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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Very impressive visuals/light show/lasers, and I much prefer this dj live setup without the band/guitars, singing etc. Back to basics.

The track list on youtube is not complete, anyone knows what the track at 10.26 is? They should release this set as a double CD album. :D The audio is great on this set, since it seems to be recorded straight from the mixer or laptop. With some mic for a bit of crowd noise as well. Which I think they've let through in the mix more between the tracks and in breaks to give it a nice live feel audio-wise as well for the live recording of the set.

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listening to the new IM album



and it sounds terrible. full with disharmonic melodies and break beats all the time. and the singing is just aweful. lucky this time its not so overfilled with it.

maybe 30% of the music sounds nice and you think oh cool this sounds somehow like the good old stuff from IM .... but then again some weird disruption comes in.

i dont know.....i just miss the beautiful old infected sound...this one is more like i dont know...daft punk with a stronger beat.

also the vinyl pressing sounds weak and low, artwork very cheesy. imho 2/5

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