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  1. hey mate I liked your track a lot, could I use it in my dj set??
  2. good track, great atmosphere, the bass, as you said, isnt that audible and the kick would have sounded a little bit better if it would of had a more flatter sound than sounding so phat good work on the atmosphere and noises, good space track
  3. Aphex Twin------------Richard D. James Album--------------Fingerbib this song makes me really happy
  4. Dominator Project----------------Paranormal Connection;;;;;;:::::::Goa Harmonics
  5. Nexus-----------------------Psycho Therapy:::::::::::::::::::::::Nasa 60 seconds
  6. Check EBAY asap, they have all kinds of deals at the lowest prices ever.
  7. I just got a Pioneer 200, its just awesome, a little bit better than the 100. It costs the same as a ION or Numark package, but 12000000000 times better and worth it than any numark or ion package.
  8. Star-X----------------------------------- Prepare to fly -------------- Ocean View
  9. Brian Eno - Music for airports FSOL - Lifeforms Tangerine Dream - Phaedra
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