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  1. Trying to combine old schoool goa trance with dubstep and to play bass using an incredible effect chain:
  2. Hey guys, thought I'd share my first release "Nonlocality" with all you psy fans! Enjoy the vibes! https://ichomancer.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/ichomancer/sets/nonlocality https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL131QEaElzensntofTnvNMUkudvYgfmYF
  3. Artist: Infected Mushroom Title: Army of Mushrooms Label: Dim Mak Records Date: May, 2012 1. Never Mind 2. Nothing to say 3. Send me an angel 4. U R so fucked 5. The Rat 6. Nation of wusses 7. Wanted To 8. Serve my thirst 9. I Shine 10. Drum N' Bassa 11. The Pretender 12. The Messenger 2012 13. Swingish (Bonus Track) Elder statesmen Infected Mushroom are the Def Leppard of the psytrance genre. Minus the big 80's hair. And probably mother/daughter threesomes, alcoholic binges, and Behind the Music special. For hard rockers Def Leppard it was Pyromania and Hysteria that put them on the map and they've been riding that pony for 3 decades. After those two albums it was pretty much downhill in terms of quality as many a soccer mom could be heard rocking their latest ballad in the Honda Odyssey on the way to little Timmy's qudditch tournament. IM's claim to fame was The Gathering and Classical Mushroom and after that depending on your point of view things may or may not have gone seriously wrong. While still clinging to their roots they seemed to veer off into commercial territory. I defy you to label their music other than what the haters would undeniably call crap. Their last album Legend of the Black Shawarma had it's moments and mixed results so do we have to put up with more singing or have they changed course yet again? One thing you can say is that this project has a knack for pissing people off. As I mentioned with the last album it was the singing. Here it is the equally polarizing field of dubstep. You either love it or hate it. On this effort they combine the carnal robotic knowledge of dubstep with some of the Riddler's funky groove. This is evident from the 1st track Nevermind which will keep the toe tapping and head spinning when it morphs into the wobbly speaker shredding dubstep. Nothing to Say has plenty to say with a nice bouncy beat and melody. Which is then utterly destroyed by one of the worst buildups I have ever heard. Ever. But I love the smashing dubstep that comes immediately after, but why did they have to ruin it with that buildup? Because that's what they f*cking do. Send Me an Angel- Is that Hebrew? Call me an anti-semite if you must, but it's not a very pretty language to sing. I bet he spit all over the microphone. Oh, and this track also has the second (it was very close) worst buildup of all time. U R So Fucked.... yeeeeeeaaaaaaah....... Even if you ignore the title the Trent Reznor-like screaming his nobody loves me angst is absolutely horrible. Luckily The Rat follows and that is some toe tapping fun and a thumping you're only likely to receive if you ask a fat lady when her baby is due. Nation of Wusses continues the funk party forcing Soul Train lines to spontaneously erupt wherever you look. And an uplifting melody? Get the f*ck outta here. Must. Get Down. To Dubstep. And the dubstep is never far behind. As the wobbly and squelchy short track Wanted To proves. The female vocal ain't bad and all I can say is at least it isn't Dudev singing. Serve My Thirst unfortunately sees a return to the singing and it, uh...it ain't pretty. There is more singing on I Shine, but truthfully it's not that bad. The beat is ultra catchy and when that happens you can overlook a lot. At this point I'm still kinda numb but even I can recognize the harsh guitar leads and vocal manipulations that has been the calling card of IM for a while. But because dubstep is their shiny new toy they cram it into the Drum n Baasa track as well. Of course for me it was the most memorable part of that track. Oh, and the painful buildups. Please make it stop. The Messanger is their epic track that shows how musical and theatrical they can be. Symphonic, classical, and very dramatic. Goes from downtempo to very uptempo and back and reminds me of Dancing with Quadaffi. Oh and you didn't think they would leave the dubstep out of this track did you? C'mon, they had almost 11 minutes to fill. The end reminds of some 1980's Jan Hammer soundtrack stuff. Pretty cool. The final "bonus track" is Swingish and I'll be honest at this point my mind is overloaded and it sounded like all the rest of the tracks. Can I decline a bonus track? Look this is what they do and who they are. Let go of the past because it doesn't seem like they have any interest in returning to it. Their style is un boxworthy and all over the place, but their sound production is still flawless. So take it for what it is. A good time. Sometimes I think they manipulate sounds and just make noise because they can. They still bring the beats and let's not forget this is still dance music. It's a lot to take in for one listening, but I enjoyed it. Most of it. Beatport Goa Store Saiko Sounds Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  4. Getting bored with tons of indistinguishable online music services and radio stations which continuously repeat same electronic music tracks all the time? Are you a real fan of electronic music who enjoys clubs playing such genres of electronic dance music like dubstep, trance (goa trance or psychedelic), house music, hardcore or drum and bass? Or do you prefer more quiet and relaxed electronic music like downtempo, psychill, chillstep, trip hop or deep house? Wanna listen not only to the most popular commercial progressive house, trance (goa, psychedelic, melodic, progressive), dubstep and drum and bass hits, but also discover new artists and songs as well as listen to the best electronic music tracks from the past and potentially future? Wanna listen to all kind of electronic music (dubstep, house, trance (psytrance, goa), drum and bass, hardcore, etc.) from a big variety of online music services and internet radio stations (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, PromoDJ, RealMusic, Digitally Imported, SomaFM and others)? Psyself Radio (Electronic Dance Music Player) is here for you! Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tuneself.mobile.android.app.psyself iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/psyself-trance-radio/id962144831 Web: http://psyself.tuneself.com/ Best electronic music collected from popular online music services and presented to you as a unique personalized music stream. Just select your favorite electronic music genres (trance (goa trance, psychedelic and progressive), chillout (downtempo, psybient, psychill, ambient), dubstep, drum and bass, hardstyle, hardcore (happy hardcore and gabba), rave, eurodance, lounge (deep house, nu jazz), electro house and electro swing) and enjoy the best electronic music songs both from popular artists and independent and undiscovered yet music bands. Or tune in to a radio stream and enjoy popular electronic music tracks and mixes from all over the world non-stop and for free from radio stations that stream progressive trance, house, drum and bass, dubstep and all the other genres of electronic music. No registration required No user agreement terms to accept No integration with social networks
  5. Artist: Radioactive Sandwich Title: B-Sides Vol. 1 Label: Self Released Date: March, 2012 1. Facebreaker 2. Falling Down 3. Make It Clap 4. Jabberwockey 5. Flying Guillotine 6. Resolution 7. The Wall 8. No Sound 9. Tundra 10. Sun In The Sea "I'm an American...you're a sick asshole!" Take that metric system! When I don't know what to write I go get a sandwich. My favorite is a radioactive one. These two are a better version of the Chemical Brothers. Big beats, moody vocals, and not afraid to use the latest trends in music. This is a collection of stuff they made before 2012 that never made it onto an album. Some of them sound like sketches and are pretty short. So what do you do with it? B-sides baby! You cannot pigeon hole these guys cause just when you're comfortable they turn the tables on you. It's electronic creativity at its finest that jumps genres and treats tempos as a suggestion. Check out this lyric: "You're f*cking ugly and I hate you. I wish you would just go and die...in a fire." Wedding vows...they ain't what they used to be. This was offered for whatever you thought it was worth awhile ago, but now that's over. They've given away a lot on Ektoplazm in the past so now it's time to throw a few scheckles their way. So for less than 4 bucks you can have some great stuff in your inbox. When you need to take a break from psytrance, but still want to keep it psychedelic check this out. B-sides...Maybe. If the b stands for bad-ass. Radioactive Sandwich Bandcamp Mdk
  6. Psystep has lots of flavors, but very few actual tracks. Last year I made Intelligence Quotient, a mix based on IDM and a really strange niche of psystep that highlights really slow and tripped out music. This time it's more chilled out, with the classic psystep elements of Heavy Gravity. Lots of variety and interesting soundscapes, melodies, and textures. This one starts out nice and slow, but picks up quite a bit as it progresses. Enjoy! Ott - Adrift In Hilbert Space [Ottsonic] Chris Komus - Everything Just Started To Go Apart [Enig'matik] Whitebear - Lost in Vibrations (Pt. II) [Muti] Slackbaba - The Wanderer [Mystic Sound] Quanta - Nature of Reality [Dubmission] Gibson - Regal Beetle [Merkaba] Birds of Paradise - Phyzicism [Additech] Desert Dwellers - Seeing Things (Eat Static Remix) [Twisted] Bird of Prey - Atrium [iboga] KarmasynK - Psylther [swamp Music] Mr. Bill - Shatter (Whitebear Remix) [Adapted] Soulacybin - Moldavisions [Merkaba] Image credit to lindelokse. Left-click to download: Ziptnf - Liquid Compounds (64:30) 148 MB ~320kbps
  7. "Survival" is Radioactive Sandwich's first release with Tech Safari Records and their first new material in 2014. This EP highlights their signature mix of worldly sounds across different genres, and features remixes from Globular (UK) and Tron Sepia (Canada). Mastering by Polaris. Release date: April 4th. Tracklisting: 1. Ex Nihilo 2. The Storm 3. Icefall 4. Icefall (Globular's Thawing Sunshine Remix) 5. Icefall (Tron Sepia's Tron Sandwich Remix) LISTEN TO PREVIEWS HERE Purchase the EP at these fine establishments: iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/icefall…p;ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Juno Download: www.junodownload.com/products/radio…al/2433951-02/ Amazon: www.amazon.com/Survival-Radioact…words=Sandwich+DJ Google Play: play.google.com/store/music/album…dqznv4vlfq45worta Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/survival/1268180 Reviews: Outtallectuals LostinSound.org (review by Supersillyus) Sun is Shining Dub'n'Chill
  8. The "Integrity" album is the result of 5 years worth of Mindex' collected works. It consists of parts created in different moments of life, related to various of experiences - meetings and separations, love, friendship, journeys, seasons and deep spiritual practices. The album can be compared with mandala, a kaleidoscopic image where totally different elements are scrupulously assembled into one clear sonic painting. As in all previous releases Mindex demonstrates here how beautiful and delicate electronic and live instruments, futuristic sound designs and jazz could be merged. Deep basses, flurrying lower chakras, and ethereal female vocals that are capable of carrying your mind away to an unknown reality. If you like to dance to unhurried driving beats and travel into your inner self, behold fantastic landscapes in your imagination - this album is for you! Listen it here: https://soundcloud.com/loodmarecordings/sets/mindex-integrity Mindex info: https://www.facebook.com/mindexsound https://soundcloud.com/mindex Get the album from here: http://www.beatport.com/release/integrity/1180648 http://www.loodmarecordings.com/loodma0038
  9. Hi Folks, here is the new song. Style is electro infused with psytrance, with the usual middle eastern harmonies. https://soundcloud.com/anjin-sun/desertstep If you like it, please follow me on SoundCloud! Thx!
