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Found 15 results

  1. Hey, what do you say? :) https://soundcloud.com/totalytrippy/woza-bonfire-1
  2. Hey, happy to present you a new track, hope you like it
  3. Hey guys, made a new track, take a listen
  4. Made a new track with nice melodies, hope you like it
  5. Heya psypeope, check out my latest release: Peace, Ananda
  6. My vision of psy trance I'll push this year on all possible places all around the world . It's the one out of the four elements that makes my electronic music experience complete. This is me, check this out, take care and stay tuned for other three pieces of my musical puzzle. cheers, mOOnSPA. http://www.mix.dj/mixes/4764817/moonspaeARtH_ThE_3Th_ELeMEnT http://www.mixcloud.com/moonspa/earth-the-3th-element/ btw: Some of you might find offline version handy as well: http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/2359380/file.html
  7. New Proggy Release by Scheinklaenge: Stoffwechsel Release Date: 06.08.2013 01 - Anabolism 02 - Catabolism 03 - Metabolism Avaible on ?? Try Google! Listen: https://soundcloud.com/tsrp-music/sets/stoffwechsel-1 Buy: http://www.junodownload.com/labels/TSRP/releases?scref=sc
  8. Hi there ! Here's a new dj set for you, with Love ! http://www.mixcloud.com/120_Cell/de-automate-dj-set-june-2013/ - There it is Part 2 By Cranium pie - Age of history (Phaxe remix) By Midimal - Blue Delight By Alter nature - Galactic Society By Lyctum - Human Machne By Sphera, Ritmo - Sacred Science By E-Clip - Mind=God By Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics - Lazer Shot (Symbolic Remix) By Vertical Mode - Operation By Sphera & Gaudium - Burning Babylon By Relativ - Spice travel By Sonic Species & Zen Mechanics https://www.facebook.com/pages/120Cell/134796853357117?fref=ts mig
  9. Hi, I would summarize my new release with following cloud of tags: chill-out, break-beat, trance, proggy, dubstep, difficult, time consuming, it was worth it, enjoy mix.dj: http://www.mix.dj/mixes/4748210/moonspaBurn_studios_residency mixcloud.com: http://www.mixcloud.com/moonspa/burn-studios-residency/ cheers, mOOnSPa
  10. Artist: Anix Gleo Title: Fatum Label: Arkona Creation Cat: ARKNCD005 Format: CD + Digital download (MP3/FLAC/Wav) Cover design: Anix Gleo & Manush Mkrtchyan track list: Freestyle Daddys Honest Dance Deep Sky Atonal Gleostep Highway Loop 1000000dollars Moondub For album preview click here This album was created in three years. Each of the tracks was born first on paper in the form of logical-art scenario, and after with the sound it gained flesh. This music is not a totally dance orientated due to the whim of the author . Half is dance and half is history, stories with his actors, conflict, complication, crisis and denouement. 99% of the attention on the album is devoted to the development of sound parts, but does not fill the frequency space evenly by design. The structure of the album "FATUM" has two breaths, two emotional splashes - in the first half and in the final. This was not planned initially but t by the end of the album, the music actually ceases to be a trance in its usually understood form. The whole collection of experiments led to the pure psychedelic sounds of the album outweighing the dance floor’s psychedelic prowess. What is the album “FATUM” about? About freedom, twilight crackle, the cosmic dust, the diffusion, the voices of distant countries, the corridors of the material world, about people... For more info visit http://www.anixgleo.com For any booking requirements visit http://www.arkona-creation.org CDs & Digital downloads now available @ Arkona Creation Shop http://arkona-creation.bandcamp.com CDs also available at following online shops: Psyshop, Beatspace, SaikoSounds Digital downloads: Junodownload Other Arkona Creation releases: VA - PERKUNEYA PRADOX VS BASSID - EXFOLIATOR PEACE DATA - INFECTED WASHROOM RADIOACTIVE CAKE - THE NEW KIND PROJECT SKETCH - PARADISE VALLEY THE GROBIANS - TRIPWIRE BRUJO'S BOWL - HEALING WITH SOUND VA - JAVANESE PEACOCK Coming up soon on Arkona Creation: PRADOX - BLOOMY RUST BASSID - HOME VA - PSYGRESSIVE CHANTING For all questions regarding bookings and licencing please click here Follow Arkona Creation on: facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArkonaCreation soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/arkona-creation youtube: http://www.youtube.com/arkonacreation twitter: http://www.twitter.com/arkonacreation
  11. Be prepared to be swept away! Sweep's Sleepwalkers EP demonstrates a beautiful blend of solid bass lines and flowing melodies to create a full bodied sound sending you on a flowing progression through trance. Previously working with Post Traumatic this artist has proved his musical diversity, forcing you into groove.. What are you waiting for! Go get your free download! Expect to see this character rocking dance floors this 2012. credits released 30 July 2012 Mastered by Sweep Graphics by Orful Comics Download FLAC Pack (151.35 MB): http://depositfiles....files/g0qfoum9t
  12. IC 1848 and IC 1805 are two nebulae shown above that are commonly referred to as Heart and Soul Nebula (heart: right, soul: left). Originally I was considering naming this mix after a supernova, but rather than focusing on star death I changed the theme to star birth. In an astronomical sense, a starburst galaxy refers to a galaxy that is undergoing a process of an incredibly high rate of star formation. The Heart and Soul Nebulae contain large cavities that were carved out by radiation and winds from the region's most massive stars, giving them triggered star formation. The carving out of these cavities pushes gas together, causing it to ignite into successive generations of new stars. This system can be viewed almost as a star nursery, where the clouds of gas and dust are undergoing intense nuclear fusion and creating brand new star clusters. The tracklist is probably fairly obvious to most of you, especially those of you who have heard me on TA Radio. This mix features a whole arsenal of colossal progressive psytrance blasters. I'd like to thank Dr. Mundus, Atmospheric Energy, and PsyScape for exposing me to these awesome tunes. Motion Drive vs. Time in Motion - Evolution [iono] E-Clip - Crow [J00F] Sunstryk & E-Clip - Nature's Warning [Plusquam] Lyctum - Minds Mystery [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Funky Dragon - Sundown Answers [iono] Nerso - Synapse [TesseracTstudio] Ovnimoon - Sacred Earth (E-Clip Remix) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Ace Ventura - Dark Matter (Egorythmia Remix) [Mikrokosmos] Vertical Mode - Mr.Fix [HOMmega] Ovnimoon vs. Middle Mode - Izolan [Ovnimoon] Mechanimal & Contineum - The Free Man (Spectra Sonics Remix) [Mutagen] Killerwatts vs. Waio - Intergalactic [Nano] Micky Noise - Miniballistic [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Ziptnf - Galactic Starburst (74:44) 172MB ~320kbps Enjoy!
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