,there cool,but the bush dances parties are fucking tops! The Caveman
  2. That party looked like shit! And you twats deserved being busted buy the cops that's what ya get for doing the shit,l went too earthcore last yr in Australia here,the cops were cool,you should be all bitch slapped! The Cavmen
  3. As far as l am concerned,keep fucking religion and that fucking so called "GOD"shit out of this forum!(the catholic church alone is full of cruel and deviate child abusers). Anyone that conforms to religions of any form are hypocrits and there part of all the worlds troubles! Bring on universal mass consciousness and self awareness,the true way to show and have respect for all life on this great planet. I see that everytime l goto psytrance parties,people thinking and being what they real want to be with any form of malice. l have a wonderful partner and l know what true love is,l need say no more:-) The Caveman
  4. Sorry Mary Jane is mine,she loves me
  5. so did you look gay when your were dancing in the Armani and Polo? sometimes hippies can smell too l live in a cave and l wash everyday
  6. l should poke you in the optic eye Arron!
  7. Do you think the psytrance scene has ego? My personal opinion,l think anyone that has an ego,are missing the the point at what this scene is really all about! Egocentric-1: regarding everything only in relation to ones;self-centred.2:A SELF- CENTRED PERSON;EGOIST Basically it is ME ME ME ME WHAT ABOUT ME all the time! and that represents most people under 18 years of age today!,specialy in Australia,USA,UK Some good advice,drop the ego,be your self,stop thinking you know everything and the world owes you! And have a nice day,bacause l'm going too.l don't have an ego! The cave man
  8. Thank's to all of you who replyed to my last request. Even if some of you are a bit cheeky Caveman
  9. Can someone tell me were can l find some top melodic trance,needs to be uplifting and blissful? Name of artists? caveman
  10. Hey Qualium Eathcore Festival 2005 at Undera to me was great,everyone was cool,even the cops were cool. The weather was great on the main night,and the ants undergound never got any sleep......even 1 km away man it was loud.
  11. Well first thing .....l am so sorry for the mix up in words concerning the last phrase it should have said and to prove they are *NOT* drug crazed evil events.(l know l am a dam foooool). Ok l am very pleased with all the responces so far,you all have very good points,and l have learnt from them. l agree camera flashers are annoying too! One thing l would never do is make fun of anyone in my video and l have no intentions of making any money out of my pics and video l have of the Earthcore Festival 2005. It is a great scene,and l am very lucky to have found something in my life l truely enjoy besides my partner! The Caveman
  12. My partner and l went to a great weekend dance party(Earthcore In Victoria Australia)and we took still pics and video of the event over the 3 days. What are your feelings about people taking pics and video? Do you agree or disagree with people taking pic and video? We got some great video footage,we would never want to offend anyone,we will use the video for future reference to show people how enjoyable the events are,and to prove there drug crazed evil events. The Caveman
  13. just massive...whoever knows about music will feel how this compilation from dragonfly is a must...8/10!Well done prometheus!
  14. Caveman

    V/A - Floatation

    a must for every chillum head out there!mastepiece from canada-check out the ekko-centripetal album released on interchill as well!
  15. Caveman

    Spectral - Diffuse

    One of the best.Total Respect to Spectral and Blueroom..Let the sun come early in the morning!Peace to All Out There!!!!9.5/10
  16. the masterminds made the massteralbum!big chilling tunes to sarp your brain....Excellent 9/10
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