  10. Artist: Zebbler Encanti Experience Title: Psychic Projections Label: Gravitas Recordings Date: December, 2012 01 - Psychic Projections (feat. Dante Bucci) (140 BPM) 02 - Quetzalcoatl (101 BPM) 03 - Totem (140 BPM) 04 - Temple (feat. Jason Hann) (140 BPM) 05 - Data Mind (110 BPM) 06 - Prophetic Interlude (feat. Hannah Thiem) (140 BPM) 07 - Exploding Glowstick (110 BPM) 08 - Quetzalcoatl (Willy Whompa Remix) (150 BPM) 09 - ZEEDM (145 BPM) 10 - Quetzalcoatl (Woulg Remix) (137 BPM) 11 - Profit (140 BPM) 12 - Profit (Ishe Remix) (140 BPM) Don't let this slip by you without giving it a listen. Zebbler is a Boston based duo with their debut album and their style is slow and juicy. Well, sometimes. Taking elements of dub and glitch and marrying them with tribal like melodies in an unholy union of interesting stuff. Keeping the tracks brief is smart and doesn't let you get bored with what they're doing. Some of this sh*t is as funky as a Radioactive Sandwich. See what I did there? It can move at a snail's pace or it can be rapid fire, oftentimes in the same track. Quetzalcoatl sets you up with with some funky downtempo before it erupts in a gigantic crunchy electronic orgy. And then there's the dubstep. Oh the dubstep. And there is a lot of it. Dubstep has been called many things, but I describe it like putting a robot penis through a pencil sharpener. Because I don't listen to it regularly I don't mind the dubstep. I find it fairly fresh and unpredictable. But let's be honest...tracks like the Willy Whompa remix are a heading waiting to happen. Just know if you hat dubstep this release won't be for you. There is still way more to enjoy as it is a great mix of melancholic melodies as well as polar opposites in sonic texture. It comes off sounding rich and lush when they bend sounds to their will. The Woulg remix is like when the terminators legs break off and he has to move in slow and sometimes fast motion. Terminator 2 reference. Score. The harsh and abrasive sounds in Exploding Glowstick hide the gentle ambient like someone getting screamed over. And that's where I think they excel when they combine genres. A whole album of electronic gang rape is exhausting and painful. That's not for me. That's for India. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  11. Artist: Tron Sepia Title: Weird Fishes & Other Stories Label: Fish N Trips Records Date: October, 2012 1 - Flange (70 BPM) 2 - Factory (70 BPM) 3 - Cuttlefish (65 BPM) 4 - Abyss (70 BPM) 5 - Factory (Video Edit) (70 BPM) 6 - Abyss (VIP) (70 BPM) O Canada...our home and native land. My neighbors to the north have produced quite the varied album here. Downtempo grooves and dubstep rhythms go hand in hand with the smooth female vocals and melodic pads. Delicious slow motion electronic stretching as if I were Neo dodging bullets from the agents. Those bass drops hum and oscillate as eerie piano melodies drift ethereally out of reach. Mechanical and spiritual all at once this is electronic tai chi. This is the music I want to listen to when I finally get to hike the high peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Highly recommended Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  12. Artist: PharaOm Title: Shelter 10 Label: Future Disorder Recordings Date: April, 2013 1. Welcome To Shelter 10 2. Inside the Core 3. Meeting Roy and Chip (Interlude) 4. Laser Highways 5. Anti-Gravity Module 6. Biomechanical Civilization 7. The Bucky Biospheres (Interlude) 8. Back To Titan 9. Nanosurgery I love science fiction and fantasy. Movies, books, comics...if that makes me a nerd then so be it. I've made an active effort to stay away from video games because that's a black hole of time into which I would surely plummet. Today things are different. It's not like it was when I was a kid. Now it's cool to be into "graphic" comics and as long as Hollywood keeps making millions on superhero movies you'll still see men running around in tight underwear. As well as the nerds who love them. PharaOm is Oswald Pfeiffer who recently released the remixes to his track Cellar Door as well as the very good Tesseract album for free. He's right back at it with more free music. Shelter 10 is a digital maxi EP that attempts to redefine what goa trance can be. Seemingly never satisfied with the status quo this album rides the space theme to a human (and extra terrestrial) colony that is filled with futuristic sounds, industrial machinery, as well as storming goa riffs. Jam packed I tell ya. There are even two interludes, one including two bickering robots. Corny yes, but it's all a rich tapestry. This is a great mixture of psytrance with goa elements that include experiments in dubstep that work very well. He closes things out with a competent downtempo track that attempts to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after some limb loss in the robot conflict. Story time. My favorite track has to be the blistering Biomechanical Civilization that just shreds anything unlucky enough to cross its path. The biggest step outside of the box has to be Back on Titan with its brief singing and out front guitars. But he balances it out with symphonic strings and more space goa. The whole thing is a marvelously detailed escape to the stars. Highly recommended. Free at Soundcloud Mdk
  13. I'll start off by warning any potential readers that this rant will probably be very random and convoluted as I've had a few drinks... I fell in love with Goa back when the "new-school Goa" movement was just starting out - Suntrip had released only a few things - A couple of Filteria albums, Khetzal, Ka-Sol, and the compilations Apsara and Twist Dreams. Khetzal's Corrole album was a huge influence on me - I connected with this kind of music more than anything I had heard in my life. Prior to discovering Goa/Psy I was into more "mainstream" trance, like older Paul Van Dyk, Mauro Picotto, Darude, etc.... but that scene totally went to shit once everyone started adding cheesy and clubby vocals to everything, so in search of something new to follow I discovered Goa and Psy Trance, and in turn a lot of ambient/"psychill"/"goachill" stuff as well. Unfortunately for my these musical tastes, I was born and raised in southern California - (a few years ago I moved up to northern California...) I'm an avid discogs user. Here's my collection: http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=Ignite You know what's awesome? SIX HUNDRED AND NINETY-TWO releases in my collection... guess how many of the artists are from the US? ONE! ME!!! Well, I'm sure there are a few compilations I own with artists from the US (Aerosis comes to mind...), but still, how pathetic is this? Not a single album from a US artist?? I don't go out of my way to avoid music from my home-country. I use Discogs, Psyshop, Psynews, etc. etc. to discover new music... and I'd be thrilled to stumble upon anything released by an American artist that I actually enjoy... but nearly 10 years of being interested in these genres and it hasn't happened yet! Back when I first became interested in Trance, everyone here just referred to ALL electronic music as "Techno", which pissed me off. These days everyone refers to it all as "Dubstep", which pisses me off even more. At least Techno and Trance are SOMEWHAT related... but Dubstep? Seriously? Yea, of course a genre as shallow and immature as Dubstep is the first genre in a decade to even become remotely popular here because people like the "bad ass" sounds and let's not forget, lots of BASS. Because that's all that really counts in electronic music. BASS!!!! Fuck. "I write my own electronic music." "Oh, you mean like Dubstep?" FUCK YOU! There is no scene in this country for the music I love, and it's becoming apparent that there never will be. I'm not even dead-set on Goa... I'd love even some good ambient festivals... or even some fucking Full On... I've gotta admit... as long as Full On doesn't have crappy vocals I can't deny that I enjoy a lot of it... like Ananda Shake, Vibe Tribe, etc... sure, it's not anywhere near as deep as Goa, but it's catchy and fun. I've been to like 5 parties in my life because I don't want to go to just random ones - I only want to go when there's an artist or DJ that I actually admire. I saw Astral Projection in LA a few years ago... they were awesome, but the crowd was full of drunk morons... I saw Wizzy Noise at an outdoor psy festival hosted by PsyTribe in SoCal - small crowd, but great people - really spiritual and down to earth... and of course Wizzy played an amazing set as well. I was psyched when they played my favorite track of theirs at the time, Oceanica. I also saw Infected Mushroom in LA once, but it was a similar experience to Astral Projection - their set was decent, but the crowd was full of LA retards that didn't seem like they belonged or connected to the music at all. I guess Infected Mushroom is partially to blame themselves since they had already started becoming Americanized... this was after Vicious Delicious... Finally, I did go to one Friday-through-Sunday Psy-Tribe outdoor event purely because Bobby Ognyanov from Aerosis was playing a set at it. That's right, I tolerated THREE DAYS of virtually nothing but Dark Psy for ONE HOUR of Goa. That hour was amazing though... Bobby played virtually nothing but Suntrip material, and I loved every second of it... I'm starting to realize that there's really no point to this rant other than a bunch or whining and complaining... but seriously... I order CDs from Psyshop and of course they always come with these flyers or booklets with events all over Europe (or even Canada) that I'd LOVE to be at... I see so many artist names I recognize and just get a great feeling about many of the advertised events in general. I've also seen several YouTube videos from Suntrip events, etc... all I want is a LITTLE of that without having to spend the money to fly half way around the world... just ONCE IN A WHILE... but no, there's never ANYTHING anymore... at least that I'm aware of. Dubstep has taken over. The best I can hope for when referencing Trance to a random person is that they remember Sandstorm by Darude. Great. A song that's well over 10 years old. That's the boring and repetitive piece of shit that stuck with you over the years when it came to Trance? Fan-fucking-tastic. Yes, the synth sounded bad ass at the time. I get it. Really gritty and awesome sounding. What else did the song have going for it? Nothing! Why is it still played in clubs here over 10 years after it's release? I have no fucking clue. But Sandstorm became more popular in the US than any other trance song. Evar. WTF. Then Skrillex came along and took over. What's it gonna take to start even a small Goa scene here in the US?? I've completely lost the motivation to write music lately because I feel completely alone in this place... if only I could have just a couple of parties a year to go to where they played music I actually liked... where I could connect with likeminded people who were just excited to hear Goa as I was... I'm listening to Land Of Freedom by Transwave right now... as soon as that square synth comes in I just fucking close my eyes and disappear in the music. It's beautiful. Powerful. Freeing. I love it! And it's depressing as shit to realize that there's no one else within thousands of miles who feels the same way. This is my song, Protostar: Imba was kind enough to release this EP of mine on his net-lable, UAF (Underground Alien Factory) Records. About 6 months after it's release, Persistent Aura (another UAF artist) contacted me to ask if he and Agneton could do a remix, and that they were planning to play the track at some festival in Belgium. Awesome! I'm not sure it it was ever actually played... and I know that they never finished the remix, but still, that's a festival I would have loved to be at, with or without my own track being played. Maybe my isolation as far as musical taste in this country is just becoming an excuse for not writing new material... but I can feel a part of me that really wants to get back into it... I just wish I could go out and feel like I was part of a community who felt the same way about this amazing music that I do. Is there anyone else here from the California, or even the entire US, who feels the same way I do? :-( /End drunken rant...
  14. Hi, I would summarize my new release with following cloud of tags: chill-out, break-beat, trance, proggy, dubstep, difficult, time consuming, it was worth it, enjoy mix.dj: http://www.mix.dj/mixes/4748210/moonspaBurn_studios_residency mixcloud.com: http://www.mixcloud.com/moonspa/burn-studios-residency/ cheers, mOOnSPa
  15. Artist: Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd Title: Gourmet Everything EP Label: Adapted Records Date: November, 2012 01 - Bloss (129 BPM) 02 - Gourmet Everything (105 BPM) 03 - Bloss (Circuit Bent Remix) (86 BPM) 04 - Gourmet Everything (Tha Fruitbat Remix) (110 BPM) Mr. Bill is known for his glitchy hip-hop beats that usually have a great and funky result. Check out his Suave EP for further music to cruise down the street in your 64. I've never heard of Freddy Todd, but he's from Detroit and that's something. At least they got rid of the dead guy in front of city hall. Sh*t, Syria looks better. I would describe this music as trying to shoehorn as many sounds in a track as possible. Like a fat guy at a buffet there's always room for one more. You get two tracks and 2 remixes of those tracks. Picture a room full of servers having an orgasm of ones and zeros. Binary release! Not really impressed. The Circuit Bent Remix of changes things though. It's gangster dubstep without tooth loss and excessive bleeding. Slow, grooving yet playful while being a little less random. It's still chock full of blips, blops, and other sh*t, but much more cohesive than the original. The Fruitbat Remix takes the original and inserts a thundering bass with an increase in tempo. Again less crowded than the original and you can actually follow where it's going. So I liked the last two tracks. Free at Ektoplazm
  16. Hi. This time I supposed to summarize "goodies" that made me impressed in 2012 (and wasn't necessarily released within that year). Ouch, did I mentioned I punched even one dub step song inside? mix.dj: http://www.mix.dj/mixes/4745119/moonspaplayground_diaries_podcast_02 mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/moonspa/playground-diaries-podcast-02 Looking forward for your comments, enjoy. Cheers, mOOnSPa
  17. Flow Box delved into his box once more and pulled out four tracks to melt your heart. On his EP “Colors of the Rainbow” he mixes a variety of influences from progressive, trance, minimal, electro and dubstep together. The resulting piece is multifaceted and full of color. The common theme throughout all of the tracks is the dream world. The tracks make you dream, but you can sleep another time. With his minimal samples, Flow Box takes us through lonely desert nights and hunts us mercilessly with drive through the thick fog. “Colors of the Rainbow” is a club sound you can fall into and drift through, and is one which makes you give yourself completely over to the beats. For more info visit; Sinsonic Records for a preview of the upcoming EP watch or tune in your Sinsonic Crew -------------------------------------------------------- www.sinsonicrecords.com skape: sinsonic-records mail: info@sinsonicrecords.com -------------------------------------------------------
  18. Liquidseed Recordings is proud present to you a real gem ,the sixth release Atman Construct - Elysian Terraform "...In no fix'd place the happy souls reside. In groves we live, and lie on mossy beds, by crystal streams, that murmur thro' the meads: But pass yon easy hill, and thence descend; The path conducts you to your journey's end.” This said, he led them up the mountain's brow,And shews them all the shining fields below. They wind the hill, and thro' the blissful meadows go. — Virgil, Aeneid (6.641) Atman Construct's debut EP. A trademark blend of unique sound-styles and erupting, melodic sequences that reshape the mysterious landscape between psy, IDM and bass. Artwork by Paul Sargent http://paulsargentillustration.blogspot.co.uk/ Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, UK - colin@oood.ne www.liquidseed.net www.facebook.com/Liquidseed
  19. Damage - God of Terror EP Damage is back with his signature style, this time fusing the old skool and the new skool in his first digital EP influenced by hardcore techno, electro-house, dubstep, old school rave, hip-hop, rock, metal and much more! Get it @ your favorite digital store this Friday, June 1st. God help us! Track List: 1. God of Terror 2. Electrify 3. Cuttin' Wax 4. Fight the Aliens (vs Wired) W&P by Deon Baard @ Megadamage Studio, Japan. Mastered by Artifakt @ Timecode Studio, South Africa. Artwork designed by Thomas Ewerhard @ Septagon Studio, Germany. Executive Production by La Secta Terrorista @ Terror Lab Studio, Terrorland. Label: Terror Lab Industries Cat. No: TLIDIG010 Format: WAV / MP3 Release Date: 1st June 2012 http://soundcloud.com/terror-lab-industries/damage-god-of-terror-ep
  20. What think you? http://www.arabesque...d=2869&Itemid=1 They've really gotten far from their roots for sure. It doesn't sound half-bad in regards it's unique and their production is top notch, but for the love of god.. vocals. I wonder.
  21. The fusion of psytrance and dubstep is a very rare thing indeed, and it is even more rare to find high quality, proper sounding tracks. In contrast to my last psystep mix: http://www.psynews.o...psybreaks/, this one doesn't have such a goofy vibe, and I actually blend the tracks. It starts very tame; accessible to anyone who likes classic atmospheric dubstep. As the mix evolves, you will experience a deeper, more sinister trip. I'm super proud of this one. Ital Tek - Cyclical [Planet Mu] Coda - Pablo [Wonk#Ay] Gibson - Flooressence [Addictech] Bird of Prey - Stargazer [Cyberset] Bird of Prey & Chillax'n - Pipe Dream [Addictech] Phutureprimitive - Rapid Cognition [Native Harmonix] Audiovoid - Pantheon Of Absence [Addictech] Mindbuffer - The Grid [Enigmatik] S!lverFox - Breed (Bunkle Remix) [Wonk#Ay] Whitebear - Intangible [Enigmatik] Kosmic Wizard - Broken Monster [under Voice] Scamp - Frequency [Wonk#Ay] Cybernetika - Calling Mercurio [Ektoplazm] Enjoy! Left click to download: http://soundcloud.co...ravity/download Artwork credit to khan71.
  22. Archnemesis + Govinda + Outlet Mr. Bugsly has been listening to YOU! We've handpicked three of the freshest acts from outside of NYC (with plenty of help from our fanbase) for your listening & dancing pleasure! Archnemesis, Govinda, & Outlet are ready to execute a full assault on your eardrums at the always bumping Public Assembly! Let's show them what NYC is all about! Thursday, December 15th, 2011 Public Assembly - 70 N 6th St. - Brooklyn, NY 11211 18+ Doors: 8:00 / Music: 9:00 Tickets - $10.00 - $15.00 (21+) & $15.00 - $20.00 (-21) http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/212907 Archnemesis (Asheville/Charleston, NC) http://www.archnemesismusic.com/ Formed as the musical brainchild of Curt Heiny and Justin Aubuchon (Telepath, MO Theory), Archnemesis creates its distinctive sound by combining original music with samples ranging from early 20's blues and jazz to modern hip-hop and soul. With their first EP "Diamonds and Glass" and their debut full length album "People's Radio" available now for free download at www.archnemesismusic.com, Archnemesis continues to turn heads at festivals and club shows while elevating the standard for modern electronic music. Govinda (Austin, TX) http://govindamusic.com/ Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study classical violin at the University of Texas where he fell in love with electronic music production. It was in Madden's pursuit of his gypsy roots that he opened his ears to music from around the world. From experiences learning violin with mysterious masters on his journeys across the globe and his passion for modern design and technology, the current sound of Govinda was born. Govinda has played with Thievery Corporation, Tipper, Bassnectar, Shpongle, Cheb I Sabbah, STS9 and many more and been featured on over 25 compilations such as Buddha Bar II, Asian Travels II, and Nirvana Lounge selling a combined 400,000 copies. Govinda has played at numerous festivals throughout North America including Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Sea of Dreams, SXSW and more. Govinda's music has been licensed on shows like "Roswell" WB, "Road Rules" MTV, and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" Bravo as well as many independent films. The Govinda live show is truly a multi-sensory experience that features professional dancers, live projections, resonating vocals and a sonical sound-scape. His live experience is full of vibrant energy that plays to its crowd. Govinda performs on Ableton Live accompanied by classical violin. Govinda is currently touring in support of his album "Universal On Switch" which was released independently earlier this year. Outlet (Boston, MA) http://www.soundcloud.com/outlet Jonathan Belfontaine, otherwise known as Outlet, was destined to make music from the very beginning. At a young age, Jon was given a guitar. Soon afterward, he stumbled upon a broken amp, took it apart and put it back together into working condition. Having an incredible ear for music, he was able to pick out notes, and play along with any song. Over the years, he's played in different rock bands, but his musical interest never stopped at just the guitar, always picking up a bass or a set of drumsticks. While being influenced in different genres of rock, he also became deeply integrated into the electronic scene. Soon he had a keyboard and was experimenting with making music all his own, with psychedelic melodies and hypnotic tones, empowered with heavy instrumentals. After a brief hiatus, his burning passion was reignited when he and his soul mate Elisabeth Marcoux went to Rothbury's music festival in Michigan. Hearing the mind blowing artists perform with such love and high energy, and being immersed in the unified and uplifted crowd, sparked Jon's need to make music again. They immediately went out and bought him a Juno G. The new keyboard, paired with his discovery of Ableton Live, allowed him to explode into creativity again, this time integrating the sounds of hip hop, soul, funk and trance. He has now been producing a dance oriented, groove inspired, glitchy style of music that is energetic, passionate and fun. Of course, infusing his positive vibrations and inspiring light, baked into every morsel of each tantalizing song. The concoction of organic sounds whipped and blended with original bass lines and drum patterns, along with his ability to manipulate the texture and flavor of each synthesized note will leave the listener delighted in savoring every delicious layer baked into every song! -------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the FRESHEST beats in the NORTHEAST http://www.mrbugsly.com/ **For information on how to become part of our ever-growing team, and to earn free tickets, contact: streetteam@mrbugsly.com** For all other inquires: info@mrbugsly.com
  23. Horizon Wireless - FiKus - Laser Sex - Business Casual Disco Mr. Bugsly and Lost in Sound have hand crafted this stellar event for you to decompress at after your Phishing trip! Join us at the Delancey on Friday, December 30th as Horizon Wireless and FiKus gear up for an epic late night throw down with support from Laser Sex and Business Casual Disco. Friday, December 30th, 2011 The Delancey - 168 Delancey St New York, 10002 21+ Doors: 11:30 / Music: 12:00 $10 Horizon Wireless www.soundcloud.com/horizonwireless DJ/Producer Harrison Waxenberg has been making music since he was able to tie his shoes. This might have been later than most children his age, but better late than never. After playing numerous shows and festivals under this moniker for the past year, Horizon Wireless seems to only be picking up speed and momentum. With the addition of Sol Montoya (Digifront) on drums, Horizon Wireless becomes a storm of soul smashing beats, titillating harmonies, and wet melodies. This sonic tsunami can easily induce multiple crowdgasms. Bringing a towel to shows is not only recommended, but also encouraged... With custom designed sets for every single show and the uncanny ability bump any floor they're hosting, Horizon Wireless is generating an electrical storm that would excite Benjamin Franklin himself. Check them out the first chance you get. FiKus www.fikusband.com/ A five-piece band from Nothern New Jersey, FiKus combines many different styles of music and a wide range of influences to form what has been referred to as a sort of "electro-fuckadelic hip-rock". Without a definitive genre to call home, these adjectives are rooted in the different elements of what creates the sounds of FiKus; "electro" referring to the synthesizers, electronic drums, and stacks of effects pedals that smear the sounds waves with analog warmth and a digital dose; "funkadelic" referring to horns and percussion that supply the funky swagger for the party; and "hip-rock" referring to the progressive and edgy, in your face attitude that booms off the stage and out of the speakers. From song to song, FiKus demonstrates any number of these elements, or all at once, as they continue to keep their listeners on their feet, in both a literal and figurative sense. Laser Sex www.lasersex.bandcamp.com/ www.soundcloud.com/lasersex Laser Sex is a quartet based out of Scranton, PA. They bring the pain live with almost any element you will see on stage with any other live act in this music scene. Mike plays bass, guitar, keys and DJ. Jeff plays guitar, keys and DJ. Angelo is a beast on the keys acting as full time synth player. And Rich is lays down heavy beats between his acoustic drum kit and his e-drums. As Jeff and Mike move seamlessly between their respective instruments, you will hear an ever-evolving sound that gracefully shifts between funk, dancerock, house, dubstep, electro, and the kitchen sink. You might hear 3 people playing synths over samples creating a synth heavy electronic frenzy. You might hear dualing DJ's backed by synth and live drums... or even just a conventional 4 piece band with guitar, bass, keys and drums. There are ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES for what Laser Sex can bring to the stage. This leaves their audiences stumped as to what to expect next from their performances. One thing the audience can expect is a solid dance cardio freakout. Business Casual Disco www.facebook.com/BusinessCasualDisco Coltrane, Norrin and Skeeba make up the collective of rotating artists that come together to find the future and discover the past as Business Casual Disco. Each member contributing their own unique touch to unify a sound that just as easily bobs a head as it moves feet on the dance floor. When it comes to the music BCD is always business , but they couldn't keep it more casual. -------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the FRESHEST beats in the NORTHEAST http://www.mrbugsly.com/ **For information on how to become part of our ever-growing team, and to earn free tickets, contact: streetteam@mrbugsly.com** For all other inquires: info@mrbugsly.com
  24. Alien Nation is New Zealand's longest running Outdoor Dance Party, and we are proud to announce our 10yr Anniversary with another Epic Doof in the impressive Top of the South Island, in New Zealand. The 2nd weekend in February 2012, brings four days and three nights of the freshest Underground Electronic Experience in the sensational Wangapeka Valley – approximately 71kms west of Nelson. Stompin’ hard from dusk, Friday 10th to Monday 13th February 2012. Celebrating the eternal beat with a solid 20K Sound Rig, Alien Nation is a unique festival that opens new dimensions of the mind. Allowing you to see, hear, feel - experience the primal music of New Zealand talent in a beautiful native environment along with carefully selected Underground Producers and DJs from around the world. Several International Acts are making the pilgrimage to come and be part of the decade long ritual. To offer themselves at the altar of doof in lush New Zealand bush surroundings, or fondly known to some as the temple of Boom. Alien Nation is a superb expo of Psychedelic, Progressive, Minimal, Tekno plus so many more genre! A Mind Blowing Sensory Overload of Epic Proportions with Psychedelic UV Decor, - Spectacular Location and a Line Up to die for. Having well evolved over the years and now at its Decade Anniversary, the 2012 event promises to be Epic once again. Keeping it fresh, with new decor artists, lighting specialists and of course, the fire performers. Alien Nation 2012 is STILL a Alcohol Free ROAR event and Dog Free. Count on it. If you’re serious about having fun, join the rhythm of the cosmos at this unique bush doof.
  25. Tipper - BioDiesel - Binary Bits ::Attention Philadelphia:: Put down your cheesesteaks and find the nearest chair because Mr. Bugsly is about to knock you down with this HUGE announcement! Tipper + BioDiesel + Binary Bits are coming to town on Wednesday Dec. 7th, and trust us...it's going to be SERIOUS! Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 The Blockley - 3801 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 18+ Doors: 8:00 / Music: 9:00 Tickets - $10.00 - $15.00 http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/74453 Tipper www.tippermusic.net/ Tipper makes music for sound systems, with a diversity that ranges from bass fuelled electro-breaks, to hip-hop, to intricately programmed downtempo, to full orchestral compositions etc; music that demands to be played at high volumes to unleash their lethal potential. With a musical background in classical training, and listing influences from drum & bass, to hip-hop, to electronica, Tipper has created his own brand of devastating dancefloor bombs and after club ear-teasers. He is admired for being "streaks ahead," and his "expertly crafted" productions are dubbed as being "frightening yet refreshingcif it doesn't move you check for a pulse." Tipper has also been heavily experimenting with "surround sound", and the possibilities of taking sound to new levels. After many hours of tweaking, Tipper has just completed his latest album "SURROUNDED." Mixed in a 5.1 studio in Los Angeles, he has created a whole new listening experience, with melting melodies, intricate programming, and sounds that circle you in a teasing and sometimes disorienting manner. Once again, Tipper ventures into new ground with this album, keeping it in the downtempo arena and exploring a wide range of styles that flow effortlessly and seamlessly from start to finish. BioDiesel www.biodieselband.com BioDiesel lies in razor-thin space between band and DJ, synthetic and human, man and machine. The duo is an inventive collaboration between Johnny Rabb and Clay Parnell. Modern electronic dance music has always been primarily about beats and basslines—and that fact is ever more present today. Naturally, when you take a world-class drummer and a celebrated bassist who are also passionate producers, the elements are there for a super-charged ensemble that shatters boundaries and dares to take the musical genres they explore to thrilling new places. BioDiesel is coming on strong in 2011 and beyond. The first half of the year has seen performances in every time zone in North America, the release of the EPCarbon Confidential, which garnered favorable attention from Urb.com and other media, as well as some exciting collaborations with top artists in the scene. Before the year is out, they will have released a live album and toured as far away from home base as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. Binary Bits (Zach Catarelli of Beam&Deem) http://soundcloud.com/binary-bits -------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the FRESHEST beats in the NORTHEAST http://www.mrbugsly.com/ **For information on how to become part of our ever-growing team, and to earn free tickets, contact: streetteam@mrbugsly.com** For all other inquires: info@mrbugsly.com
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